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  1. 1) I would sign Marlon Mack to a 1 yr first thing, to give us dangerous dynamic offense that’s difficult to plan against 2) minus Pinter I would completely redo our oline depth through FA and 4th-7th rd of the draft 3) Draft a LT in the 1st to obtain the 5th option 4) Sign Yannick Ngakoue Draft Bonus) build receiving and secondary core through draft
  2. Unfortunately Texans will never trade him to a division rival. Let’s see what we have in Eason. I think there’s something about him that the rest of us outside the team don’t know
  3. It was a good season atleast. Happy with the rookie developments. Can’t ask for much more. Great job guys
  4. Honestly I don’t understand where you’re getting at with this one. Before the snap, I’m more than sure all of the veterans and players communicated to one another to stay disciplined. Turay clearly ignored that. I just don’t think it was a team ball play by him, who JUST came back late into the season
  5. I wouldn’t play Turay the rest of the game. That was completely a hero ball mindset he did. You just know, he was just thinking about being the player to make a impact play in this game. ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO TRY TO TIME THAT
  6. I’m really just speaking in terms of the Steelers game today, but yes I agree with the off-season review. It is unacceptable from both the offense and defense. Can’t win with inconsistencies like this
  7. Even though it wasn’t a perfect second half, it’s only so much a coach can do. Pretty sure with the combination of a stale offense, Rock ya-sin handed touchdown, and all of the ghost pass interference calls had something to do with how bad the defense looked. Defense even held strong for an 4th and out in their red zone. Eberflus though played it safe, still does not deserve as much flack for this loss as you’re making it.
  8. Blocking and aggressiveness are the best two attributes I love about Pascal. Honestly I feel he was the reason we won yesterday. On his second touchdown, if that was any other receiver, I don’t think they would have taken a hit and stretched out for that touchdown. He’s a tough competitor for sure
  9. I won’t put too much expectations on him, but I am excited to see what he can eventually do with what all i’ve heard from camp this year and what you all have been saying
  10. Yea I’m ready to see both of them boys next season or maybe if we’re lucky, the last game of this season
  11. Today I had came across the inactive players for today's game, and seen Dezmon Patmon name. I always see his name on the inactive list, and was wondering if anyone heard of any progress with his development? I’m really curious to see how good this kid is going to be, because the team is clearly trying to make sure no other team can sign him by keeping him off the practice squad. What makes him so important I wonder...
  12. I'm sure he would, but I’d just rather fix a crack before it turns into a hole though. Regardless, I’m happy we pulled it out today 8-4
  13. 100% it's unrealistic to think any GM will fire a winning coach, regardless on how the wins come. There does need to be a seat down though
  14. Even though we won, I can't help but laugh at everyone who keeps defending this. I'm gonna just leave it at that
  15. Flus definitely has had his ups and downs since coming in. With his growth, he has gotten more on my good side for sure. I see where you’re coming from, and I respect that opinion
  16. I’m under the impression that you are just simply lumping me with a certain group I’ve never associated myself with. I have never made any post on Eberflus ever before. I was never on the side of getting rid of him. The difference though here, is that Eberflus clearly has been improving vs Reich who has stayed fairly the same; arguably worse
  17. I see what you're saying, but that is just not true. Titans had a 1000+ yd receiver and 1000+ Yd runningback. Who is are 1000+ yd receiver? Titans were able to control their games at will. We are a momentum team with a good diffence Glad that I didn't need to explain this, thank you
  18. I'm afraid that may be true unfortunately. It would be a different view if i'd at least seen some growth, but he's still the same Reich we hired 3-4yrs ago
  19. I would at least be happy if they look into that! I know we are winning now, but this product is not going to win us playoff games. Let's see what Sirianni has
  20. I truly believe we will not be able to keep Eberflus after this year. If I was Ballard, I would look into giving Eberflus a promotion to Head Coach. From the beginning, Eberflus kept his end of the bargain and truly improved this defense. The difference between him and Reich is that Eberflus seems to actually learn from his mistakes and adapt. Reich, seems to be stuck in his ways and continue to make bad calls game after game. I'm tired of hearing it's the personnel. A good coach would find his team's strength and play around that. It is beginning to be frustrating, and I can't see us w
  21. 100% the Ravens were targeting. I don't think it was to intentionally hurt our players. I really believe they were trying intimidate us and set a tone. At the end of the day there's a correct way of going about that, so yes that was definitely targeting yesterday on Rivers and Doyle
  22. Literally was just on Google checking for any updates on Parris. Guess we're all thinking the same thing at this point
  23. Hahaha fair enough, I understand your point. I definitely don’t feel attacked. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This is the reason why I like the off-season. I get to see everyone views at a different angle
  24. The whole draft is a gamble. In this instance, I’m gambling that there is a team out there who value Hurts enough to where he wouldn’t fall out of the 2nd round. I don’t know where he’ll fall even if we do not draft him. If I want him, I’d make sure to get him before I feel he gets taken off the board. I’m also not in love with Hurts, but I do like him just a bit more than Fromm
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