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  1. Just now, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Rivers is so disrespected because he doesn't have a ring but your point is well taken. I am ok with 1pm games all year lmao to be honest.

    Yes he is.  However as we all know from Peyton if you don’t get that ring the yeah but... always remains.

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  2. You have to have stars that people want to see beyond your fanbase to get big time prime slots.  Most of the Colts stars are on the oline which other than diehard football fans most people don’t care about and not general viewing audience they are going for with prime time football.  The Colts have two guys currently who fit that mold Hilton and Leonard and a lot of casual football fans don’t know who Leonard is.  Rivers isn’t that type of QB anymore at this point in his career.  

    This isn’t the Colts with Manning or even Luck that had two guys who were among the biggest stars in the game.  This is a young team that has to prove it belongs on prime time.  If they make the playoffs this year they will be back on in prime time next year.


    I know that’s probably hard to hear for super hardcore Colts fans but it’s the truth right now.

  3. 1 hour ago, Rackeen305 said:

    7 INTs from the FS position in 3 years while yet missing (+/-) 1/4  of team games says he's out of position on deep balls. yep. Some folks just want to talk without any facts. 


    I got a better one for you. Hooker playing all over the field (his asked responsibility for his first 3 years) was the reason for him getting hurt by friendly fire. Thanks Matthias Farley.

    Well three of the picks came in his first six games.  Since then he’s had four the last two years in the new defense.  That’s much less impressive.  Also more than once last year I saw him getting beat deep because he was out of position or took a bad angle so yes he’s been out of position on deep balls at least enough to get noticed for it.  

    That all aside I think the bigger factor here is that he’s missed 1/4 of the games in his career and had injury concerns coming out of college.  I think that’s the biggest reason the Colts aren’t picking up his option.  They can’t depend on him to stay healthy.  

    What ever the cause of his injuries all they care about is that he’s shown over three years an inability to stay healthy.  We saw this with Bob Sanders.  He was great when he was out, being a major part of a Super Bowl run but at some point if you are hurt too much you just aren’t worth it.  Now granted Hooker hasn’t been as hurt as Sanders but the injuries are adding up.  

    I also think that we can not like this move as much as we want but it’s happening.  Time will tell if it’s the right one or not.  All we can do is wait and see what happens.

  4. 1 minute ago, Myles said:

    The Colts carried 4 RB's on the team last season and Wilkins was the second leading rusher with limited carries.   111 carries in 2 seasons with a 5.8 yards per carry average.   

    Again, I'm not saying he will be kept, but we currently do not know.  

    They also didn’t have a fullback last year.  They have to make up that roster spot someplace and they will probably have three QBs all year so it’s going to be hard to find a spot for a fourth running back but I do agree with you we don’t know for sure what’s going to happen and there are much crazier ideas out there than Wilkins making the final roster.

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  5. 1 minute ago, shastamasta said:


    That's quite the metaphor.


    I tend to agree that removing JB now would be most beneficial long-term. Despite how you feel about Kelly...he doesn't really get a shot in a scenario with Rivers/JB/Eason on the roster. All that matters is if they want him to have that shot...but if they truly want to see what he can do...something has to give.


    I actually think an Eason/Kelly battle for the backup spot would benefit both players long-term...as well fit the competitive culture of the Colts. And with the loser of that battle becoming QB3...the Colts don't lose anyone.



    If they wanted to give him a shot or saw enough of him to think he deserved a shot they would have done it last year in the last two games.  This is the NFL it’s not fair.  Not everyone gets a shot to show what they can do.  Teams keep guys around for the most part who they think is better now.  The Colts seem to think Jacoby is much better than Kelly.  They don’t seem to think it’s close and they think Jacoby adds value to this roster.  

    I do think Jacoby adds a value that another poster brought up in this thread.  He knows this offense better than any QB on the roster and with Rivers trying to get his head around the new offense I doubt he’s going to be doing much to mentor Eason.  Jacoby’s knowledge and the fact he’s a born leader makes him a really good guy to do that.  

    He also provides starter experience and knows the offense that he could take over in short order.  That’s exactly what you want in a backup.  If Rivers went down Brissett could come in and run the full offense right away.  He’s not another kid getting his first taste of real action.  

