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  1. BTW for the people who fear long-term effects. I just had the chance to talk to an infectous disease doctor in my mother's hospital today and heard an astounding fact that makes me even angrier at the disastastrous failures of PR around those vaccines. I told him, maybe the only somewhat valid concern I've heard is about the long-term possible side effects. So he asked me to guess what's the longest term side effect from ANY vaccine in the history of vaccines in the past? I did't know and guessed several years. He laughed and said - 2 months. And this was from a swine flu vaccine from the 70s. 


    So, is this an absolute 100.00000000% guarantee that it won't happen with this vaccine? No. But there is no reason to believe this vaccine will be any different than any other vaccine in history. I really really wish the government and health organizations out there were much better and to the point with their messaging and addressing public concerns. I thought I was relatively well educated on vaccines and I had never heard of that historical tidbit. How the hell would you have one of the biggest worries and concerns of the public be long-term effects and not have that information spread like the plague everywhere? Everyone should know this one. It should have been one of the key points of messaging in all the public announcements and discussions on the vaccines. :( 

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  2. 5 hours ago, jvan1973 said:

    If vaccinated players can still get,  and spread the virus,   it's pretty obvious the vaccine isn't that effective.    So why punish players that don't want to get a non FDA approved vaccine that is somewhat ineffective.    

    Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the very very good. The vaccine is not 100% effective. This is well established. But it is almost 100% effective. For a vaccine developed and tested and released a year after a novel virus is spreading, it is a fantastic vaccine. About FDA, no idea what their requirements are for approval(maybe it's bureaucratic reason and it just takes time?), but pretty much every single medical and healthcare organization in the world has approved the vaccine and is carrying out vaccinations. There are close to 4 BILLION shots that have been administered all over the world. The short term side effects are widely known and it is as safe as any other vaccine out there. Long term effects will need to be studied over the long term but it's not like the scientists that are putting together those vaccines are just winging and we know nothing. There has been tons of research over the last decades on the technology. It's been tested against some other viruses and even and even on some cancers. There were more tests and data on this vaccine before being released to the public than on pretty much any vaccine in the history of mankind(before release to the public). There are very strong reasons to think this vaccine will prove to be incredibly safe in the long term too. 


     Also,  these players are elite athletes.    The danger to them from this virus is basically 0.  The vaccinated players are in no danger of playing with unvaccinated players

    They are athletes but some significant portion of them are in risky groups(hypertension, diabetes, other diseases). Also, again... I want to point out that this is not just a question of personal safety, but also a public health question - it's about all people they can transmit it to. Those players interact not just with other players. Significant part of their coaches and other staff are in risky groups. The more people are vaccinated the more it lowers the risks for both vaccinated and not vaccinated people and for the public health at large.

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  3. BTW go look at what Colts players are posting on twitter. I got chewed on in a previous thread about saying the team has probably done very little to nothing to educate and give good information to players. Go look at what they are posting, what they are retweeting and then tell me those sound like well informed adults. 


    This whole ordeal has been so disappointing to me. I know we shouldn't be looking at athletes for healthcare advice and I know they have the right to make their own decisions, but this is just so sad and depressing. There is SOOO MUCH good information out there and the Colts have access to some of the best doctors in the world, and instead, this is what we are getting... 

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  4. 2 hours ago, DougDew said:

    Okay, so answer me this:


    The NFL is not changing its 2020 isolation policy that was created when a more deadly variety of virus was rampant, and for which there was no vaccine.  Logic would assume that they would scale down their 10 day isolation policy based upon the low risk factors of the players and the vaccine pretty much stopping the spread in its tracks for anybody who cares about it.

    The 10 day isolation is based on incubation periods, timeframes of serious/visible symptoms appearing and ability of the test to catch it at certain times. Not on availability of vaccine or whether the virus is 0.5% deadly or 0.6%. If a player is not vaccinated, it doesn't matter whether the others are. He still carries a much larger chance to get infected and spread it around... in the ~10 days it takes to confirm he has caught it(or not) after exposure. This is especially true for the new variants that might be more contagious.


    If players get the virus, which is more likely to be the less impactful variant, they will likely only miss a few days of practice with a fever, if they even have any symptoms at all.

