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  1. Regular old Stratocaster > Every other guitar in the world. 

    1. Synthetic


      I shouldn't brag because it makes me sound snotty, but I can't help but say; Stratocasters CAN play metal! I can prove it now that I can record properly through digital work. Not to sound arrogant, but I am very proud of that, since I can prove that Strats do not need special pickups or anything to get that whole goody awesome crunch out of them. It IS entirely possible with just a regular old Strat. 

    2. Jules


      lol I can attest that it is possible too now. lmao I heard your work.

    3. Synthetic



      Thank you Jules! I work hard on those recordings. Still need to learn how to edit them on the multi-track editor. My next learning project. 

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