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  1. BIG BALLER BRAND. Best T-Shirt Clothing Line name ever. Can't get any more 1990's-sounding than that!

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    2. Jules


      Of course her stuff isn't selling well anymore since they locked her into a hole in Vegas and never promote anything well.


      Also they keep her in this box of "safe" too and sometime they even still make her look like a teenager like she did in that "pretty girls" disaster with that stupid rap chick they paired her with.



    3. Synthetic



      'Glory' is easily the best album I've heard of her in years. I can say without a doubt, Britney TRIED on this album. She wrote most of it herself, and she really gives it 100%, whereas her team manages to screw it all up with awful promotion. It's not a teenager type album, it's very adult and feels like a grown up version of her. I liked it.


      And yeah, they play it too "safe" at times (but not on stage in Vegas. Her outfits since last year have gotten even skimpier, and they don't downplay the big seductress theme on stage). The leaked footage of the original Make Me video was very adult themed, very hot and looked a lot like the Womanizer video...her team scrapped it. Too sexy, had to completely downgrade it and we get that horrible video that don't even match the song. Matthew Rolston came out of retirement to shoot that video and her team screwed him over very badly. Won't ever get another opportunity like that again...


      IMO I think Britney is probably going to retire in the near future. That last album of hers, she truly tried and it's almost like a last hurrah of a great artist. 

    4. Jules


      I think she might retire young too or take a really long break.


      As for her stuff now on stage, have not seen it really since I saw her live a few years ago but her pimp dude is AWESOME. 


      Thanks for the nostalgia tonight btw. lmao 


      And also my goodness.........Big Baller Brand is our new thing easily. lmao 


      I am finishing the message of ours up and trying too but keep getting distracted by the Celtics pounding the Pacers.

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