    Even if they have no symptoms they can still transfer it to both unvaccinated teammates and a fair bit less likely(but still possible) to vaccinated teammates. That's what the isolation is for. To prevent further spread.



    Its the NFLs outdated isolation policy that is making players unavailable and driving the forfeiture likelihood, NOT if unvaxed players actually caught the virus.

    No. It's them being a threat to spread a deadly virus around... 


    So why would the unvaxed players be held responsible for forfeiture and not the owners who have failed to recognize the advancements in vaccines and diminution of severity from when they created the quarantine policy way back in 2020 under completely different conditions?


    Seems like a mandate to me.  And possibly one with bad or misguided motivation. 

    Because the relevant conditions are not that different. The biggest difference this year compared to last year is the availability of a highly effective, safe vaccines. Part of the players just don't want to take it. Which is... fair enough. They can refuse to take it. At the same time the league has the right to implement rules to attempt to reduce the spread among its employees. BTW The rules about safety and the precautions taken are almost identical to last year's ( the isolation, the daily tests, the masks, distancing, etc. (except for forfeiting games and paychecks now)) when everybody was in that group of unvaccinated players.  There is no new burden on unvaccinated players(besides potentially losing paychecks if they don't play due to catching the virus). If anything the NFL has relaxed its rules for majority of its players(the vaccinated ones). IMO this is the right way to look at it. It's a bonus and relief to vaccinated players rather than punishment to the not vaccinated players. You cannot expect the league to just lift its hands and not implement any safety measures when significant part of its players don't want to do the bare minimum to reduce the risks for teammates and employees.

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  5. Just read some of the rules the NFL is implementing. They are hitting real hard. If a game gets forfeited and is not played, NOONE gets paid. Not just the players who got the virus and were the reason for the cancelation. They are trying to push all sorts of buttons. 


    I've been on the position that 2 things are incredibly important in this situation - education/giving the best information and incentivizing the players to do the right thing. No idea how they are doing on the first part, but the league is cracking down about as hard as I could imagine them doing it on the incentives part. They are taking no prisoners. Seems like they are putting pressure not just on individual players, but also incentivizing peer pressure. In a way they have made the distribution of liability similar to that of the way the virus impacts communities - they are making it more than just a personal choice. Now the players that don't get vaccinated are quite possibly impacting the paychecks for all their teammates and even opponents. 


    The reality seems to be that most teams have high enough vaccination rates that even if they get some cases, there won't be a need to forfeit games(much more lax rules for vaccinated players). So it's possible it really matters only for the teams with low vaccination rate(Colts being one of them is worrying on that part).  

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  6. Eeek... that's not good. For the Colts. For Leonard this is great and I will be happy for him when he gets the bag because he's worked hard for it and deserves to get paid. We couldn't really have asked much more from him over those 3 years. 


    I am still not sure it's wise roster construction decision to do it... but... I guess... it's better to pony up for great players than for meh players and Leonard has been great so far. 

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  7. 22 minutes ago, Four2itus said:

    Where in my post did I indicate that is the way you thought? I said....again....that your statement........


    "Oh come on. Stop with this have faith. We all have eyes. We all can draw some conclusions based on what we see."


    ........is what some folks in a similar fashion said about Rivers before he actually played for us. How did that turn out? Could not the same thing happen with Wentz? I am done with this, probably shouldn't have interjected.  For the record....I love blind faith. It creates a great deal of joy in my fandom. Being prepared for what might actually happen, is a waste of my joy. 

    That's the point. Rivers had actually shown for 20 years that he can play. There are questions about what type and level player Pittman will be. But also - even though I thought Rivers would be fine, I couldn't fault the people who thought he's way over the hill. There was some evidence that he might physically just be done. Similar with Wentz... I think it's more likely he will be fine(because last season is an outlier in his performance), but I can't fault people who worry about him... precisely because last year happened. I guess I see myself with Pittman in the position of the people that worry about Wentz... only we haven't seen Pittman play at anything close to the level Wentz played for 3 straight years(2017-2019). 


