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  1. #RetroWaveMondaysListen The Midnight - Summer 




    GREAT use of the lead guitars over all that synth, superb pop song! 

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    2. Synthetic



      lmao I hate the Grateful Dead so much. They are the most overrated band of all time. #1, always have been, always will be.....BUT it's wrong to not say some positive things about Jerry Garcia as a guitar player and song writer. Dude was a beast on the pedal steel and credit has to be given with his disadvantage not having a middle finger. Jerry Garcia was a great guitar player, he definitely deserves praise and especially for what a monster he was with the pedal steel. But I still don't care for the Grateful Dead. 

    3. Jules


      I might have real interest in this album, "the midnight?"?


      I like this song you posted A LOT in the original post.



      Okay for the Grateful Dead, this song always got me......it's one I sometimes listen to.




      I like the lyrics and sound of it and have for a long time. And it's not one of their over done jam songs that goes on for an hour.


      The Dead have a few songs I do like, but it's usually the shorter ones with more singing and not just 10 minute musical zone out pot feasts.

    4. Jules


      Sorry to go OT a bit with the Dead from retro synth. lmao 


      Sometimes it's the bit of John Lennon/Bernie Sanders liberal stuck in me that pops out at times.





      Heading to sleep now finally.:sip:

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