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  1. 25 minutes ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    Again, the actual players and numbers contradict that.

    In 2006 that is true, but he was signed as a FA in 2003 and played starter snaps.  But I will remove him from the starter list if that helps you sleep at night.

    That's fine nor was I arguing that point, just that 22 starers were drafted or signed as UDFA.  Which was not true

    Whatever you say.

    And oh, yeah Raheem Brock, who was drafted by the Eagles and claimed off waivers.

    Brock never played for the Eagles they let him go because they ran out of money to sign him.  So his first action was as a Colt.  He was basically an undrafted free agent pickup for the Colts.


    As far as Stokley the OP was specifically talking about the 06 championship team.  He wasn’t a starter on that team.  


    The Colts starters that year can be found here.




    If you count the kickers 22 of the 24 starters were drafted by the Colts Or signed as undrafted free agents.  The only two not drafted by the Colts or signed as undrafted free agents (which Brock essentially was due to the Eagles running out of money to sign him) were Booger and Adam.  The only real starter for the bulk of the season they have listed that didn’t play a major role in the Super Bowl was Gardner who was replaced by Morris a Colts draft pick.


    again you are splitting hairs over the original posters main point.  The Colts team in 2006 that won the Super Bowl was largely home grown not built on big name free agents from other teams.

  2. 22 minutes ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    Trade of FA, still not someone that he drafted or signed as an undrafted FA

    He was a starter before he was on IR and a FA signing.  I thought the conversation was about the year the Colts went to the SB not the SB game only.

    Saturday was an UDFA of the Ravens, he was a FA signings of the Colts.  I don't really care how you "view" it.  Also I amde a mistake he was working in a electrical supply store, not a grocery store.

    Yup, he was the one I mentioned before about getting players from the CFL.

    That is not true.

    That is not true either.

    Actually it is true.  Booger and Adam were the only players on that team that were starters that weren’t drafted or signed with the Colts as undrafted free agents.  


    Again Stokely wasn’t a “starter” the Colts started two tight ends rather than three WRs.  Stokely only played in four games that year starting one.  That hardly makes him a starter.  


    Her larger point was the Colts were largely home grown and not built via free agents from other teams.  


    Adam was the only guy for the Colts who started in the Super Bowl who was a free agent pick up from another team and no one is going to count Saturday as a true free agent pickup from another team unless you are trying to win a technicality argument.  


    The only other guy that wasn’t an UDFA or draft pick who started was Booger.  

  3. 14 minutes ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    That is not true:  Booger, AV, Harper, Stokely and Saturday were all FA signings

    Booger was a trade not a free agent signing.


    stokely was on IR and wasn’t a “starter” he was basically a sixth man in basketball


    saturday was an undrafted free agent pick up.  Yes he was with the Ravens briefly before he landed in Indy but he never played a game for them so he’s pretty much viewed as an undrafted free agent pick up.


    harper was an undrafted free agent pick up from the CFL.


    Adam was the only true free agent pick up starter in the super bowl.  


    So all but two of the starters if you are counting the kickers were home grown.  I think that was more her point.

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  4. Just a reminder the thought in 2001 when the Colts were in a similar spot was that they had to go defense, in particular cornerback.  Their first round pick? A WR named Reggie Wayne.  People freaked out because the Colts didn’t need another WR because they had Marvin and they passed on cornerbacks who end up out of the league in a couple of years.


    My point is this, if there is a WR there Ballard likes he should grab him.  For the record i’d Say the samething if they like a defensive guy on the board.  Draft the guy they think will be the best player for them that fills a needs which on this team is pretty much anyone who isn’t a QB, tightend, or some form of a kicker.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Defjamz26 said:

    Is executive of the year no longer part of the NFL Honors? They don’t have it listed.


    I know I’m being picky but OROY should be between Barkley and Nelson. I don’t think Nelson will win but he and Barkley were both all-pro. Baker wasn’t.

    The NFL doesn’t have an offical executive of the year award.  There are ones awarded by different media outlets but no offical league award for it.

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  6. 1 hour ago, SteelCityColt said:


    We had this conversation in another topic a while back, it’s a lot closer than you make out if you really dig into the stats (comparing volume stats is not the way as hint). Either way its not just a simple “google search”, proper analysis never is.


    Geathers not staying healthy is his main issue.

    Fully agree on the last part you can be the best player in the league at your position but if you are never healthy you have limited value, ask Bob Sanders.

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  7. 3 hours ago, MacDee1975 said:

    That's weird, because I thought many of the delusional expert wannabe's that populate this board were telling me how he wasn't playing well this year.


    Another huge whiff for them.....yet again.


    Now que said experts, who will now come on here after seeing this news, and tell us that PFF is wrong and they, the anonymous message board poster, actually know better then the entity that is paid and in the business of conducting such analysis.

    We are truly lucky to have so many hall of fame general managers who like to post here!

  8. 50 minutes ago, Four2itus said:

    Well, I have to admit, the post, playoff run finger pointing is not as bad this year as it has been in the past when the season ended. 


    In all, it seems quite chipper! 

    Yeah you will always have a few negative Nancy’s who can’t handle losing but I think most understand this team way over achieved this year and are looking forward to the future.

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  9. 1 hour ago, oldunclemark said:

    Nothing against the Rams..they played well

    But that's the kind of end to a game I never want to see.


    Cant have missed calls like that.

    That's an all-time ref blunder

    That crew has been known all year for their lack of flags.  NFL got what they deserved for assigning them they game.  Personally, even before this game, I thought they were one of the worst crews out there because they let way too much stuff go.

  10. 6 minutes ago, richard pallo said:

    Our OL is better than the Patriots.  But they are having success.  Just because you stop it early doesn't mean you abandon it.  We were out coached. 


    They didn’t play like it.  The Colts came out running and the Chiefs stuffed it.  The Pats aren’t getting stuffed.  They are driving down the field.  Remember how the Colts went nearly a first half without a first down?  Then they were down 24-7.  The run went out the window at that point because of time and score.  


    I am not saying Frank Reich wasn’t out coached but the guys on the field didn’t play well either.  You can’t ignore that just fit your narrative.  The Pats guys are playing much better than the Colts did.

  11. People watch and go to it because it’s football and it’s something to do.  Is it as good of football as a regular season or post season game?  Clearly not.  However, people also watch and pay for pre-season football too and then complain about it.  At the end of the day it’s still football and as a socitiy there are enough people who will watch and pay for bad football as long as it’s football.

  12. Oh that was the problem in the KC game the players thought they were the Cardinals!  Now I get it!


    just kidding.


    it was a great season.  Seasons like this or 12 or 95 are always more fun because they aren’t expected so people are less critical of them they just enjoy the ride.  Now we will find out if the Colts can take the next step.  I trust in Ballard and Reich but I probably said the samething about Grigson and Pagano after 2012 too.  Hopefully Ballard and Reich follow the model laid out by Polian and Dungy instead but that will be hard to do.  Either way I am along for the ride no matter what.

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  13. These are the things that make me laugh at the league when they say they are all about player safety.  They flag and fine Autry for dancing but Sony Michel lowering his head and giving Geathers a concussion earlier this year isn’t flagged or fined.  Sorry NFL I don’t buy you are about player safety.

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