    IMO, blind faith is a source of a lot of disappointments and resentments, which is why I try to have my expectations in relative resonance with what the players/team has shown in the past... Now, I most definitely don't always succeed in those attempts. And I don't find that me looking at our players with a critical eye and trying to figure out what reasonable expectations for them are, is something that's hindering my fandom or enjoyment of the game. You might think that for you it would... and that's OK. We are different people and it's OK to look at your experiences as a fan differently than me.  


    22 minutes ago, Four2itus said:


    Wentz is going to ball, Pittman is going to continue his ascent, JT will take over where he left off last season, and Bobby will take control of his roll on D for the next 8 years +. Don't even get me started on the force that Paye will become. I truly believe this, and it's fun!



    Here's to hoping that all of those happen. Because I bet it would be more fun for both me and you when those things actually happen than while waiting for them to happen:cheers: 

  8. 8 hours ago, Four2itus said:

    Not trying to budge in on your interaction with another poster, but isn't your statement similar to what some here said, who were not happy about the signing of Rivers last year? 

    In what way? Rivers has been elite or close to elite QB for 15-20 years. He had a down year with horrible OL at age 38 before he came to us. I was one of the people who actually wanted us to sign him as a bridge QB. We knew Rivers can actually play. The question was whether he was physically so broken that he won't be able to get to a good level. I never had questions about his skill level and ability to play at NFL level even at that age. 


    With Pittman we still really don't know what he will be in the league. Is he an X receiver(what he was in college and what he was good at in college)? Is he a big slot(what he had success with in his rookie year)? Is he a possession receiver? Or is he even more than any of those things - is he a complete receiver? If he starts showing what he did in college in the NFL and combines it with the YAC ability he showed last year, he can be truly special. There aren't many 6'4" receivers who win on the outside with consistency and at the same time are some of the best YAC targets in the league. Or is the physicality of NFL DBs just too much for him(it seemed like that in his rookie year - he had trouble getting off press, he had trouble at the catch point on contested catches, he had drops when surrounded with bodies). We don't really know... yet. This is part of the reason it's exciting to me to see what he and the rest of the young WRs do this season. 


    7 hours ago, GoColts8818 said:

    A couple of things you don’t have to agree with it but a lot of fans use blind faith.  Weather they should or shouldn’t is a separate debate but it’s large part of being a fan of something.  Not all fans do it but a lot do.


    Worth noting it took Reggie three years to turn into Reggie and Marvin until Peyton showed up to turn into Marvin.  Granted the NFL has changed since then but WRs do normally take longer to develop than some other positions.  

    I don't want to talk about Reggie and Marvin's play in their first seasons because I have not watched those. 

    Worth pointing out Marvin Harrison had like 2500 yards in his first 3 sesons before he truly blew up once Peyton got settled in. I bet he was showing tons and tons of promise even in those seasons. Similar with Reggie - he had 700 yards and 15 yard per catch in his year 2. 



    You mentioned being patient in your post.  Pittman and Patmon have been here a year and that year it was known was pretty much going to be a redshirt year from the start.  So saying the Colts should start thinking about bringing other guys after one is not being patient.  It’s the exact opposite of that.  Campbell has been here two years and yeah the injuries are a huge red flag for him and this probably is a make or break year for him.  The reason he’s going to get another chance though is how good he looked at the start of last year when healthy.  He made the big second year jump people talk about.  This year will probably tell if he can put the injury bug behind him or not.

    I don't want us to bring in replacements right now, this year. This was the point of my post I want to see what they can do. And IF they don't perform this year... then it would be 2 years for Pittman and Patmon and 3 years for Campbell I think it's fair to start bringing in reinforcements. You cannot keep relying on the youth to get better if the youth is not showing that they are getting better and showing promise for the future. 



    As for Pittman he did do things to make you excited as a rookie WR.  Now we wait to see if he makes the second year jump or not.  Clearly no one knows if he will or not but I fully get why fans are hopefully he does.  

    Yep... fingers crossed. If he gets back to some of his strengths from college and keeps the YAC ability he showed last year, he can be really special receiver. Not many 6'4" receivers out there who can win out of any alignment and get you tons of yards after the catch. So here's to hoping he does it ... :cheers:


    Id agree none of them have shown if they can be the guy yet but I’d also say I don’t think they have had enough time to show it yet nor have they been asked too with TY around.  So if you are just saying they need more time okay I am on board with that and I would agree it should be something fun to watch in camp/pre-season/season.  

