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  1. 5 minutes ago, Four2itus said:

    I remember the "Polian vs the world" days. 


    This is drink on a beach in the shade, nicer.

    To be fair nowadays with new CBA and the pre-set contract numbers there is not much left that's negotiable. 

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  2. Seems like we've also signed 5 UDFAs:




    Here's what you need to know about each of the Colts' five new UDFAs:


    Tarik Black | WR | 6-3 | 215 lbs.

    Black caught 50 passes for 747 yards and three touchdowns in four college seasons spent at Michigan (2017-2019) and Texas (2020). He recorded a 4.53 40-yard dash and a 40-inch vertical jump at his pro day earlier this year. Black missed 17 games during his first two years at Michigan due to both a broken left foot (2017) and a fracture in his right foot (2018). 

    Anthony Butler | LB | 6-1 | 222 lbs.

    Butler transferred to Liberty from Charlotte for his final collegiate season and had 67 tackles, two interceptions, four pass break-ups and four tackles for a loss in 2020. He appeared in 36 games (16 starts) at Charlotte and recorded 146 tackles, 10 1/2 tackles for a loss, 3 1/2 sacks and four pass break-ups before transferring to Liberty. 

    Deon Jackson | RB | 6-0 | 220 lbs.

    Only two running backs had faster 40-yard dash times at their respective 2021 pro days than Jackson, who clocked a 4.4-second 40-yard dash at Duke's pro day. Jackson appeared in 48 games for the Blue Devils (31 starts) and rushed for 2,267 yards on 526 carries while adding 534 yards on 61 catches with 23 total touchdowns. Jackson was a team captain in 2020. 

    Isaiah Kaufusi | LB | 6-2 | 222 lbs.

    Kaufusi is one of 17 members of his extended family to play football at BYU, where he finished his career as a team captain in 2020. He led the Cougars with 83 tackles last year and added 4 1/2 tackles for a loss, four sacks, three forced fumbles and a pick-six in 12 games (nine starts). 

    Tyler Vaughns | WR | 6-2 | 184 lbs.

    Vaughns appeared in 45 games (37 starts) for USC from 2017-2020 and finished his college career with 222 catches, 2,801 yards and 20 touchdowns. He also returned 31 punts for 267 yards (8.6 yards/return) with one touchdown for the Trojans. Vaughns was a three-time honorable mention All-Pac 12 before being named a second team All-Pac-12 player in 2020.



  3. That's usually my favorite of the episodes every year and this one is no exception. I love watching young people get their lives changed for the better and most of the time thanks to a ton of work they've put in to get to that point. 


    Here are some things that were pointed out by users on reddit, on several ocassions you can see color coded names on the board of the colts. We know that they called Kwity a "blue card" guy. This is their designation for high character guy, a guy that exemplifies their ideal of attitude, work ethic, effort... 


    At 5:12 of the clip you can see the names of already drafted players before us as Frank stands in front of the board. According to that shot, the Colts had blue card designation to DeVonta Smith and Trey Lance(as well as Paye). You can also see a red color designation on Jaylen Waddle. Not 100% sure but I assume this is their injury concern designation. 


    At 11:06 of the clip, you can see red color designation on Caleb Farley. You can also see it on Dayo Odeyingbo. The interesting one here is Landon Dickerson - he has BOTH blue and red color designation. Which again fits with what we've heard about him - very high character guy, great leader... but also multiple season ending injuries. 


    At 13:04 you can see the following: blue card on Nick Bolton(LB, Missouri) picked by the Chiefs, blue card on Pete Werner(LB, Ohio State) picked by the Saints, red designation on Josh Myers(C, Ohio State) picked by the Packers. You can also see red card on Malcolm Koonce(EDGE, Buffalo) picked by the Raiders. Blue cards on Spencer Brown(OT, Northern Iowa) picked by the Bills and Robert Hainsey(OT/OG, Notre Dame), picked by the Bucs and John Bates(TE. Boise State) picked by WFT. 


