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  1. This video is the greatest thing ever 



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    2. Synthetic



      This record is the bomb. Trevor really hit a home run this time. It sounds more like his 2013 debut effort (Synthetic Love). Synthetic Love was what made me really fall in love with his music, and this is like part 2. It might actually be his best album yet, his production is getting better and better, and I really like his subtle hip hop influence that's buried under all the synths. 


      Jules, I bought the album. It came out today, it was literally $1 on Bandcamp (name your price, you can put 1 dollar in), but I went on and slapped 16 dollars on there (what used to be full price of CD's 10 years ago), just cause someone that is independent like this that puts so much effort into their music, clearly deserve more than just 1 dollar. 



    3. Synthetic



      Shame I couldn't preorder the digipak CD's. He did a Q&A on Tumblr today, those were a limited run. Fans are asking for vinyl, but he said vinyl is expensive to produce (again, I'd throw my money at that) 

    4. Jules


      Saving the link. BTW based on that link I think people will finally see here where your avatar comes from. lmao 

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