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  1. Just now, EastStreet said:


    Compare Mahomey slinging side armed on the run in the first quarter to him later not able to get outside of the pocket. Our DL played great, and I loved the effort Huston brought, but I'm not going to pretend we didn't luck out with Mahomes hobbled.

    He was also able to get out of the pocket later in the game and started running into sacks because the Colts d-line took over.  


    You don’t think KC could say they lucked out with the whole Colts starting secondary being hurt at one point and their all-pro linebacker and one of their DTs being out?


    Lets not forget coming into this game both teams couldn’t stop the run they were 31st and 32nd against the run.  The Colts shut KC’s run down and got after Mahomes, which is what lead to him getting hobbled in the first place, while the Colts exploited KC’s weakness against the run and their QB wasn’t sacked once.


    This game, like most games, was won in the trenches and the Colts lines won this game.  

  2. 3 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    Don't act like Funch was a sure thing. He was drafted to be a #1 WR and struggled big time. He had a huge drop rate and was passed up by a rookie WR. That's why he was released, not traded.


    We didn't draft him to be a WR1, but perhaps a #2 or 3, or a big/bully slot.

    He did very well in the pre-season with Jacoby and made some nice catches in the Chargers game before getting hurt.  He certainty looked more comfortable out there with Jacoby than anyone not named TY playing WR has.  


    Also the Colts didn’t draft Funch and they don’t expect him to be a number one.  That’s TY.  They expected him to be the number two and his absence is showing.

  3. 3 minutes ago, CurBeatElite said:


    Typically, if a player is injured late in the game like that, the team of the injured player gets charged a timeout.  We didn't have any timeouts left, but I assume the reason the clock didn't start until the hike is because the injured player was on the defensive team.

    You are correct.  If the team is out of timeouts it’s just an officials timeout.  I believe the clock restarts on the officials whistle but in the situation like tonight the Chiefs were ready to go the moment the clock started.

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  4. Just now, EastStreet said:


    Our zone will work well when a team has a hobbled QB who is best known for his mobility, and is down it's 2 best WRs and their current leading pass catcher who happens to be a TE (Kelce) is dropping stuff. And our O, who thrives on running, is facing a team missing 4 of it's starting front 7. 


    I love that we won. I just don't have any illusions why we won.

    The zone worked because the Colts front four was in MaHomes lap most of the game.  I don’t care how mobile you are if you have defenders in your face the moment you snap the ball you are going to have struggles.  


    Both teams were banged up.  The Colts did a better job over coming their injuries.  They deserve credit for that.  

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Stephen said:

    We can draft a rookie  qb,but I don't  want us to just hand him the job. He would have to prove  he is better than Brissett 

    I don’t think he would be.  Brissett has one more year on his deal.  I think it’s reasonable to think the Colts will need to see more from him before committing to him long term.  So drafting another QB to groom makes sense.  It also makes sense when you consider Hoyer isn’t getting any younger so no matter what you will need to address the QB spot somehow for the future even if it’s just as a backup.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:

    I've seen WR and QB come up in multiple threads tonight.  And not in a good way.  The dust hasn't even settled from the KC game, and people are already talking about needing better QBs and WRs...  :facepalm:


    Are we as Colts fans just conditioned to expect big passing plays?  Did Manning/Harrison/Wayne/Stokley and Luck/Hilton/Wayne do something to our brains?


    I think we should be more focused on what just won us a huge game:  running the ball and playing defense.



    They need better play from the QB and WR position but it shouldn’t ruin a big win tonight.  It’s fair to point out and be discussed.  


    With that said, the defense played out of this world good, especially with the secondary so beat up, and the line and running game remain the strength of this team.


    I think it’s very possible to be both thrilled your team won a game and did something’s very well to do it but at the same time be concerned about something that has shown its head more than once this season.  

  7. He’s a game manger.  An effective one but still that’s what he is.  You can win with that if you have a good defense and a good running game, which is how the Colts won tonight.  However, if you need your QB to go win you a game more times than not they will fail.