    At about 15:01 you can see a few picks before our pick Shawn Davis, there is a blue card player, but unfortunately I can't be sure how many picks before us exactly it is - seems like it's either Noah Gray or Darrick Forrest. 


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  4. No idea why but initailly I had it in my mind that Eric Fisher was injured much earlier(thus I was assuming he's much further along into his recovery). Like someone pointed out earlier or in another thread(?), his injury happened the same day Dayo's injury happened. So... if we are counting Dayo's season as a red shirt season, why do we think Fisher will come back early enough to make much of a difference this coming season(maybe he's ready for the playoffs?)? I guess no two injuries and recovery paths are the same, but if anything I would assume the older a player is the harder the recovery will be. IMO @TomDiggs was very right to point out that it's very possible we bring him in to see how the recovery is going, but we don't sign him and just tell him "we'll keep in touch, keep us informed how this thing is going".


    I guess lets see what those visits bring in as development. The way Ballard is pushing Tevi though I feel like he will play significant time this year, so the earlier Colts fans prepare for that possibility, the better.

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  5. On 5/4/2021 at 2:01 AM, krunk said:

    Tre Burton wasnt a down field threat like this kid and Tre Burton didnt have the run after catch wheels like this kid. I like what he brings to the table. I still think we need to move past Jack Doyle but i suppose hes okay for 2021. I still think we need another TE thats similar to Ebron to go along with the rook and MO.Another mismatch TE.

    Lance Zeirlein mentioned Jordan Reed as a comp and I think this is not a bad one. I think it's better comp than Trey Burton.

  6. 4 hours ago, Mackrel829 said:

    For a long time leading up to the draft, it seemed as if the Colts would have no chance of trading up for a quarterback without absolutely mortgaging the future of the franchise. It made perfect sense when Ballard began pursuing veteran options like Stafford, before eventually trading for Carson Wentz.


    Now that the draft is over, however, and we can look back on how things played out with hindsight, I think an interesting conversation can be had about the QB the colts ended up with.


    Justin Fields - considered for a long time to be QB2 - fell to 11, and the Bears were able to trade up for him with just a 1st, 4th and 5th round selection. Given Fields's potential upside and rookie contract, this wasn't exactly an expensive price to pay, even if he was QB4.


    Without knowing anything at all about the organisation's evaluation of Fields, it's difficult to say whether Ballard would have been interested in drafting Fields, even if he was available at #21. However, it's interesting to consider whether they would have been willing to make the same move that Chicago made, had they entered the off-season with the knowledge that Fields would fall to #11.


    If we assume that Chicago would have been interested in this hypothetical scenario, it makes sense to swap their 4th with the Colts 3rd. So the two deals (real and hypothetical) end up looking like this:


    Colts get: Carson Wentz

    Eagles get: 2021 3rd, 2022 1st (probably)




    Colts get: Justin Fields

    Giants get: 2021 1st, 2021 5th, 2022 1st, 2022 3rd


    Two questions:


    1. Do you think Ballard would have been willing to give up the second package if he knew that Fields would have been available?

    2.Which trade would you prefer the Colts to have made?


    Not sure about 1, but if we didn't have a QB IMO he would have been open to it.


    About 2 - trade for Top tier rookie QB(Fields is in this category for me) this has been my preferred outcome to this off-season since Rivers retired. I think the chance either Fields or Wentz succeeds is about the same and you are paying almost 20M more for Wentz than for Fields. 4 years of 20M additional capspace IMO is more than worth the additional 1st.


    I still like Wentz and think he has good chance to succeed. He was one of the other two top 3 options for me at the QB positions before the off-season started. I just would have preferred we go rookie QB.

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  7. 18 minutes ago, jskinnz said:

    This entire concept of grading drafts before a player has even been fitted for his helmet is comically stupid. That goes the same for teams that get an A or a D. 

    The writers who do these largely hate them because they know it is just a touch too early to know. If Dayo and Paye are the next Freeney and Mathis, then Ballard hit a home run. 

    I think it was @stitchesand @Four2itus who both accurately said these ridiculous grades are based on addressing needs. And the good drafting teams are trying to add good players. There is no doubt the Colts are better today than they were at this time last week. 

