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  1. I find it incredibly difficult to believe that you would know
  2. yeah people said the same thing about: Caesar Rayford John Chick Roy Hall D'arick Rogers Duron Carter Chad Kelly
  3. Well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is
  4. Yes let's do that. Let's also give the rookie class TIME to adjust to the NFL and develop into the players they are going to be. Making a determination on them after 4 games is asinine.
  5. well this is just utter nonsense. congrats, you've outdone yourself
  6. well while we're on the subject, it's would have, should have, could have....not would of, should of, could of
  7. but he's not so what's the point?
  8. I agree with most of that but would add, let's not perpetuate the myth that a QB beats another QB or team.
  9. When did Brissett play one-on-one against any of those guys?
  10. do you think that might be because he missed a lot of time and practice in TC and PS?
  11. I think you're confusing RPO (Run/Pass option) with Read/Option. RPO is where the QB decides whether to hand the ball off to the RB to let him run, or pull the ball back and make a quick throw. It's not designed for the QB to take off and run, that's Read/Option. Nick Foles was running a lot of RPO with Philly last year and he's not nearly as athletic as Brissett is.
  12. Conditioning is always an issue the first few weeks of the season (but especially in week 1), which only got worse when the new CBA limited the amount of time coaches could keep players for practice. The players simply don't get enough action in OTA's, TC and PS to simulate playing a full 60 min game. I think this was far more the problem in LA than the heat was.
  13. And yet Trent green, Dean blandino and the refs on the field disagree. Green and blandino both explained very well why it wasn't a catch. Maybe you should watch the play again. It was when ebrons elbow hit the ground that the ball came loose and unfortunately he couldn't regain control before going out of bounds. It was the correct call.
  14. Fair enough...and I hadn't realized it was nearly 20 years ago when Romo was in college. Damn getting older is a kick in the butt lol
  15. Tony Romo? Elite might be a little strong in describing him but if he's not truly elite, he was pretty close. And his college numbers were pretty similar to those of Brissett. We didn't really marry ourselves to him. We gave him a 1 year tryout. After this season, if the brass doesn't think he can take us to the promised land then I have no doubt whatsoever they'll look for someone better.
  16. I'm not putting much stock into the college stats, mainly because I didn't watch him in college to be able to get an idea of why his numbers were what they were. So I can't put the proper context on those stats. However I do want to say thank you for a well reasoned explanation that wasn't based on his 2017 season with the Colts.
  17. But, based on what? You simply cannot make an accurate assessment of his abilities based of the 2017 season. That is partly true...the Colts, however, would have the opportunity to sign CK to their own roster (if he agrees) rather than letting him sign with another team. Roy Hall, Mike Hart, Caesar Rayford, John Chick, Da'rick Rogers...there have been many lol You've been on this site for quite a while, so I suspect you've done that far more than just once. I pretty much agree. If JB gets hurt while the Colts are still in the playoff hunt, Hoyer will replace him until he's ready to return. If JB gets benched, Kelly will replace him. That's what I think would happen. How do you know they didn't? Kelly played a lot during PS and they got good looks at both in OTAs and TC. I'm sure if they felt Kelly was the better option right now that he'd be the one to play (after the suspension of course).
  18. Agreed on all counts. I'm just saying I'm not ready to say he's the MLB of the future. We definitely suffered when he was out last year, but we had an incredibly young and inexperienced LB corp at the time. If I had to say right now...I'd probably rather have Walker as the top backup than the starting Mike, but he's still young and can improve so...we'll just see how it plays out.
  19. That remains to be seen. I honestly don't care how much Leonard loves Walker...if another MLB comes along that is an upgrade then I have no problem with Walker being replaced. I'm not saying just yet that he needs to be upgraded, but I don't think it's set in stone yet that he doesn't either.
  20. No, they have not said that...at all. Can you state for a fact that no team has ever tried to trade for Jacoby? Because many reports have come out indicating that trade offers have been made. NE traded him because they had Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo (making Jacoby 3rd on their depth chart) and they had a need at WR.
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