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  1. A big Happy Birthday to the man, the space invader, and the cracked actor; David Bowie. 69 is a magically number for ole Ziggy. 

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    2. Jules


      Honestly they might very well be the best all around true rock stars ever. They had everything you had to have to be "rock stars."

    3. Synthetic


      TRUE; and every rock stars after them copied from them and stole from them. For Jagger, that also includes his partner Kieth Richards. Certain ones in the 90's sure as hell copied from them too. 


      Jagger and Richards IMO are the original singer/guitarist duo. Bowie had his guitar partner too with Ronson in his Ziggy phase. 

    4. southwest1


      I feel your sadness & pain today over the loss of Bowie Bogie. 


      It's times like this when an artist so groundbreaking leaves us that I have a profound appreciation for your ability to chronicle & document this man's musical contributions. 


      I value your keen impressions too Jules on David as well. I really respected David's marriage to Iman too. 



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