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  1. LeBron is having his best season since his 2012-2013 peak with the Heat. His averages are right on par with that MVP season, just a few points off from scoring. Too bad this is the Cavs worst team since he returned, greatly diminishing the possibility of a repeat due to their horrible defense. If Westbrook don't win MVP with his god-like stats, than LeBron definitely deserves it over Harden.

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    2. Synthetic


      The way to stop slaughter and bloodshed is MORE slaughter and bloodshed! 


      I just hope all his dumbaazz voters are happy with this. Since ya know, he supposedly was going to "bring peace" but I'll drop the subject now. Depressing we live with this joke of a president. 

    3. Jules


      Ugh.........it's so bad.


      I hate him too since he often distracts us from fun stuff.



    4. Jules


      sorry, I don't even really remember what were discussing here last night before dumbazzz ruined things for us.


      Ugh.........I hate him so much since he down right ruined my night last night.

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