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  1. David Sylvian...one of many Bowie clones from the 70's and 80's. Here he is with his band 'Japan' trying his absolute best to look like his idol.




    Doesn't he look familiar? :woah:


    Bowie from 75

    Image result for david bowie young americans


    Not going to shade Sylvian's band Japan, Quiet Life is a pretty good song...Mick Karn on bass, proving why he was one of the most sought after bass players of early New Wave. Karn would later go on to do albums with Gary Numan and Kate Bush, as well as producing his own solo records. A unique bass player who definitely made his band (Japan) sound a lot better than they truly were. R.I.P. 


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    2. Synthetic



      I have Japan's album 'Quiet Life', was listening to it yesterday when I posted this.


      For a band, they owe a great deal of their sound to Mick Karn. Brilliant bass player, I'll praise him to high heaven cause he deserves it. He was the one thing that made their band a bit unique, remove him from the picture and they would just be a generic New Wave band. Karn did some work with Kate Bush and Gary Numan. With Numan, the song "Subway Called You" really showcases what a fantastic bass player he was.  



      It's almost too blatant how he copies Bowie to me.  From movements to sound to looks......I mean sheesh........


      The song itself isn't bad if you don't have to look at the Bowie poseur though.


      There are many, many, many David Bowie imitators in the music world. From the 70's on up, for the past 4 decades, there has been various Bowie wannabes. They still exist in today's age too.


      Some are more obvious than others, and some that begin as Bowie imitators can sometimes turn out to be brilliant artists. But David Sylvian is one of the more blatant ones. He's not the #1 in that category, but definitely is up there among Bowie wannabes. 

    3. Jules


      You can't copy Bowie since Bowie had a unique gorgeousness and soul that was un-matchable.

    4. Synthetic


      Many try and many fail

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