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  1. Poor Miami Heat, so close yet so far. Sigh.......


    Okay so we got Celtics hosting the Bulls, fun series. Often Boston did get Wade when the Big 3 where there too. One good thing for Boston is that they get to avoid Toronto until the eastern conference finals should they make it that far.


    As for the aazz factor, not sure who played tonight but of course they lost. Although they do host the Pacers who they should beat IMO unless they blow it.


    In the west, we are clearly Portland trailblazers fans at the moment. ;)  Although thats a long shot with a 41-40 team. Sigh.

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    2. Jules


      It's true, cocaine makes you stupid at times like that. Back when someone I know did it a lot.:hide: This blonde girl whose name started with a J thought this was the best song ever on cocaine.




      Just saying........


    3. Jules



      The Patriots did do something like that....Not the team, but their fans. :pokerface:


      OMG that song is so bad. I mean we knew the pats had zero shot in that SB. I mean know I was not remembering games back when I was a wee little kid, but my parents said you KNEW the Pats would get creamed.

    4. Jules


      If Lebron wins it all lets get some hard drugs.


      Okay please nobody else read this thread.

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