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  1. I'm not sure you're going to get what you want. I think that if Ballard/Reich/Eberflus agreed a move would have already been made by now.
  2. It happens both ways. Sometimes the owner hires a new GM and keeps his HC. Sometimes the owner hires a new HC and keeps the GM. Other times, the owner hires new GM and they get a new HC together. Doesn't change the fact that for most teams, the chain of command dictates that the GM is the HC's superior. that's a stretch
  3. was there a coherent thought in there somewhere?
  4. I agree with almost all of that. However, at the end of the day when push comes to shove, one is the other's boss, and normally it's the GM who is the boss of the HC. I don't think anyone wants a GM who micromanages the HC...but that doesn't change the fact that in most cases (and in ours) the HC reports to his boss, the GM.
  5. UT means under tackle... Aka a DT playing the 3 technique
  6. That's ridiculous. The GM is almost always the boss of the HC. Every team has an established chain of command. That's just the way things work.
  7. I'm sure google can get that info for you. Regardless of who his sacks were against, having 9 from the DT position is still pretty impressive.
  8. I don't have the link handy at the moment but right after this news came out, there was a report that Gase didn't want Bell nor Mosely at the prices they were asking. So...Bell and Mosely are now playing with huge contracts for a team whose HC doesn't think they're worth the money they're making. Should be a great start to their coach/player relationships.
  9. and I think he was saying, google it. Why he gotta do your homework for you?
  10. If the Best players available (Per Ballard's big board) is a player from OSU then yes the trend will continue. If not, then no. Ballard isn't going to force a pick of an OSU player each draft just for the sake of drafting an OSU player. At least I'd hope not.
  11. They'll use Autry, Lewis and probably even ward at DE in the "big" packages
  12. I think you're selling Autry short. He had 9 sacks in 12 games from the interior. That's far better than adequate. I think you're selling Autry short. He had 9 sacks in 12 games from the interior. That's far better than adequate.
  13. Ya-Sin, Banogu and Okereke for me. Campbell would be a runner up
  14. The biggest problem with dungys defense was that they didn't have anyone inside of freeney and Mathis until they finally got MacFarland. Edge rushers can be neutralized much easier if your G and C can control both opposing DTs.
  15. Maybe whatever it was that influenced or confirmed his decision didn't happen until after the draft.
  16. I definitely didn't mean to imply that he was the worst on the team in terms of drops. Ebron did plenty of good to make up for the drops he had (though we'd still hope his drops are reduced in 2019). Mack is our primary RB so yeah his percentage is way too high but it's also a smaller sample size. I didn't really include Funchess in my thinking because he was on a different team, different scheme and different QB throwing him the ball. Any of those things could have contributed to his drops. Between Pascal and Rogers, gut feeling says that Rogers drops were far more significant...they seemed to happen in more crucial moments. Not that that excuses Pascal but it seemed to me that Pascal was more clutch than Rogers was. Rogers provides some value as a returner but he didn't exactly hold that job all year either. I just feel that, of all the options, Rogers has probably come closest to reaching his ceiling and it's just not all that high. Pascal may never improve to be significantly better but I think he has more of chance for that to happen than Rogers.
  17. For that reason he may wind up on the PS.
  18. So I'd call him a CB who will also play Safety, not a Safety that will also play CB.
  19. I simply don't agree with that. He was 2nd on the team with 5 drops and they seemed to have all been in pretty critical situations. He's a decent returner but not really good or great (imo). He has value, but I wouldn't say "a lot". I'm simply ready to move on..but that's just me.
  20. fair enough. I still hope he's the odd man out though.
  21. I think Farley is kept. Ballard said they will be playing Tell at CB so I think the CBs wind up being Moore, Desir, Ya-Sin, Tell and Wilson if they only keep 5. Personally I hope we keep Fountain and Pascal and move on from Rogers.
  22. Other. Rock ya-sin will score more TDs than all of the above combined
  23. You can have the best grade in the class without having a perfect score.
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