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  1. 6 minutes ago, neug3246 said:

    Did he say that in his presser I havent seen if the colts posted one yet which I feel is weird bc its getting kinda late

    I saw it on twitter from his presser yeah.  Sorry not sure how to embed tweets on my iPad here.

    Just now, Chloe6124 said:

    Ballard mentioned after the draft tonight they are not taking a QB until they’ve find the right fit.


    I am shocked Eason is still there. He really must of bombed interviews because he has a ton of talent.



    The word on Eason is he’s pretty much a statue and he isn’t good when he’s under pressure.  Add in some concern about his work ethic and that’s why he’s slipping.

  2. I really liked Pittman and Taylor.  I am okay with Blackmon.  Honestly I don’t know a lot about him and I think he’s a bit a project but that doesn’t make him a bad pick.  The Colts are okay at safety this year so they can develop him.  

    Ballard talked about the need to add play makers on offense in his presser and that’s what he did with Pittman and Taylor I think.  Taylor is something the Colts haven’t had in a running back in a long time I think even before Edge back to Faulk.  A guy who can give you big explosive plays not just running the ball but also catching it.  Chunk plays as some would call them.  Between him and Mack and this line and the Colts ground game should be deadly.  Then oh yeah there is that Phillip Rivers guy.


    Pittman is big, again something the Colts haven’t had in a while.  We know how good TY is.  If Campbell can stay healthy and develop the Colts should have three really good WRs and two in Campbell and TY that can burn you on any play and another in Pittman that can be physical.  Add in Pascel and the Colts should be pretty solid at WR.  

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  3. 10 minutes ago, jameszeigler834 said:

    The only thing im starting to get concerned about is o-lineman are coming off like wild fire and we still have no depth really. but one lineman im surprised that is still there is Wisconsin's center.

    Fromm is another Brissett we don't need another bum.

    Ballard just pretty much confirmed they won’t be taking a QB.  He said again they aren’t going to force it and that it has to be a special guy and they aren’t there yet.

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  4. 16 minutes ago, jameszeigler834 said:

    Maybe But if he didn't get hurt he goes 2nd round hands down so to get him late 3rd I would say pretty good value.

    I think we are talking about two different things there.  I was talking about Hooker with the bad routes.

  5. 3 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    I don't get the Blackmon pick this early. Clearly a good guy, but clearly a project, and a project after a position switch. Hope it works out... But if it does, it's likely at SS.

    He’s another guy the Colts must have just liked not unlike Leonard (again not saying he will be as good) I saw on twitter where Blackmon told the local media the Colts told him don’t be surprised if we take you higher than a lot of people think.

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  6. 11 minutes ago, Smoke317 said:

    Watching Taylor’s tape & your jaw hits the floor.  He’s gonna break many, many long runs.  Can you imagine him following Big Q around the end on that pull play we like to run???  :scoregood:  We’re gonna see some explosive plays outta Taylor.  His balance & ability to cut without losing speed are ridiculous.   He’s got top 5 RB in the league potential with us very soon (like Edge was).

    I just hope it’s not gonna end up being an Edge vs Ricky Williams situation, where this time we got it wrong. Ricky was viewed as the best “Running”back in the draft but Edge was just as good a runner and was the better receiver & blocker.  Kinda sounds like Swift & Taylor. I hope it’s flipped this go round & Taylor is the one with the HoF career at the end of it all. 

    He’s not just a runner either he’s a pass catcher too.  I think he could be a really special player.

  7. 11 minutes ago, Stephen said:

    Fromm  would be a steal at this point. The only reason he isn't  gone is because  he doesn't have  a cannon arm. Eason  isn't  gone because  of his questionable  work ethic 

    Eason isn’t gone because he’s pretty much a statue back there and things get ugly with him when he’s under pressure.


    if they are going to draft any of them I’d want it to be Fromm.  I’ve liked him since college.  I just don’t think they are going too.  I think if they were they would have in the third round when they took the safety but I could be wrong.

  8. 11 minutes ago, tweezy32 said:

    2 games of his career he only got the ball more then 10x.. he still averages 5.8 yards. It’s not skewed. There’s games he had 7 attempts only and was having a 6-7 yards per attempt and they stopped feeding him. He produced. 

