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  1. Internet connection issues are the worst thing to deal with besides back pain...No connection to desktop until I can buy a cord to replace the broken one that went out saturday. I miss my computer

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    2. Synthetic


      I didn't leave you, was trying to fix the settings on this phon It had an auto setting for periods and commas that kept messing with me


      I'm not shocked the Panthers blew this. Riveria played to losewhen he elected a field goal to move the score 20-21. He should've went for it IMO

    3. Jules


      No it's okay if you leave since I might or should leave myself soon to go to bed but I can't stop typing on my state of the art keyboard on my pc.


      Someone take my computer away from me........

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      I want to watch the Cam Post game stuff now.

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