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  1. Congrats to #4 making it into the Hall of Fame. The greatest Packers quarterback ever, and the reason a lot of 80's babies fell in love with the NFL. I would not have begun watching football as often if it weren't for #4, thanks for the memories! 

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    2. Jules


      So glad you said "younger 30s" lmao. Makes people like me and Bogie feel good again. Since we see and hear so much about those in their 20's.


      This recent HOF ceremony was really odd though too, since it seemed like just yesterday Dungy was coaching and Favre was playing.

    3. southwest1


      Thx for the "Something About Mary" movie clip Jules. I love the end where the guy says to Mary "What About Brett Favra?" 


      "I'm a Niners fan." 


      Every WI native that sat through #4's retirement shenanigans nonsense for like 3 & a half yrs loves that. A top tier QB who was a like a yo yo when it came time to play football or not as he aged in Green Bay. Sigh...And then Ed Werder from ESPN camped out on Brett's front yard & fed his ego. 


      I will never forgive Favre for that self induced craziness ever. 

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      @Jules, Yeah I am in mid 40's but would give anything to be 30 again. I still look young but stuff starts going wrong with you at times when you turn 40 if you don't take of your body. I played sports when I was in HighSchool and was a runner for many year sin my 20's and 30's. The feet and knees are just not the same.

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