    Jacoby has the rest of this year to show he can develop and I hope he does, but he has to read the field better than he does.  He can’t just live on dump offs a lone.  He looks to get really timed after INTs and is too scared he will make another mistake.  


    Now with that said, the young WRs aren’t helping him much.  They don’t get open that well and teams have figured out to blanket and TY and say beat us with anyone else we dare you and to this point no one has stepped up.  


    I hope the Colts take a long look at the rookies this year.  Fromm is my favorite but I am also no NFL scout.   

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  8. 4 minutes ago, EastStreet said:


    I'm am perfectly fine with drafting a WR in the 3rd, maybe even the 2nd depending on who falls. That said, pass catching is not our problem. We have the best TE unit in the league. We have one of the best catching APBs in the league. We have one of the top 10 if not top 5 WR1s in the league. Campbell and Cain will be fine in time. If anything, the game plan is not going to stress WR until the coaches have more confidence in JB.

    More rookie WRs aren’t going to fix this.  That’s pretty much what they have now in Campbell and Cain.  What’s hurting them is the lack of experienced WRs like Hilton.  That’s why Funchess being out is so bad.  Guys are being asked to step into roles they aren’t ready for.  

  9. 1 minute ago, Stephen said:

    Not worried  about qb. Almost any rookie  we draft would  probably  play worse than Brissett. They might throw  for more yardage, but have more ints as well.

    Rookies develop and don’t stay rookies forever.  Jacoby has the rest of this year to show he can develop too.  If he does, and for the record I hope he does, then he will continue to be the guy.  However, if he keeps having issues reading the field and only throws underneath passes teams are going to figure it out at some point and it’s going to cost the Colts games.  

  10. 26 minutes ago, DEFENSE said:

    the refs should be fined for bad calls or no calls after the league reviews the tape

    I believe they are the league just doesn’t publicize it.  They do it in private to make it seem like they have their officials backs which they have to do, even when they are wrong, or the officials will lose their authority on the field.

  11. 4 minutes ago, BlueCollarColts said:

    Can someone explain that pass interference standing? How in the world was that not overturned? 

    The refs have made it known they don’t like the new rule because it’s always been a judgement call so they are making it clear they just aren’t going to overturn those calls.  McAfee has been railing about this on his show this past week and he’s right.  


    Personally I think Goodell needs to tell the head officials I don’t care if you don’t like the rule enforce it or I will find someone who will.

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  12. 13 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    If the Colts were down their WR1 and WR2, you'd be freaking out and calling for us to draft two new WRs and trade immediately. Saying Mahomes is without Hill and Watkins is just fact. That's a lot of their production. Kelce dropping a bunch is like Ebron dropping 1 in terms of your freak outs.


    JB has troubles going through progressions pure and simple. He cost us at least 3 (which would have sealed things much earlier), and as many as 11. He missed several wide open reads, and threw multiple times into double coverage badly (one INT, one bailed out by a PI).


    It's intellectually dishonest to say he had any more than a game manager performance tonight. 

    Yes KC had injuries but so did the Colts at one point tonight the whole starting secondary for the Colts was hurt and they were playing three rookies, a third year corner at safety and a second year safety who was undrafted.  They deserve credit for holding Mahomes to one TD as does the defensive line that returned tonight and owned KC’s front.  


    We saw last week how bad a zone looks if you get zero pressure.  We saw tonight why it’s good against high powered offenses if you get a pass rush.  


    Sure KC has injuries but so did the Colts D and the Colts D did a better job over coming them than KC did.


    As for Jacoby I agree with you.  He’s showing himself to be a game manager.  An effective one but a game manger none the less.  I hope the Colts take a hard look at the QBs in this draft.  Fromm is my personal favorite but I am also not a NFL scout either.  

  13. 5 minutes ago, IinD said:

    He's definitely physical enough to battle TE's.

    Tonight was probably his best game as a Colt.  Still it seems like you can count on him for some form of PI once a game and he was kinda lucky not to get one at the end of the game.  Yes it would have been questionable but he puts himself in those spots too often.