    Yeah, who cares if you address a need if you address it with the equivalent of say... LeRaven Clark? There is SOO MUCH turnover in the league that needs switch up so quickly and something you thought you were set for the next decade gets blown up in the air by an early retirement or bad injury or drop in form or just... inability to resign some players because of cap problems. Just draft the best players(value) you can get and leave the short term needs to be address in FA where usually short term solutions are found.


    Needs are short-term considerations, you address this in FA(or trade). Overal quality and talent on the roster should be long-term considearion and you get long-term building blocks in the draft(or in rare cases via trade).

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  8. ANY grade talking about needs is garbage. Positive or negative. I don't care about needs in the draft. If they have good arguments against picking certain players, I am ready to hear them. And by good arguments I mean arguments about the talent of the players we picked (I sure as hell have my beefs with some of our picks, but they have nothing to do with - "they didn't fill their biggest needs"). Repeat it with me - "the draft is NOT for filling needs, it's about acquiring the best talent". 





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  9. 58 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:


    If you're going to say that our 2021 season hangs mostly on the play of Carson Wentz,  and I don't disagree,  then wouldn't you think you'd want his blindside protected as best as you can?    More help, more support,  more tools and toys for Carson.


    I think people overestimate the importance of a single position on the line. Reality is, even the worst OLinemen starting in the league give up about a 0.5 sacks per game and about 4 pressures per game(this is Sam Tevi's pass protection numbers over the last 3 years). AC's numbers in the same period about half of that. Not that the 2 more pressures a game don't matter or the odd sack more every 4 games doesn't matter... but the impact of that single position is not as big as people assume. It's much more about the cohesion of the line and how they work as a unit. That's the reason why we managed to do relatively well even when AC was injured last year and we took guys off the street to fill in. I don't expect this line to crumble and be horrible even if we start Tevi and I wouldn't have expected a rookie drafted in the second round to be much better than Tevi in year 1 either. Overall, I expect the OLine to be above average even with Tevi starting and I expect Wentz to do good, not because Tevi is amazing but because the unit as a whole is good and the playcalling will try to cut down the time to throw significantly for him, thus alleviating any issues of pass-protection. If Wentz doesn't do good IMO the reason won't be the OLine(unless we suffer multiple injuries there).

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  10. 2 hours ago, #12. said:

    PFF made a great point.   Ballard doesn't want to force a pick at LT.  Well, what's worse, forcing a pick or doing nothing at all?  Doing nothing at all is worse.  The Colts just had one QB retire after being beaten up for years.  


    I'm sure Ballard will do something, but considering the importance of the position, I would have preferred trading up in the 2nd.  I would gladly give up another pick for a starting LT.

    Not sure if PFF said this exactly, but if they did this is incredibly hypocritical of them. They advocate BPA but then want you to take players to fill needs. People, even supposedly analytically inclined ones will never learn and intuitively lean towards needs... Free agency is for filling needs, the draft is for acquiring the best talent available. I will never kill a GM or FO for going according to their board even if it leaves needs not addressed. If a need is left unaddressed that's a failure of free agency, not a failure of drafting. 


    For whatever it's worth, I still think they will address LT by the start of the season and if they don't I will not give Ballard a pass if LT proves to be a problem for the team... I will just count it as free agency blunder, not a draft miss.

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  11. 17 minutes ago, PureLuck said:


    Wilkins has serious competition for the 4th RB on the roster IMO.

    This is a signing bonus bigger than anything I've seen the Colts give. And the Colts have been reliably giving the biggest signing bonuses to UDFA they really like and have plans for, not just get as camp bodies. IMO right now chances are Jackson actually makes the team considering his profile and this investment the Colts have already made in him.

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  12. 14 hours ago, CR91 said:


    Vaughns is weird. He has OK production and he doesn't look like a total stiff on tape but he tested like one. I love his hands, very reliable , catches outside his frame very cleanly. That bonus might mean something. We usually give big bonuses to players we have plans for. He's definitely one to watch from the UDFAs.

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