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  1. Within a span of 4 months I have lost my favorite rock star and now my last living guitar hero, both in just 4 months...this has been a rough, rough year and we haven't even gotten to the summer heat yet. 

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    2. Jules


      I am almost shocked Boston won this game, I had taken a long nap and they were behind by 10. I get up and they won.


      Boston reminds me of the Colts with Luck. They have these rabid comebacks A LOT.

    3. Jules


      This Curry injury is a potential game changer (obviously) if this is serious and IMO it could be. Spurs might win it all.......


      Celtics would play the Cavs next I think? If the C's win this series and get Bradley back they could be fun to watch vs. Lebron.


      The Celtics confuse me soooo bad. lmao I love me some Brad Stevens though. Best nerd in basketball:





      I love me some Duke but I did want Butler to beat them sooooo bad that one year. OMG that was so sad, it was like the movie Hoosiers had come alive that year.


      Oh and RIP to Prince. Sorry OT. lmao 

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      I picked the Spurs to win it all :-) but I honestly think Curry will be fine. He wont play next game IMO and the Warriors will win anyway then he will get a few days rest.

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