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  1. 8 minutes ago, rock8591 said:

    I'm gonna pull a PFF and grade the current roster. In the interest of not overrating any players, I graded them lower if there was any doubt.


    Here's what I predict the Final 53 to be, give or take a few players in the 2nd/3rd string.


    A few remarks - we can clearly see the yellow-orange-red for the LBs, notably OLBs. A super bowl team needs elite/high quality players at those positions. The only front 7 player that we can say is "impact player" that demands a double team is Henry Anderson.

    If Jones can return to 2012-2014 form, Parry and Anderson takes it up to the next level, and we manage to find some play makers in Hassan Ridgeway, Antonio Morrison, Clayton Geathers, and TJ Green, then we're looking at a scary defense.


    Same can be said if Clark, Haeg, Good, and Thornton even become halfway average.


    BOOM is not on the roster.

  2. 14 minutes ago, CR91 said:

    there are some really interesting battles going into TC this year


    Clark vs Haeg vs Good vs Reitz for Starting RG/RT

    Morrison vs irving vs moore for Starting ILB

    Butler vs Smith for Slot Corner

    Holmes vs Blythe for backup center

    Parry vs Ridgeway for Starting NT

    Maggit vs Cole for starting OLB(I don't think this will be a battle going into TC. I expect Cole to start, but I have a feeling Maggit will be starting at some point of the season)

    Battle for WR depth

    Battle for backup RB and Depth


    TC this year is gonna be awesome. 


    I don't see Cole or Maggit starting in front of Mathis, Why not have Smith battle Robinson for #2 CB. I am anxious to see what the starting O-line will look like!! will also have solid depth!!

  3. 47 minutes ago, NorthernBlue said:

    TJ Green. Dudes an athletic beast. He's just super raw. Fortunately Pagano is a DB whisperer, plus, there's enough bodies at CB I think for Green to be able to sit back and learn for a while. We just gotta be patient with him, and we might have a gem 

    I think they plan on playing him at FS. Take over for Adams next year ?

  4. 3 minutes ago, weslo1812 said:

    Yep!!! And really alot of folks are upset because we didn't address pass rush with a supposed immediate impact guy. But being honest there were maybe only 3-4 guys as far as Pass rusher goes that will have any immediate impact. And there is a good chance it won't be a real big big impact. If we did take one of them...they likely would have needed some development in some way. There wasn't really a real polished immediately NFL ready guy. I think alot of people were over valuing the pass rushers in this class just because it's a big need for us and they want a pass rusher so they can feel like we've fixed our problem. Yet like I said just about all of them are far from a guarantee. 

    AND...there was not one pass rusher that would take snaps away from Mathis...but would have liked to have someone who Mathis could groom...maybe UDFA ??

  5. 6 minutes ago, weslo1812 said:

    First off do you forget who we now have as our Our O line line coach who I'm sure had much imput into the linemen we selected. The guy knows a thing or two about Offensive linemen. You act if grigs makes the picks based solely off his scouting and his information. AND that's faaaaar from the truth. 


    And to try and say there is no ability in Green is rediculous. He's got HUGE ability...especially physically. He's new to the position and still learning. A guy who with more coaching can turn into a great rangy saftey. Physically he is a blue chip player.


    Also our offense was a laaaarrge part of the reason our defense looked as bad as it did last year. Constant 3 and outs giving the opposing offenses more possessions and making our defense stay on the field alot longer than they should have to thereby wearing them down. Also the costly turnover's in our own zone giving them short fields. And what was a large reason behind this...hmmmm maybe our horrible offensive line. And our offensive coordinator for the first half of the season. Our Defense actually kept us in a number of games and gave us a chance. People don't realize or remember for some reason how much pressure was on them for about 12 outta 16 games. Yes there are definitely holes and our defense isn't great by any means but from what I watched and know they are far from horrible.


    And how important is it to you to protect our most valuable player who means everything to our franchise? Because that's very likely what Kelly goes a long way in doing for us. Also helping our offense be able to perform to its potential. And there were reports out there that on some boards Kelly was a top 20 prospect.

    I think a lot of fans seem to think that draft picks will instantly upgrade your team, There has always been a saying that you draft for tomorrow...not today.

  6. 6 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:


    I think the problem with the idea of using a 1st round pick is this.......


    If it's true that the RB peaks at age 26 and then the performance starts to go down,  then you're not getting many peak years from the RB before you let him go elsewhere.


    I don't want to spend a 1st on a guy who might only be with the team 5 years (rookie deal) before we say goodbye.


