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  1. On only 548 career rushes in four years (a season’s worth for some), Turay notched an incredible 16 sacks, 24 QB hits and 70 hurries. My only concern is him staying healthy, But I am sure CB has done his homework on that.
  2. I agree ! But AC is now in his 8th year? I think next draft would be the ideal time to find his replacement (if there is one), AC still has a couple of good years left but need to look at the future.
  3. Don't give up on Hogan !! I think he can be a good player for us when he is healthy.
  4. Maybe the Colts could talk him into teaming up with Mathis once again and coach !!
  5. I always liked the "making it personal" slogan the best !!
  6. And a good back up in Bond. I wonder how he would be at guard ?
  7. Maybe you can roll that $1000 over to next years cap ??
  8. I think GM'S will pay more attention to the film than the combine results.
  9. I liked your post because you brought up Penny, Not that I would be mad with Chubb at 3 but would rather have Nelson. BTW..Barkley, Chubb, Nelson.. We are going to get a good football player ! I really don't see how anyone could be upset about the pick.
  10. I really wish they would have them all run and drill in full pads.
  11. Here is an interesting fact, We had the same amount of sacks last year as 2006 SB win.
  12. He would also be a solid Off the field guy and no worries of a locker room cancer.
  13. Anyone keeping stats on how many Luck health thread's ??
  14. Bebe has grit and chops wood...lol...always respected his play. have no idea how he is as a coach.
  15. Here is a link for all dates. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/key-dates-for-2018-offseason-nfl-draft-free-agency-franchise-tags-cut-day-more/
  16. I wonder if we keep Mathis as a pass rush coach.
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