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  1. 11 hours ago, akcolt said:

    1st Cunningham ILB We have to get someone who can play sideline to sideline and cover stop wasting picks on guys like Morrison.

    2nd Taco Charlton Edge he can play standing up or with a hand in the dirt and get to the QB

    3rd Awuzie CB he can bring stability to CB2 can tackle 

    4th Landry OLB BC another guy who can get after the QB and is stout vs run love this kid 

    4th Mixon RB OU or Hunt Toledo. Upgrade RB 

    5th Corn Elder CB he's a player with  potential to play outside or in the slot. If we bring back Butler keep him at S 

    6th DeLuca ILB NDSU small school big game He doesn't fit the ILB mold of recent years he can cover and tackle

    7th Leamon OT South Carolina St he was a Clemson recruit didn't make grades.  


    Depending the edge sitting there in the 1st. I may go Edge there and come back for Reeve-Mayburn. I really like him and was leaning that way before the injury. His medical will determine where he goes. We have nothing at LB except Walden I wanted to add to the DL but LB's and CB's had to be addressed. I think giving McGill time and Ridgeway improvement might help enough 


    I hope we invest this much in D.  The pieces we need on O I'd look in FA maybe the RG we should have brought in last year. Hopefully Clark can push someone. 

    Do we have a 7th round pick ? I thought we traded that last year.

  2. 26 minutes ago, Derakynn said:

    Yeah, not sure how Chuck Pagano ever gave anyone the impression that he would be straight and say "Yeah, our ILBers are complete trash." If you are expecting that kind of feedback, our bud Bruce Arians will call players out even when they win by 30 points. 

    Yeah...Well your "buds" team has the same record as we do !!

  3. 2 hours ago, deedub75 said:


    Hotty Toddy MSColtsFan!  Why do you thing the South is a dumpster fire?  Houston is a good team and Jacksonville has improved and had 2 really close losses.  They are pretty close to being good.  I would say that the Colts are more of a dumpster fire than the division.  

    We have losses of 4, 14 and 3 so we have 2 close losses too.

  4. 56 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I think we should let Luck call his plays when needed just like Peyton so I agree with Barry. We are great in the hurry up.

    I was thinking the same thing at work today after I seen the box score, Let's just play the whole game like it was the 4th Q.

  5. 1 hour ago, Introspect said:

    Many in the Colt nation have looked at this team with the Shoe Glasses on.  This is a poorly coached team that I believed would not make the playoffs.


    This is a 6 win team (if we are fortunate).


    The downward turn of this team began when Arians left and Pagano returned from treatment.



    We have as many wins as AZ. So no.

  6. I would give one to Gore, I think that is the hardest I have seen him run as a COLT. I loved the play where he was dragging 3 defenders and still bowled over the safety, I think that run went for 12 yards.

  7. 7 hours ago, OffensivelyPC said:

    Don't you mean Sio for Freeman?  DQ and Freeman were, health permitting, always on the field together with Irving subbing in, McNary also saw more playing time when Freeman was out.


    Now its' Sio and DQ.  I dont' recall seeing Irving much, but I wasn't able to pay super close attention.

    You didn't see Irving because he is not on the team.

  8. 19 minutes ago, Lawrence Owen said:

    You say we need a guy who is capable of double digit sacks?...really, you don't think Mathis can do double digits?  he had 7.5 last year, and basicly only played 1/2 the year because he had a suspension, then was worked in slowly after that.  I know he is aging,...and may only have a couple years left,...but Indy has tried to find capable rushers in the past, just most didn't work out. either a production bust,...or outside of football bust.   They still trying, they picked up that OLB Ayers, and Maggitt.  One of them may be of help.  The former has not had a 'pressure' type season because of the defences he was on...and if you tell me that dson't matter,..I send you straight to Langford and say otherwise.

    I agree !! Seems that most have written off Mathis because of his age, I think he can challenge for the sack title, as for our other guys, if we can get some push up front we will get sacks from them as well. I thought Cole looked fast at the mini camp, haven't seen enough of Maggitt yet and anxious to see what Ayers can do.

  9. 39 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I think NewC hit it on the head with Okine. That guy at 275 would still be super strong but quicker. He nailed that Post IMO.

    I am sure he will lose some weight during camp, not down to 275 but some.

  10. On 6/9/2016 at 0:23 AM, NewColtsFan said:


    Thanks for already thinking about 2017!     Mind mind has been going there too.


    And those are the three positions I think we'll focus on first....   but I think we're also going to try and take 2 edge rushers high,  just as we took 2 OL high (1st/3rd) this year.


    So,  I wouldn't be surprised if we took an OLB, a RB, then another OLB,  and a CB in roughly that order in the next draft.     Those would be my priorities at least as we sit here in early June.     All this is subject to change and the BPA considerations....    but those are our greatest needs.


    I agree !! and I think we should also look at our own FA's and see if we might want to fill some holes for "need" later in the draft, I have always been a BPA guy but you do need to have bodies in every position. Here is the list I got from spotrac.

    Andrew Luck QB 26 IND TBD $16,155,000 UFA
    Trent Cole OLB 33 IND TBD $5,093,750 UFA
    Robert Mathis OLB 35 IND TBD $5,000,000 UFA
    Erik Walden OLB 30 IND TBD $4,250,000 UFA
    Darius Butler CB 30 IND TBD $3,000,000 UFA
    Mike Adams SS 35 IND TBD $1,909,375 UFA
    Hugh Thornton G 24 IND TBD $1,807,345 UFA
    Sio Moore ILB 26 IND TBD $1,671,000 UFA
    Jack Doyle TE 26 IND TBD $1,671,000 UFA
    Jalil Brown CB 28 IND TBD $760,000 UFA
    Winston Guy FS 26 IND TBD $760,000 UFA
    Jordan Todman RB 26 IND TBD $600,000 UFA
    Robert Turbin RB 26 IND TBD $600,000 UFA
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