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  1. 1 minute ago, TomDiggs said:

    By the way, the Rams just traded out w the Falcons and for moving down 14 spots they got a 3rd this year and had to give a 6th back


    I like the Colts move even more w the Redskins future 2.



    But I wanted a player tonight and I didn’t get what I wanted so it must be dumb!


    please note the sarcasm in my post. 

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  2. http://www.espn.com/nfl/draft/bestavailable


    Look at this, right now there are two OTs, three CBS, and a WR there in the top 10.  Even if five of those guys go in the next five picks the Colts will still have a guy who fits a need there at 34.  When you look beyond that there is a safety a couple CBS, an end, and a bunch of WRs that they will probably be able to get with the pick they got from the Redskins.  So odds are Ballard is still going to get the same value he would have gotten and he’s added another second rounder for next year.  That’s a no brainer for any GM in Ballard’s shoes.

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  3. 1 minute ago, TomDiggs said:

    As a few ppl mentioned, that Skins future 2nd is going to be a premium pick.


    If they start Haskins all year, the kid is going to take his lumps and they will not finish the year very high. And if Haskins doesn't start right away it's Keenum or Colt McCoy.


    That future 2nd is going to be a top-10ish pick in the second round next year. We will surely enjoy it then.

    I could be wrong here but I think Haskins is going to be a bust.  He seems to believe is own hype a little too much IMO.

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  4. 1 minute ago, WarGhost21 said:

    That or they all still were and he knew he could still get one at 34

    And MAYBE another with the Redskins pick, if not it will be a guy close in value.  So they pretty much got two guys who are going to be of similar talent as to what they would have gotten and most likely another high second round pick next year.  

  5. 1 minute ago, Calmack said:

    Wrong. We still have pick 34. Probably saw one of the 8-9 guys we wanted would still be available due to the run on bizarro picks early on. Might as well trade back and get an extra second. 

    Saw Schultz (local radio guy) say that Ballard said that he viewed guys 15 through 70 as about the same value in this draft.  Not shocking to see this when you read that.  

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  6. Ballard clearly saw a lot of guys there who will fill a need and is confident they can get one of them with the Jets picks plus maybe one with the pick they got from the Redskins plus add a pick for next year in the process.  Not bad.

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  7. On 4/19/2019 at 10:02 PM, jvan1973 said:

     Grigson was a better GM than any fan.   He had info on players that no one else did.    He wasn't good.   Imagine how bad a fan would be.   

    People love to talk about how smart Rick Venturi is, and he is.  However, if you look at his record as a head coach it’s not good, that just reminds me even bad football people are way smarter than anyone posting here when it comes to football.  

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  8. 2 hours ago, PrincetonTiger said:




    Can we agree Cain needs to at least play in a regular season game before we call him great?


    I like Cain and I am excited to see what he can do but calling him great now isn’t true.

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  9. Peter king was on Dan Patrick earlier this week and was asked about all the teams spending crazy money.  King said that never works and if you look it’s the same teams doing it all the time because they are poorly run.  He then said a smart team like the Colts will start spending when the crazy money stops.  

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  10. So much outrage over a one year contract...


    This is a very low risk type of deal.  If he doesn’t workout you just let him walk like they are doing with Grant.


    Its not like the Colts are up against the cap either and they have to let other guys go because of this contract.


    There is no risk here so why are people so upset?  


    The most it will cost them is maybe Inman who seems more interested in coming back and the local media seems to want back more than the Colts seem interested in bringing back.  

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  11. 26: R1P26




    34: R2P2




    59: R2P27




    89: R3P25




    129: R4P27




    135: R4P33




    164: R5P26




    199: R6P26




    240: R7P26





    i just stuck to the board and took the best guy who fit a need.  I don’t think it’s too realistic as I got three guys who will probably go in the first round.

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