    If you listen to the Colts it’s settled Rivers and Jacoby are the top two guys and Kelly and Eason are in a “battle” for the third spot.  I put battle in quotation marks because I think that’s more designed to push Eason than anything else.   

    I don’t see them moving Jacoby right now either.  There just isn’t anything to gain from it that will provide significant value.  I will say there might be another window around roster cuts and early season should there be a major injury and team needs a QB.  With that said Irsay has seen this team get burned twice now by having “the” guy go down and not having a proven backup on the roster with Painter and Tolizen being those guys.  I think he’s learned his lesson and won’t be eager for Ballard to give away a proven backup for a yet again unproven backup option.

  6. 24 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

    Agreed but barring injury or a complete washout by JE I do not see CK get passing 4 this and without everything falling a certain way not pass 3 next year


                  The Colts might even decide to draft a QB next year or take a flyer on a CFL or street FA QB 

    I don’t see him getting past four this year either.

  7. 4 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

    Even if PR doesn’t come back I am not JE will be ready to and could see the brain trust Could bring in another veteran bridge or even resign JB to be the bridge to Eason

         I agree that it will be easy for the Colts to resign CK but not sure he will be willing to resign

    I trust in Reich, Sirriani, and Brady

    I could see that too.


    i think Kelly might very well be looking at re-sign with the Colts or be out of the NFL if the Colts want to bring him back.  If he’s facing that and the Colts offer him a contract he’s going to take it if he wants to play in the NFL.

  8. 5 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

    I don’t think Rivers is a one and done so CK would have to resign to be at best a 3rd Stringer with little PS eligibility 

    Rivers play will be a factor too.  We are all assuming he won’t play like he did last year.  If he does.  The Colts could elect to move on from him.  I hope that doesn’t happen but there is a reason Ballard only gave him a one year contract and part of that is to give them an out if he doesn’t play well.  

    I don’t think re-signing Kelly will be an issue if that’s what the Colts want to do.  I don’t see them doing it though unless they are moving on from Rivers and Jacoby and going with Eason as the starter with Kelly as the backup.  

    That’s a long way off though.  A lot can and will change in a year.  

  9. 1 hour ago, MikeCurtis said:

    Actually..... Kelly MIGHT survive another year on PS.....


    We have no QB under contract for 2021....


    IF Eason does very well, and Rivers hangs it up after this year,  having Eason as starter and CK as back up could be a possibility

    Eason would be under contract for 2021.  

    I could see this scenario playing out as I don’t think Kelly is that sought after of a player around the NFL.  If the Colts are patient they might be able to develop him into a back up QB next year which is what I think they are trying to do.

  10. 19 minutes ago, BornHoosier said:

    I just dont understand the concept behind keeping Jacoby and his $20 MIL on this roster when you have a qb in Rivers that don't miss a snap??  Add in he's playing behind the #1-3 OL, it doesn't make sense to carry such an expensive backup??  I get it that Jacob Eason is 1-2 yrs away from NFL ready but you have a less expensive option in Chad Kelley just in case.  Either way, I'm not going to get all worked up over the backup option when Rivers can light it up for at least 2 more yrs!!!

    It’s the NFL injuries happen, don’t forget Jacoby got hurt behind this same line last year.  So while having a good line lowers your risk for injury it doesn’t completely negate it.  

    The Colts aren’t hurting for money this year.  They had more than enough money to spend on guys they wanted so his contract isn’t a big deal to him this year and it’s the last year of that deal.  

    Also, they want the best backup they can have if the starter gets hurt and they think Jacoby is better than Kelly.  I know that’s hard for some to understand (and I don’t mean that as an insult I am not a big Jacoby fan myself).  I am just listening to everything the team says.  It’s pretty clear they haven’t given up on Jacoby even if the fans have.  

    It’s becoming clear that the Colts don’t think Kelly is anywhere close to as good as some fans want him to be.  If they did they would give him a shot.  The fact that they haven’t at every chance should tell people something.  

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  11. 2 minutes ago, Sumo63 said:

    Eason would gave to be absolutely terrible to get cut this year IMO. I just dont see why the colts would spend a 4th round pick on a developmental QB, knowing hes a project, only to cut him a few months later.


