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  1. R.I.P. Chuck Berry, one of the greatest. For those that want to check some of his catalog now, "Chuck Berry Is On Top" was arguably his best album. It contained all his big hits from Johnny B. Goode to Little Queenie, Carol, Almost Grown, Maybellene, etc etc. 


    Sadly, CD copies of Chuck Berry Is On Top are relatively difficult to come across. The album has been out of print for a long time. Amazon sells CD-R versions, which I do own a recent copy. Basically, it's legal for them to press CD-R versions of out-of-print albums and sell them for inflated prices over 20 dollars. It comes with a booklet and all the art is printed on nice paper, but one look at the back of the disc clearly shows that it's a CD-R and not the real thing. 


    Chuck's best album in print, happens to be his debut record 'After School Session'. Maybellene is on this album and was later included on 'Chuck Berry Is On Top'.


    My favorite Chuck Berry song was 'Little Queenie' and this video of him dancing is a glory to see, watch how he moves his legs back and forth. 



    Who covered Chuck Berry the best??? IMO, the Rolling Stones and no one else. 'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!' featured two Chuck Berry covers. The one of Little Queenie was gorgeous. There are times when listening to Kieth Richards' rhythm style of playing where he can actually fool the listener into the thinking it's really Chuck Berry you're listening to. Only reason I take the Stones over any other covers is because of that. No other guitar player mastered Chuck's style better than Kieth Richards. 




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    2. Synthetic



      Chuck Berry was around forever like BB King. It really is sad to see him go. Now only Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis remain living from that old era, and as for the Blues, we got Otis Rush and Buddy Guy still with us (Buddy who has now been grandfathered into that role of "king of the Blues" since BB passed).


      Chuck Berry outlived BB King, that was a surprise to me. I thought he was a few years younger.


      I imagine for your father, he was the coolest thing in the world back then. Just watching videos of Chuck Berry is a great pleasure. 

    3. Synthetic


      Worth noting; Chuck Berry's 12 bar blues style of rhythm playing rocker songs is so influential. You hear it in practically everything. While he didn't invent the 12 bar blues, he certainly influenced how it's used - fast paced for a rocker. 


      The Rolling Stones used his style of 12 bar blues rockers a lot. Even Bowie's Suffragette City uses the 12 bar straight out of the playbook. 

    4. southwest1


      Thanks for starting this status update on Chuck Berry Bogie. I have a great deal of respect for the diversity of your historical musical knowledge across a variety of genres. I sincerely mean that. I'm not exaggerating either. 


      I appreciate that nugget you shared on how Berry's death affected your father too Jules. 

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