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  1. 1 hour ago, NannyMcafee said:

    They need to hold referees accountable for their horrible play calling. Pay them more, or fire them and hire someone else. It seems that every year lately there is a major game changing questionable penalty. I just don't remember it being this bad before. It's gotten so consistent I'm waiting for the ref to make a call that will change the tide of the game, and I honestly shouldn't have to expect that every year. 

    Hey, the refs have Grit !! they will keep chopping wood ! everything will be OK !!...LOL

  2. I have been flip flopping over who I would choose at #3.. Why not a Veta Vea ? He is going to be a bad butt in the NFL ! And don't give me this "draft position value" crap, I could see it before the rookie wage scale but now it is less of a burden on teams. Look, there are going to be good players in every round of the draft ! All I know is if we stick at #3 we will get a good football player !! #shouldn'tpostwhiledrinking.lol

  3. 23 minutes ago, BleedBlu8792 said:


    I'm not sure what I said was "theory"? Again, you can't point me to a team who directly drafted a RB early and won a Superbowl with said player, with the Bears being the only example in the last 35 years. If they had average to bad QB play, why were they picking RB's? Common sense man.. come on.. Those teams failed because they didn't properly build their teams correctly, we seen it for years with the 2000's Colts.



    You're kidding me right. A) The Rams got Marshall Faulk in FA, so that's completely irrelevant to what I said above. B) That St. Louis defense was ranked #1 in points and yards allowed that year. They had a top 5 rushing defense and they also had 57 sacks that year. That offense was great no doubt, but that defense was stupid good. As I said above a la the Jags, they had a great "team" in place already, so they could afford bringing in "luxury" positions. I stated, that IF the Colts were in a better position with their roster, I wouldn't be too down on taking Barkley, but that's simply not the case. 

    We traded him to the Rams for a 2nd and a 5th


  4. 22 minutes ago, Shadow_Creek said:

    you know its kind of odd that all of our back up coaches got taken by other teams and yet you don't hear other teams without coaches getting there back ups taken. lol what does that tell you about us?

    That we don't have a head coach ?? and they want a job ??


  5. 48 minutes ago, Two_pound said:

    I will give 2 examples of teams who went from pathetic to sb champs the very next season. The St. Louis Rams in 1998 were 4-12 and they really only made one change that offseason. They got Marshall Faulk handed to them by the Colts for a 2nd and 5th round draft picks.(HUH???-did that really happen? Yes it did.) Their only other significant change happened in the preseason when their starting qb got hurt and they had to put in an undrafted journeyman free agent named Kurt Warner at qb. As they say, the rest is history. (one more note- I still don't understand how we didn't get more for Faulk than the Cowsucks got for an over-the -hill Herscherl Walker in 1990-but thats a whole other topic). The other example was the pats. in 2000 they were a dismall 5-11 and made no changes qb got hurt got a few breaks including one HUGE one and ended up with the sb. So, don't worry people this team right now with a new coach coming in and free agency and the draft could have a great turn around next year also. After all, it has happened before!

    In 1998 our Colts went 3-13, in 1999 went 13-3...Just so happens that was the year we drafted Edgerrin James. Could lighting strike twice if we take Barkley at #3 ??

  6. 1 minute ago, Colts_Fan12 said:

    He will still be a coordinator and won't make much more then he does now so no not $$$$$$ plus as I said the chiefs are not gonna allow him to inte view for a coordinator job 

    Sorry, didn't see where KC denied the interview.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Colts_Fan12 said:

    Why would Toub be OC he's a ST coach that's a terrible idea and I doubt KC let's him leave for another coordinator job

    That's not his only gig, He was a center in collage and has also coached OL, DL and Strength and conditioning. Not saying he would be a good OC, but ST is not all he knows.

  8. 3 hours ago, DougDew said:

    Its not a matter of believing Irsay.  As in not telling the truth. Irsay is expressing his confidence.  He's not sharing or concealing actual knowledge.


    The shoulder needs to heal then go through the stress of throwing with no pain or setbacks.  Irsay doesn't actually know if that will happen or not.  Even though he promises, Andrew's shoulder health is beyond Irsay's ability to promise.


    It was the same last year.  He wasn't concealing information that was contrary to what he said.


    Doyel doesn't get that.  He thinks there is a constant conspiracy by the Colts who's sole purpose is to make money off of fans by stringing them along.  Or else he's pretending to take Irsay literally in order to then knock him down.

    Real fans don't need strung along !!!

  9. 5 hours ago, ManningGM said:

    This dude is a bum and he has no place in the Colts organization. 


    Toub or bust. 

    McDaniels wouldn't be in my top 5, but if he is chosen I will back him 100% ! Toub ..at first I was a little sceptible until I did a little research on him, Not only a STC but was also strength and conditioning coach, OL and DL coach and played center in collage. But, What I want as a HC is more of a game manager, let the coordinators do their jobs.

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