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  1. 12 hours ago, Chloe6124 said:

    Yep. Up until that neck injury I don’t think manning missed a snap his entire career here.

    He missed one early in his career.  I only remember because I was there.  A dolphin hit him under his chin and broke his jaw.  Mark Riypen came in for one snap fumbled the handoff to the back and manning was back in there the next series.

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  2. It depends on what you need a tightend to do.  While they play the same position they do it two very different ways which is why they are such a good 1 2 punch for the Colts.  It’s a lot like when Dilger and Pollard were here.  Both were stars in their own ways.

  3. Just now, #12. said:

    Just a few days ago, JMV said they're happy with the D-line rotation and really like Ward.  If he stays healthy, I do, too.


    People forget, at one point, prior to getting injured, Ward was a first rounder in many mocks.  

    I forgot about Ward but he played really well last year until he got hurt.

  4. 1 minute ago, BProland85 said:


    So who will play NT for this defense and do we have depth there? 

    I am guessing some combo of Hunt, Autry, and Lewis will start at the DTs slots.  They also have Stewart who will probably won’t start can add depth.

  5. I also think the Colts are fairly deep at DT.  I think the idea of the Colts taking one came from it was the deepest position in the first round and a lot of people figured a really good one would be there in round one.

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  6. I don’t believe in draft grades until the guys play but on paper this draft looks promising.


    They addressed every major area of need.  They added two corners, a safety.  A couple of pass rushers, a “van noy” type guy who can line up all over the field and be disruptive.  They got a speedy WR who should thrive in the Colts get the Ball out fast and let your player makers make plays offense.  Then they got a couple of depth olinemen late.  They also added another linebacker who should fit the defense well.  


    Now we see if whats on paper translates to the field.  If it does Ballard hit another homerun and set the Colts up with an extra second next year in what should be a loaded draft.  

  7. 1 minute ago, Irish YJ said:

    there were a few starter caliber Ss available.  

    surprised we moved up for Willis. He was like the 7th best S still on the board. 

    would have loved to have had Hooker or Thompson from Bama or even Johnson or Tell.

    That’s your opinion.  Kieper had him as the second best player still available today.  At the end of the day it doesn’t matter where anyone had him but Ballard.   Sounds like he was high on their board and he slipped to the point he was worth going to get.  


    Also, I didn’t say he couldn’t be a starter.  I just said he’s probably not a day one starter as are most people from here on out.  They probably need some development which is fine.  I am also saying the Colts don’t need a day one starter at safety because of Geathers, Hooker, and Farley.

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