    That's why I disagreed with your ranking last year of Todd Gurley as the best player in the draft.    Because if you're picking 1st overall,  you don't want just 4-5 years of top performance,  you're looking for a player to give you 10-12 years of top performance.     That's the desire to picking 1st overall.    Or even the top-10.


    You need a lot of bang for your 1st round pick buck.


    That's why some teams jump on a RB in the 2nd or 3rd round.   Still get a very good back,  but at a much cheaper cost.    And then,  it's OK to say goodbye at an early age.


    Just a different perspective for consideration......

    I see your point but have to disagree, There are great players at every position in every round, really don't know who is going to be the man. In hindsight, would any team let Robert Mathis fall to the 5th round? What team would pass on Edge with the #2 overall pick? I don't think there is a RB worthy of a first round pick(@18) but if there is I would love the pick.

  7. 1 minute ago, Live and let live said:

    I think anything over 750 yards would be a bonus.  I would bet a lot of money that he never approaches those numbers again. That doesn't mean that he isn't very good but the Colts need to get younger. Now, if there is no cap advantage in moving him them keep him by all means.


    I'll take that action !! He was 33 yards from 1000 this year.

  8. 3 minutes ago, FanFromtheWasteland said:

    Yes it would be nice. I am tired of them re-signing Bradshaw just to see him injured........again

    I agree !! but I also don't mind the Bradshaw rentals, It don't cost much and he is very productive the short time he is in.

  9. 1 minute ago, jim scheurich said:

    I like franc gore, no o-line and still almost had 1000 yrds. vet player has seen almost everything. tough, one of the few players on offense that, get hit that much, finished the season. I don't know if hes a 1000 yrd back, but hed be an excellent short yrd back.

    Also was playing with a broken hand, which "could" explain the fumbles and dropped pass's.

  10. 1 hour ago, SkyBane said:

    Yeah, part of it is definitely they take a lot of abuse in high school and college. The other part is just what you said; what the RB does hasn't changed much. The problem with that is, the metagame of football has changed quite a bit. It's simply not the same game it was when Smith, Faulk, James, et. al. were drafted. So while Runningbacks do largely the same thing they've always done, the game has shifted to value what they do less. 


    So you've kind of got a position that is necessary for balance, but is no longer as desirable as creating a viable passing game, has an alternative, easier to find solution, and the players in that position have a shorter shelf life than just about any other position in the game. You've got a choice between that, or another a player at another position who will on average be more durable, harder to replace, and effect the outcome of the game more reliably. Which would you take?

    Given that he said 3.7 YPC is similar to 3.3 YPC, I don't think he knows how RB stats work.

    I would take the Hall of famer's. IMO, you want the very best at every position, which goes back to my first reply to the post, if the best player on the board in the 1st round is a RB (and we could use one) why pass ? I think people care too much of the round a player is taken, I don't care if our best player of the draft haul is a 1st round,7th round pic or even a undrafted, as long as they are productive, why does it matter ?

  11. 6 minutes ago, SkyBane said:

    Everyone would. They just aren't willing to risk a 1st round pick on it anymore, because the risk/reward scales have tipped. It's just how it is these days.

    I understand what your saying, but the RB role hasn't changed that much, they still run,block and catch like they always have. If anything, I think that maybe they get too many miles on them in collage ?? I don't know, but the draft is a roll of the dice in any round, I have always had the opinion that ...I don't care what round a player is drafted, as long as they are good, who cares ? It will all pan out in the 2nd contract, especially today's NFL with the rookie wage scale and all.

  12. 7 minutes ago, SkyBane said:

    Different era. Runningback stock has fallen dramatically with the rules changes, and the wear and tear they put on their bodies gives them a short shelf life. It's just no longer economical to put that much stock in the position, when you can get similar production from a committee of 2-3 more specialized backs. The Falk's and James's of the world will only show up every few years now, and it's rare to see a RB go in the first because there is other positions you can fill that will simply do more for your team.

    That being said, I would still take a Faulk or a James instead of 2-3 backs.

  13. 11 minutes ago, esmort said:


    Around the 3rd round is not hidden gem RBs, the 3rd (or later) is where we should be looking for a starting RB ... 1st round on a RB would be a complete waste. Even 2nd round would be questionable unless someone unforseen fell into our laps. I can't believe some people are actually advocating using our 1st on a RB.

    Are you telling us that you would have passed on Faulk and Edge when the Colts drafted them in the first round ? I'm not saying that there is a RB of that caliber in this draft but no one really knows.

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