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  1. Onto the NFL now, basketball is ruined for the near future unless someone else creates a big 5.


    Colts and Saints win division titles?


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    2. Jules





      Bad coaching 101 right there. 


      They could've went after Wade and didn't...Hell, Wade would've stayed in Miami had LeBron stayed, and they could've got Kevin Love too with the trade...That would be their big 3 right now. 


      I know Cavs treat Kyrie like he's some golden boy, but I'm sorry, but Kyrie is not greater than an aged Wade. Even an older Wade could still play defense....Kyrie is getting killed by Curry in this series. 



      I think Wade would have gone to Cleveland if pushed enough. But not sure. Since he did seem content with going to Chicago since he grew up there. But then again if Lebron really really really went after him hard.......who knows? Sometimes it is tough for teams to want to improve following a championship.


      TT is having MAJOR issues this series. Most have always said he is best coming off the bench and not starting. And that there lies the problem of the Cavs lacking a true center. 


      Kyrie is really bugging the crap out of me. I mean my God.........does he even know you are allowed as a point guard to rebound? 


      Curry has been eating him alive. At the end of the second I even saw Lebron mouth "I got Steph".





      And no calls!!! He gets HAMMERED and no calls!!


      The one in that video that made my jaw drop was when he got his tooth knocked out and the ref is standing RIGHT THERE and watched and he just turns to the ref and is like "what the F? you aren't going to call that a foul!?" and the ref just shakes his head at him. :woah:




      Thats pretty bad. If the Lakers get Lonzo dumb F I am taking my talents to Dragic I guess. lmao


      I support the poor beaten down white men of the NBA unless it's Kelly O dumb F of the Celtics. 


      Then again tonight Lebron was getting a lack of calls, until one time Klay put his hands on Lebron's neck so I guess choking is considered a foul against Lebron now at least. Oh good.........so if you try to strangle Lebron at least then you know he goes to the line.


      Like I said after game 1. To get the good calls you got to literally kinda set the Cavs players on fire or choke them to death. The obvious charge against Love early in the game that ended up being AGAINST Love set the tone. 


      I really am kinda frazzled out right now. Last year I had hope since well I could feel it. I don't think lightening can strike twice unless Durant and Curry sit out the series with a life threatening disease.


      Oh and Steve Kerr is back. HOORAY. Christ what a joke. Bad back problems and migraines? 

    3. Jules


      Mike Brown looked mad when the game started a few times to me. He is thinking "F, Steve Kerr is back. There goes my spotlight."

    4. Jules


      I can't do a message tonight like usual. My stomach kinda feels bad. Mostly no not due to the Cavs but drinking at the Miranda Lambert show last night. (which was a good show) So I need more sleep. I slept for a while earlier before the game but need to go back to sleep soon.


      I started to reply but could not write much so i just stopped. My head is kinda hungover. 

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