    Still he took away KC’s biggest weapon tonight and he deserves praise for that.


    If KC beats you with a second year WR catching perfect throws that no other QB can make you just tip your cap to them.  Wilson taking away Kelce for the most part was huge.

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  14. Just now, Fisticuffs111 said:

    I'm not a supporter of the amount of hate our WR's have been getting. First off, Funchess and Campbell are both out. Secondly, Brissett and Cain seem to have a weird lack of connection. 

    It seems like we made a concerted effort to go away from the passing game tonight.

    As they should have.  I was scratching my head with them being so pass happy early tonight because KC was 32nd in the league vs the run and the Colts line and run game is the strength of the team.  Still it was working so I wasn’t going to argue with it.

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  15. 3 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Lets trade for Von Miller but not give up the farm. Imagine him and Houston going after the QB haha 

    Doubt they will but the injury to Turay looked bad.  That’s going to hurt the pass rush.

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  16. The injury to funchess is really hurting them.  None of these guys are ready to be a number two.  


    With that said Brissett doesn’t help them at times.  


    There was at least one play tonight where Collinsworth pointed out Cain was wide open in the middle and Jacoby just didn’t see him because he took the check down first.  Collinsworth also pointed out he had time to survey the field and wasn’t doing it and was still dumping it fast which was often the short throws.  


    Now, I will say it’s not all on Jacoby either, these guys, outside of TY, aren’t doing a great job getting open.  Jacoby was 1 of 7 on passes “down the field tonight”.  If I had those kinds of numbers because guys can’t get open I’d take the check down too.  Honestly, right now the second best WR on the team is probably Pascel and he’s the guy a lot of people wanted cut.

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  17. 8 minutes ago, Four2itus said:

    The chiefs player put his heal on the out of bounds line. Never reviewed. The TY call was stupid. How that wasn't reversed, is beyond my understanding. 


    The INT did hit the ground. We got the ball anyway. 

    They explained the guy who went out of bounds later.  If the PI caused him to go out of bounds he can catch it.  Clearly that’s a judgement call but there was a case to be made that’s what made him go out of bounds.


    Also, it wasn’t reviewed because the Colts didn’t challenge it.  

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  18. This crew is very flag happy.  They did the Packers Eagles game a couple of weeks ago and I thought it then and then tonight just confirmed it.


    The INT that was overturned was really bad, if that’s clear and obvious then so was the PI on TY and that should have been over turned.  


    Realistically the reason the PI wasn’t overturned is because the officials don’t like that their judgement can be challenged it’s becoming clear they are trying to kill this rule by just not overturning anything.  Personally I think Goodell should step in and tell his head of officials follow the rules or I will find someone who will.  

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  19. Just now, MPStack said:


    Does this possibly apply to Cain too??? :dunno:

    I think so.  Honestly the injury that’s killing the offense right now besides TY is Funtchess.  

  20. 14 minutes ago, csmopar said:

    He had 6 drops all of last year. He had a very bad day and he knows it. He had 3 alone today. 


    That said, yes, he gets extended. You ever have a bad day?

    Um Doyle has had his days of drops too.

    The difference is Ebron has a reputation for drops, that’s why the Lions let him go.  Doyle has reputation for having some of the best hands on the team.

  21. 1 hour ago, IinD said:

    Yeah but he gets no credit from some for a 3td day man.


    He's gotta throw 5 for an 'atta boy'??

    The three TDS are nice until you realize one came on a 22 yard field and another was in garbage time.  He also threw a pick sick at the worst time and if you want to argue the Ebron TD wasn’t in garbage time then you have to concede his pick six was the difference in the game.


    If you only look at the number of TDS he threw its misleading.  


    With that said he wasn’t the only thing wrong with the offense today.  The drops killed them too and those aren’t his fault.  I also thought the game plan and play calling was bad I was disappointed that the Colts never really adjusted to what the Raiders were doing on defense.  


    Still Brissett was not good today either.  Was he the only problem or even the biggest problem?  No.  Was he a problem?  Yes.

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