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  1. I want a new Strat, regardless of the fact I don't need a new one. It's no been 4 months since I've really played the Les Paul, I cannot get the same satisfaction out of that guitar that I can a Strat. 

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    2. Synthetic



      Tried playing it again today, meh...The only thing really going for the LP is having that humbucker in the bridge for easy crunch. That's it, but I can get crunch out of a Strat just fine using an overdrive/compressor combo. 


      Telecaster > Les Paul. I thought the LP could be as useful as a Tele, but it clearly isn't. At least a Tele, you can beat on it continuously and it stays in tune and can handle aggressive playing. 

    3. Jules


      Also the Les Paul has the name "Les Paul" which makes everyone swooooon at times.


      Your stuff with the Strat sounds good anyway. It's crunchy and fluffy and trebles and takes a hard beating and everything else in the lingo book I love to hear. lmao 

    4. Jules


      You will have to keep the Les Paul though probably. It's pretty and it has sentimental value etc. 



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