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  1. Playing a DOOM marathon for Halloween tonight. 

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    2. Jules


      Oh me too, I hate overly scented stuff. I can handle some of it but some of it is TOO STRONG.  Cover Girl has some scented foundations that almost made me want to die once. 



      Ok if you want a 100% scent free brand it's probably going to be more Almay or Neutrogena in the drugstores.


      lol they market Axe for men to attract women but it's STRONG. 



      BTW this is the best single lotion on the market in drugstores and walmart. A dermatologist told my dad to use it since he has skin rashes and I tried it and now I am hooked when I do not use vaseline.


      I found it on amazon:




      It's not cheap, but it's the best lotion around. It has no scent and it can be used from the face to the body and hands. 


      You can use it too, it's unisex lol.


      It's just such a good safe scent free lotion that absorbs so fast. OMG........and it was made by real dermatologists.



      If you sister ever got hardcore into it yeah I know the pricier lines of makeup too.


      When I was a lot younger, I used to use more scents. I still use perfume at times but nothing scented like with body lotions anymore and stuff since it just gets on your bed too and lingers and sucks.

    3. Jules


      Actually that lotion is cheap compared to most lotions that rip you off.

    4. Synthetic



      I don't know why or how they market Axe like that cause it is so strong, it would knock someone out. People buy me this junk for Christmas and I always smell it once and throw it away. I've had some allergic outbreaks to it in the past. 


      I've seen that lotion before, doctors often recommend one of their products for allergies. 


      Saving all this to forward to her again. 




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