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  1. Look what I found this morning - Roger Staubach's hail mary game vs the Vikings with the actual drive.  




    Amazing how many times this drive nearly kills them...The low snaps, and one of them is even fumbled, and Staubach has to run around under pressure. 


    The 4th and 17 play is amazing, and then right after, BOOM hail mary to Drew Pearson. 


    Dallas almost upset the Steelers in the SB a few weeks later....Of all the Steelers SB's, it's the first one against Dallas that is usually regarded as the best...This wildcard Dallas team was such big underdogs, and almost upset the Steelers. Amazing team. 

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah that Ravens team was really Good. I am not so sure they wouldn't of won the SB had they got by us. They would've had HFA over the Pats. McNair had already made one SB. That game was a rare case where our Defense won the game and Peyton rode the D.

    3. Jules



      Manning had a rough game here and many will point to his stats as being ugly, but he did everything to get the win. I don't think it's fair to really talk about his ugly stats here as if it's negative. Favre used to have games like this often, where the stats would be ugly but all that matters is coming off with that win. 


      That Ravens D was #1 across the board that season. Many were saying "it's 2000 all over again". Most would also have assumed if you held our offense to zero TDs that we lose the game.


      I personally loved this game since it showed we could win in different ways finally and in a hostile environment to boot.


      I remember at the end of the game Manning did have a clutch third down conversion to Clark. And we ran the ball well to run out the clock instead of trying to play hero with the pass you know.....unlike the Falcons. lmao 



      I liked how the Colts defense played in this game. The commentators constantly mention how bad their run defense is, and yet they focused on shutting down the run entirely. 


      Our run D was money that entire postseason. Most don't realize just how bad it was during the regular season, dead last and we gave up 375 rushing yards to the Jaguars in a game.


      Just a really fun game in Baltimore, I remember not thinking we would ever lose the game either though while it was happening.

    4. Jules


      Interesting, new updates to the forum and now we have "reactions" for posts. lmao 

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