    Yep, this was my larger point. None of them have shown what they can be and they will all have the chance to do it this year and I'm excited to get to see it. 

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  9. 32 minutes ago, jvan1973 said:

    I think you think to hard about things you don't know anything about.    Think less,   have faith in those that know more

    Oh come on. Stop with this have faith. We all have eyes. We all can draw some conclusions based on what we see. Here... take even the best of the best of his plays: 


    Tell me what you see here. Don't tell me what Ballard is saying. Tell me what you see on even the highlight tape. I'm not even giving you all the rest and all his struggles outside. Just watch it and tell me what do you think Pittman is, based on this tape. His YAC is great and a very welcome surprise to me here.. he has very good awareness for zones. But what else has he shown? And what happens when Campbell returns to his slot spot and it's him that gets all those wide open crossers and slants and screens and gadget plays? 


    Am I the only insane one who has worries about Pittman and his transition to an outside role based on his play last year? 



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  10. 42 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:

    You don’t have have to take my word on Pittman,  but I think you can take Ballard’s.   In most every interview he’s given about receivers or young players this off-season he has raved about Pittman.  And he’s done so in a way I can rarely recall.   Ballard thinks he’s going to be really good.   That’s what I expect.  

    None of this addresses any of my worries. Ballard likes all his guys. He thinks Okereke is a star. He thinks Blackmon is an all-pro. Hell he is hyping even Sam Tevi. I don't mind any of this... he's selling hard his guys. It still doesn't help me in any way see what makes him think this is the case. 



    But why you’re confused about Pittmans rookie year is a complete mystery to me?  Rookie year.  Very limited camp due to covid. Very little practice due to Covid.  Damaged leg he missed a quarter of the season and still put up 40-500.   And looked great down the stretch.   And yet, you’re confused.  Your word, not mine. 

    You are still not addressing any of my worries. Do you know what his outside vs slot splits are? Pretty much 90% of his production is on slot slants/crossers into empty space... meaning... he didn't have to beat anyone... he was schemed open and did well to gain YAC. So yes, I am confused because he was a completely different player in college. He was an outside receiver who was able to get open, had great hands and was winning contested catches. He did nothing of that last year. This is why I'm confused. He was the complete opposite of what I expected of him. He was bad at the things he excelled at in college and he was great at the things he was bad at in college. I have no idea what to think about him. It amazes me that people can have such strong opinions on him based on what he's shown so far. I am sorry... I just don't know what to think. Part of the reason I can't wait to see him in his second year. I was extremely high on him in the pre-draft process, I might have been the highest on him from anyone here. I would love for him to break out this year and become the complete receiver I thought he could be. 




    As to the line about the good ones see it pretty early, is a broad generality based on the top WRs, not the average or good ones.  You’re judging them against an unrealistic standard.   And if you think Pittman hasn’t shown you enough and you think that’s a FACT and not an OPINION, then I’m going to guess you didn’t see many games last year? Because if you saw Pittman, and you know football, you know he can play.  The only question is….  Is he the 1 or the 2?   There isn’t a question of moving on from him.  

    Goodness gracious. 

    Umh... no... I'm sorry but have to agree to disagree. I saw good things from him. And I saw a lot of bad from him too, especially the things that will make him a no. 1 or 2 receiver in the league, he was pretty bad at. 

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  11. 25 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:

    You’ve softened your language in this post. 

    But you’re still way off base about Pittman.   I don’t know why you’re so confused about Pittman, but you are.

    And Patmon and Strachan shouldn’t be lumped in with the topic.  They haven’t had a chance to show anything and you stated that if they don’t show this year then we have to move on.   Nonsense. 

    The patience needed for the young receivers here is the same patience needed for our young DE group.    Turay and Lewis, Year 4.  Benagu, Year 3.   Muhammed and Rochelle Tear 3 or 4.    Young players need time and opportunity to develop.  Our WR’s will get more this year. 

    There should be patience but there shouldn't be blind faith in them developing - with the good ones you usually see it pretty early... It doesn't mean they have to be pro-bowlers, but it means they have to start producing and playing in a manner that gives you confidence for the future. Right now IMO we haven't seen enough from any of them to have confidence they will be good WRs long-term. You don't move on from them right away, but you will have to seriously start considering acquiring other players if all of Campbell, Pittman and Patmon don't look like the solutions long-term during this season. 