    Do you ever stop to ask why they stop giving him the ball?  I promise you it’s not because Reich forgot he was on the team.  He’s a one trick pony a power back that hits the hole.  Teams know what’s coming and it’s easy to gear up for.  That’s why when he got a chance to start he only got 21 yards a game because he wasn’t effective to keep the drives going running the ball.  There is a reason most of his yards have come after Mack has worn down the other team.  The Panthers game he got most of his yards after They took Mack out and his long runs came at the end of games when the other teams defense has been worn down.  Don’t get me wrong that’s nice to have but it’s not something you pass on a Jonathan Taylor for.  

    I do think Wilkins has a role in this offense as a short yardage guy which is what he was originally drafted for.  I don’t think he’s a very good number two back.  Just like Hines has a place on this team and is frankly one of my favorite players but I don’t think is number two back.  Taylor and Mack can be a special back field and if they have to give up Wilkins for that then fine.  That’s my point here you don’t pass on a guy like Taylor because you have Wilkins.  Wilkins is nice to have but he can be upgraded.

  9. They are still available for a reason. I could be wrong but I don’t see the Colts taking one.  His moves this off-season and continuing to say he’s not going to force the QB pick tells me he’s not that sold on this class.  With that said if these guys slip enough it might change his mind.

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  10. Just now, tweezy32 said:

    Haha exactly my thoughts! He just needed to get the able more and show how truly good he was!

    They gave him four starts.  He averaged 21 yards a game in those starts.  They have given him a shot.  When you subtract the out layers his numbers aren’t that good.  

  11. 18 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:

    Complaining about 4.9 yards per carry.   Dear God....


    You spent all that time to prove something and what did you prove?   

    Again....  this isn’t a choice between Jonathan Taylor or Jordan Wilkins.   No one is making that argument.  Everyone would take Taylor all day, every day. 


    Supporters of Wilkins are only saying he’s an above average backup, nothing more.   What’s hard about that?   4.9 yards a carry (when you take out his best runs) is nothing to apologize for.   

    I proved his numbers have been inflated because he’s had so few carries.  He’s not that special.  If you look at the other numbers I posted they back that up.  when the Colts gave him a chance to show he could do the job he didn’t do it that’s why he’s gotten so few carries.  

    Also yeah it kinda is about Taylor vs Wilkins because people keep saying they didn’t need Taylor because they had good backups in Wilkins and Hines.  Well the Hines argument goes out the window when you factor in he gives you next to nothing in the run game so that leaves Wilkins, who is also the most likely going to go of the three current backs (if any of them go) to make room Taylor.


    i can also spin this around and go my god people are losing their minds that the Colts drafted maybe the best running back in the draft and who could maybe be special when their starter has injury concerns and is going into the last year of his contract because they have a good back up that has 111 carries over two years for 643 yards and 192 of those came in one game and two other carries.


    lets set aside how we feel about Wilkins for a moment.  The NFL draft is about getting better.  The Colts are better at running back tonight with the addition of Taylor.  When you are a team that is building to be a ball control team that wins games with the line that’s a very good thing.

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  12. 14 minutes ago, Orioles22 said:

    It's not always about who is better - you have salary cap issues and what you might get in a trade to help at other positions.

    The Colts are fine with the cap.  Also trading a guy who is in the last year of a fifth round pick rookie salary isn’t going to help you much with the cap.  

    Listen to what Ballard is saying he keeps talking about how you win with good lines on football.  The way you do that on offense is ball control with running the ball.  Reich has said that since day one.  He wants to be a running team.  Mack and Taylor can be a lethal one two punch.  That’s what they want.  They don’t want a guy who is an okay or even good for a back up as the number two running back.  They want two guys who can be starters and one who could be special.  That’s the identity they want on offense.  

  13. 1 minute ago, Orioles22 said:

    But you aren't supposed to count his best games :) I thought he was better than Mack at times.


    You dismiss out layers.  In his case one good game and two long carries are out layers compared to everything else he’s done over his career.  If it was the reverse of that I’d say dismiss the bad game and two studs as out layers.  

  14. Just now, CR91 said:

    Guys just because not one of us had him in our mocks. does not mean its a bad pick. do you research before you judge the pick. From I can see, the kid will come up lay some wood. Hes also had 9 ints in his career

    I recall people losing their minds in a similar way when Ballard drafted Leonard.  I am NOT saying Blackmon will be as good as Leonard (although I hope he is) but I am saying let the kid play before you judge him.

