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  1. LeBron has scored 30+ points now in 8 of 9 playoff games, averaging 35 points a game. He deserves MVP over Westbrook and Harden easily.

    1. Jules


      I am still unsure as to how far MVP voting goes into the season. I mean if it is just a regular season award it might go to Westbrook or Harden. I would prefer if thats the case that it goes to Westbrook to stick it to Baby Boy Durant and because James Harden was high on pot in his elimination game in the Spurs series. The newest catch phrase in the NBA on the radio now is that when a super star doesn't show up in a big game he went into a "James Harden coma".


      It should be Lebron though, if the playoffs count for MVP it EASILY will be Lebron.


      Funny thing is, I don't mind Westbrook anymore. He is kinda funny and entertaining despite his stat and ball hogging. At least he is entertaining outside of that Lonzo Ball piece of crap.


      Believe it or not, Steven A. Smith was even fawning over Lebron earlier. Saying his mind is at a new level too......he can read what other teams are doing ahead of time.


      Could Lebron James possibly be God?

    2. Jules


      I found this and had to post it. lmao 


      I'm just so happy that this exists

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