    I know 4th rounders arent guaranteed roster spots but given the position I feel drafting Eason there carries more weight. 


    the real question of who gets cut is Kelly or Jacoby........

    There is no question.  The Colts are going to keep Rivers, Jacoby, and Eason.  

    yes I know Ballard talked about Eason having to win the number three job from Kelly but if you read stuff about Eason the reports are he has an ego and a questionable work ethic.  It’s team building 101 to take a guy like that a make him have to earn everything he gets and not just give it to him.  

     The Colts didn’t take Eason in the fourth round just to take a flyer on him.  They know they have to develop him but they also know if they try to stash him on the PS some team is going to sign him.  

    Also the Colts have made it clear that Rivers and Jacoby are one and two.  That’s not even in question if you listen to everything the team says.  The team likes Jacoby even if the fans don’t.  They aren’t interested in giving Kelly a shot just to see what they have if they were they would have done that the last two games last year after they were out of the playoff picture.


    I think the truth is the Colts feel like they know what they have in Kelly and that’s a kid who couldn’t beat out Hoyer for the number two job.  For those that say well we haven’t seen him in a game that’s true but they have seen him in practice and pre-season games and have seen and studied him more than anyone here.  Reich and Ballard know what it takes to be a good QB and I think it’s pretty clear they don’t feel Kelly has it.  I know Kelly looked good in the pre-season last year but people need to remember he did that mostly at the end of games against other teams guys who aren’t in the NFL had very little chemistry playing together and zero game planning.  Who you play against in the pre-season matters.  

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  12. 2 hours ago, coltsfan_canada said:

    Our top 2 picks Buckner & Taylor

    That would technically be Buckner and Pittman.  

    Still I want to see all three plus hot rod.


    i am also curious to see how Eason will look in the pre-season.


    The Ball State grad in me is excited to see Pinter.  Chirp chirp.

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  13. I think they will all be reissued at some point.  They have reissued 93 and 32 and both of them were as good and as important to this team other than maybe Marvin and even Marvin’s number was reissued from Mackey.  

    The only number from the Indy Colts that isn’t going to be used again is 18 for obvious reasons.  

    52 minutes ago, jimmy g said:

    You must not read this forum much. I’m guessing 30% or more of the posters on here have connections to the Baltimore Colts of the 1950-1970 era.

    Not to mention the guy who owns the team family owned the team in Baltimore and embraces that part of the franchise history.

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  14. 6 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    I think that is the big issue. What if one player gets it. What happens. Hopefully by the time the season starts they will have some ways to prevent anything like this from happening. Maybe they make each player take their temp before entering the facility.  Maybe by then each team can get a rapid test machine where random tests are done frequently. Or maybe by then we have effective treatments where it won’t matter if a player gets it and we will deal with it like the flu.  Contact tracing will also allow us to notify people quicker when they have been exposed by someone which will isolate them quicker.

    The problem with temps is that you can have the virus before or without developing a temp.  So it’s not full proof but I do agree it’s better than nothing.  I think there is going to have be a combination of testing measures but even then it could still get in.  If it does they really don’t have a choice but shut down for at least two weeks but probably a month at least.  

    The testing is getting better though so I think it’s something you can and will try by the fall.  

    I just don’t think it will be full proof enough to let all fans back in but I could see them doing something like handing out masks and maybe gloves and maybe letting in 25% of fans (just making up a number) and spreading them out using social distancing.  

  15. I could easily see them playing with empty or lesser filled stadiums.  I am not sure if it’s a good idea to play in a full stadium until you have vaccine or very good treatment that extremely reduces the spread.  

    I will say if one player gets it in the season they will probably have to shut down baring having what I said above.

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  16. I don’t think it’s a question of talent.  Outside of not being super mobile he has all the tools to be a late first second pick.  It’s a question of work ethic and what he has upstairs.  That’s why I wasn’t shocked to hear Ballard say he’s going to have beat out Kelly for the number three spot.  They aren’t going to do anything to feed into his ego, if he has one.  They are going to make him earn it and hopefully humble him along the way if his ego is truly a concern.  

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