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  1. Internet connection issues are the worst thing to deal with besides back pain...No connection to desktop until I can buy a cord to replace the broken one that went out saturday. I miss my computer

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    2. Synthetic



      GO CAVS...at least we have LeBron this year. Seeing that man break down crying like a baby to bring home the gold for CLE remains the highlight of my sports year

    3. Synthetic



      BTW Jules, I am picking Tampa just based off how they swept Atlanta last year. Tampa last year outgained their opponents in 13 of 16 games and most of those games were close until the 4th quarter when they would screw it up.


      Since I got so many questions last year from folks on the NFC South and already have been asked on picks, this year I will do all NFC South games every week. The NFC South team picks are what I usually have a good track record with. 


      We need a few more games of Carolina to really judge them. Let's see them in a few weeks and then we'll know if they're OK or not

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Oh you guys (rolls eyes) Just kidding, Cavs got it congrats. I wont doubt LeBron again but it will be tough for them to repeat. It sucks Durant left OKC. Look out for my Pacers in the East, Paul George is tough!

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