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  15. 1 minute ago, tweezy32 said:

    4.9 is really really good, no?

    It’s ok on that small of a sample size.  It doesn’t take much to skew it when you have so few carries.  It’s also not six like others keep trumpeting.  

  16. 12 minutes ago, VaAllDay757 said:

    Depends on the position and how good the talent is and the team needs....the reason why there's pressure on hooker is because of injuries we all know he can play and his range is crazy

    He also had several games last year where he did not play well I remember more than once him taking a very bad angle that lead to him getting beat bad.


    You easily expect a third round safety to develop into a starter.  Bethea was a sixth rounder, Willis was a fourth rounder, Geathers was a fourth rounder.  Three of the Colts major starters at safety since 2006 were drafted AFTER where Blackmon was taken.

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  17. 15 minutes ago, tweezy32 said:

    Lol okay at best... 6 ypc is okay at best... don’t think two runs skew it that much

    He has 643 yards in his career, 108 of them came on two carries so about 1/6 of them.  Take those away his average drops to 4.9 yards per carry.  He’s also started four games over the past two years and average 21 yards per game per start.  He had a good game vs Carolina last year where he had 84 yards.  Take that one game out with two long runs your talking about a guy who has 451 yards over two years as the primary back up running back.  That’s ok at best and can be upgraded.  Judging by tonight I am not the only one who seems to be thinking that either as Ballard moved up to get Taylor. 

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  18. 2 minutes ago, Orioles22 said:

    Not sure how many running backs you think the Colts keep. We signed a fullback and have Hines for third down. I think Wilkins is fine as a backup in addition to those two guys with Taylor starting. We have greater needs that could be filled by trading Mack.

    The fullback could very well change things but they did keep four last year but again that was without the full back spot but that was also with three QBs on the roster for half the season.  

    if one is going some where I’d bet it’s Wilkins.  Hines is passing back and the punt returner so Wilkins is the odd man out.

    I don’t see them trading Mack because then you are in the same boat you were in last year in not having a solid number two back.  Most teams have two good running backs.  It’s pretty clear Ballard and Reich want a great, not good, but great running game.  That’s what they are building this team around on offense.  This isn’t something Colts fans haven’t really seen since the days of Faulk.  

  19. 7 minutes ago, VaAllDay757 said:

    If hooker stays healthy this is just a depth guy he's a 3rd round pick for a reason some people are overreacting on this one

    You draft third round guys hoping they can develop into starters.  Ballard himself opened the door to not being sold on Hooker when he refused to commit one way or another to the fifth year option and pretty much said he wanted to see what the draft would bring.  So it’s pretty clear the Colts aren’t 100% sold on him.  Do I think Hooker is going anywhere before the end of the season?  No.  Do I think the Colts are pretty much telling Hooker this is a make or break year for him and preparing for the possibility of life without him?  Yes.

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  20. 1 minute ago, Orioles22 said:

    You think they drafted Taylor in the second round so he can back up Mack? They already have depth at running back.

    Not good depth.  Hines is not going to be a backup running back.  He’s a pass package back which is fine there is most definitely a role for that on a NFL.  They have tried for two years for Wilkins to be the backup running back but he’s been okay at best.  He has two long runs and a decent game that really skew his stats because he’s gotten so few carries.  Add to that Mack has been a bit injury prone and they carried four running backs last year there is a spot for all of these guys on the roster.  Taylor also has the talent to be a really special player and gives you some protection with Mack going into the last year of his deal.

  21. Just now, VaAllDay757 said:

    Willis is taking geathers spot

    Willis took the starting job last year, not what I meant.  I meant as a backup.  Geathers was the primary back up last year at safety.  That was also before I knew this kid was hurt.  With his injury and read more about him he’s development guy who I think the Colts are eyeing to replace Hooker one day.

  22. 1 minute ago, The Peytonator said:

    Don’t know much about him but I feel screwed by the draft gods twice in a row now. I was wanting Baun at 75 and he goes at 74. Trade down ten spots and I wanted Lewis and he goes right before us. No idea if Ballard was looking at either but my hopes were ruined. 

    I wonder if Blackmon signals a stronger push to move Hooker. I think we played a good amount of three safety sets so it’s not like he’s just for depth. 

    He’s coming off a torn ACL late in the season so I doubt this kid plays this year.  However, he could be Hooker’s replacement if the Colts elect to let him walk.

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