    About Pittman... I pretty clearly stated why I'm confused about him in the post above to Hoose. I think I gave a pretty good and thorough explanation, no idea what else I can do to make it more clear to you. If there is anything specific you can allay my worries with on that post, I'd be happy to consider it. 


    But again - I would like to point out what this thread is about and what I was specifically responding to. I have no idea why you decided to focus on me stating that none of them have shown they can be the guy yet(which is a fact), rather than me being excited to see if any one of them starts showing that promise. This is the same exact situation witht he other 2 positions we have tons of young players at - DE and CB. There, too, we have tons of players with lots to prove... and tons of players I'm excited to watch and see showing promise. 

  12. 25 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:

    Thank you.    Saved me the trouble.   The whole paragraph was a dumpster fire.   Just  complete nonsense.    Campbell is the guy with the issue.  We all know about TYH. 

    But Pittman,  Patmon, and Strachan are fine.  Why they got dragged into this is mind blowing!?   

    They are not getting dragged into anything. But they still have not shown they can be legit NFL receivers. It's not their fault. Patmon was rookie buried in the depth chart, Pittman had a weird season, Strachan is just entering the league. It still doesn't mean we have a good WR corps. We still need one or very likely two of them to pan out for us to have any sort of optimism for the position long-term. This was my point. It's a response in a thread about what I'm excited to watch. So yeah... this is one of the things I'm excited to watch - how the whole young WR room develops. Including Strachan in that group is a sign of my optimism for him potentially producing, if anything... usually I don't expect that from 7th rounders... and I don't really expect it from him either, but I have a sneaky hope he would... there's just something about him that excites me. 

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  13. 28 minutes ago, Hoose said:

    I agree with most of what you wrote except about the WRs ……. and especially, Pittman. I thought he had a stellar rookie year. I don’t worry about him at all. And you really can’t include Strachan in the “hasn’t made an impact” list. He’s a 7th round pick who has yet to take a NFL snap.  But….Campbell, Patmon, Harris….. no question. Time to show up and make it happen.


    Very excited to see training camp finally on the horizon!

    I'm very weird with Pittman. I was quite possibly the one highest on him in the pre-draft. He was something completely different in the NFL compared to his college tape. I expected him to be our X receiver and he was horrible in that role. He couldn't beat anyone one-on-one to save his life, he was having trouble catching in contested catch situations, he had some uncharacteristic drops... on the other hand he did really well from the slot when he had free releases or was helped by getting schemed up open... and the biggest positive surprise was his exceptional YAC ability and it was something he didn't show in college.


    So I'm very much in the camp of "I don't know what the hell I should think about Pittman". I really don't know and I don't think his rookie year was stellar by any means. It was OK and it was OK thanks to things I didn't expect him to be good at. In some sense I guess this is good for his prospects because it's possible he figures out the things he used to be good in college on the NFL level and with his newfound YAC ability it propels him to even higher place than I thought he could go. But on the other hands... if he doesn't figure it out on the outside and regresses in some areas that might not be sustainable, then his prospects in the league are not great. 


    I guess we will see in due time. But to answer the question - for me Pittman is very much still a question mark. 

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  14. 13 minutes ago, throwing BBZ said:


     If your drafted players don't pan out to a very high level your are just hoping to be 8-8.
     So their is no Risk relying on drafting because it just IS! 
     WR Already has been addressed  going forward for the next SB run, and it IS easy to see that NEXT season CB will be the next Priority. The team and needs change Every season.
     LMAO, as it is said if players meet expectations or better 60% in the NFL you are doing good. Let us be reminded the failures from the top 15 is also very high.

    Yeah, you don't need all of them to pan out, but you need at least like... half of them to pan out. At least from the top picks. The risk of relying on draft picks is assumed, but even more emphasized when you have close to nothing else in the position when it comes to resources invested - example - DE. Pretty much all our eggs are in the basket of our drafted players. Rochell and AQM can potentially be good rotational players, but they are not making or breaking your pass-rush success. You don't expect minimum(or close to) paid vets to be huge contributors and game changers. The main investment here is the draft picks and the risk for having a very poor pass-rush unit is real if those young players don't perform. We are in a very similar situation with WR and outside CB too. Very minimal investment on FA additions/retainment(Rhodes and TY) and huge majority of the depth chart reliant on recently drafted players that have not yet shown they can play. There is extra risk in that. 

