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  1. RIP Dennis Davis. Bowie's long time drummer from the late 70's, died of cancer last week and I had no idea about this until tonight. This has been a rough year of losing music legends and great people under the curtain that don't get a lot of spotlights. 

    1. Synthetic


      Fantastic drummer, this one is on him...his solo 



    2. Jules


      I didn't know about this either. Sad another one died of cancer. RIP.


      I had not heard Panic in Detroit for a while either.....good song. His drumming is underrated indeed.


      And what else is underrated is all those pics in the video of Bowie with a gun lol. I am not into guns but Bowie just OWNS a gun.:headspin:

    3. JPPT1974


      Cancer is very sad and ruthless! RIP!

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