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  1. It's May 4th, so time for a Star Wars marathon! So many great old games to choose from, I don't know where to begin! 

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    2. Jules


      Speaking of tragic......this is one of my personal favorite classical pieces but I didn't use it too long for skating since it was TOUGH. I only used it for 4 months and it was near the end before I retired and was trying the highest level in competitions. It's advanced calculus for figure skating music and I had to move and skate so fast with footwork/spins and elements I almost passed out once when I was done.


      Starting at :35 is when the music gets tough.




      When Britney said "work b***ch" this is what she means for skating to classical music.


      Vivaldi kicked so much butt though.

    3. Synthetic



      This song is awesome. I know absolutely nothing about classical music, and I hardly ever listen to it, but I really like this. 

    4. Jules


      Thats kinda what you need to say in public and always worked for me to confuse people. "So have you listened to any Vivaldi lately? I must say my favorite piece by his was always winter. I often felt summer lacked a certain intensity he put forth in his winter pieces."



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