  15. I don't mind us spending a lot of money on any specific position group, as long as there are enough resources allocated to the other important areas of the team. We've arguably spent plenty on QB, we've spent plenty on interior DL(huge money and 1st for Buckner, relatively big money for Stewart) and after this draft we've spent plenty enough on DE(1st, tons of seconds)... I think that's good enough. Now... those players still need to produce and pan out, but I cannot fault Ballard for lack of attention to those positions. 


    Some positions where we might need to spend more to secure good production and play - WR, outside CB... those are two of the premier positions in the league and IMO Ballard has not been the biggest fan of spending big on them... although... 2 2nds in recent years on WRs is not nothing. Again, though... we need those players to produce now. Similar with outside CB - 2nd and a bunch of day 3 picks on CBs... with just short term deal for a good vet. We need either some of those young players to pan out, or we need to allocate some good resources(either money or picks) for addressing them in the future.


    I don't see any area of the team that has been completely neglected, but I see areas where we are dependent on young players taking steps forward. If they do, we will be really good... if not - we will need serious investments on those and this is where tying lots of our capspace in OL might be detrimental. But it's all hypothetical for now so... biggest hopes for OL spending to not be a problem for us:


    1. Wentz needs to pan out!

    2. DE, CB, WR - the young guys need to take the bull by the horns and show why Ballard and the coaching staff are putting so much trust in them. Those are 3 of the most important positions in football and we are relying on players on rookie deals with most of them. This is risky, because no GM bats a 100%, so chances are ... at least one of those groups will be in a serious need of rebuild/reinforcement very soon. 

  16. 15 minutes ago, Wentzszn said:

    I never said that. I said we don’t know where Wentz will be at the end of his contract or in three years when Easons rookie deal is up. Wentz could end up being injured all the time or something else and he doesn’t live up to what we expected. That is all I meant.

    Well as it stands right now. If Wentz gets injured it looks like it's Eason's job... so he might have a shot if Wentz goes down. But yah... even in the future I think it predominantly depends on how Wentz is playing and/or whether he's healthy. 

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  17. 5 minutes ago, Wentzszn said:

    I love that he has been working so hard. Going to Texas and willing to learn from everyone. I have a good feeling about him even if it’s not with the colts. Going to be interesting to see where Carson is in 3 years. Do we stay with Wentz or make the transition to Eason? Does Eason end up a starter on another team? So many possibilities after his rookie deal is up.

    We didn't trade for Wentz in order to replace him with Eason. I don't think there is much Eason can do to make us give up on Wentz if Wentz is actually good. So... pretty much it all depends on Wentz. If he's good, Eason probably won't get a chance to start for us no matter what. If he's not... now then... the door opens slightly for Eason to grab the spot. 

  18. 1. Wentz! FOR! MVP! But seriously... I can't wait to see Wentz. He's one of the most physically gifted QBs in the league. I hope the injuries haven't robbed him off too much of his athleticism. He's been elite in the past and close to elite for most of his career. I hope Reich can bring him back to it. Also... I want to see Reich actually use Wentz' physical abilities. Don't make him a dink and dunk QB, Frank. Please! 


    2. Young DEs... I want to see Paye against NFL level competition. Dayo too, but he might be some time away from returning. 


    3. Young WRs... it's time. It's either now or we need to seriously consider restocking the cupboards. We cannot wait on the Campbells and Pittmans' of the world if they don't show serious promise this year and TY is on a 1 year deal and getitng old. Pittman, Campbell, Patmon ... Strachan? They have to start staying on the field and producing. 


    4. Young DBs... similar to WRs... our best outside CB has a 1 year contract and is aging. We need at least one and maybe two of Rock, Tell, Rodgers to prove they can play. I'm excited to see them play and compete. Interestingly enough - more excited for the last two than Rock. :dunno:


    5. Kicking competition? :thinking:

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