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  1. 21 hours ago, Coltfreak said:

    That's what I thought.    You want to defend constantly blaming talent... which is not stellar.... but there are plenty of other teams with worse talent but because of coaching they are getting better week after week.


    if you were to have traded the Colts D players for the Pats D players at the beginning of the yr the Pats would still have a top 3-5 D And Pagcrap and Monoworthless would still be scraping the bottom of the barrel 



    HHMM...Does this Pats magic only work for the D ? Sure hasn't with Allen and Dorsett.

  2. 8 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    To follow this up I love the Hooker and Mack picks by Ballard. Mack is going to be Good next season if Andrew gets back, love his speed. From every indication Hooker should get back to 100% healthy too. He was playing Good before he got injured.

    I would add Hairston to that list.

  3. I think Ballard was wise not to trade them for the "assumed" 7th round picks. I believe he wants to build through the draft (as he should). So, I don't see him making any big FA signings next year and letting them walk for comp picks in 2019. So, what will we do with all the cap space ? Well, we have 30 FA of our own, 14 UFA, 5 RFA and 11ERFA. 

  4. On 9/22/2017 at 11:11 AM, stitches said:

    Yep, that's the one game that is still in my mind from the previous week. Davin Bellamy beat him twice for sacks with the exact same handswipe to the outside. Lorenzo Carter was causing him troubles too. I think he got lucky several times that the refs didn't call holds on him... again - to the same move to the outside. I think he will have trouble with speed rushers in the NFL. I started watching Notre Dame vs Harold Landry the other day too, but Boston College's coaches were being stupid and keeping Landry on the sidelines supposedly to keep him fresh for the 4th Q... and the game was decided by that time so I stopped it and didn't watch. I'd love to see how McGlinchey did vs him.

    I think Landry lined up mostly on the other side.

  5. 28 minutes ago, MAv said:

    No it doesn't bother me to get beat up on this site because I know that I am a true blue Colts fan some of these guys are just fair weather friends I've been with the Colts  since 86 when they landed I've been with the Colts ever since they were 2 -14 1 -15, I was one of the guys they hired to give tickets away to the game at the RCA Dome so they wouldn't blsckout the games. So I had my UPS and I had my Downs so they don't bother me not at all I know what I am and that is a true blue colts fan but I also realize what is reality

    they have been here since 84 !!

  6. 22 minutes ago, a06cc said:

    Pagano not responsible for 2 pick 6’s, two missed fg’s and 2 fumbles. That’s what cost us the game. Regardless of him not challenging the touchdown. We still had 2 yards to punch it in. The offense let us down that game. We knew it during the preseason. Colts would struggle to score. AV would miss kicks. Who starts at QB next week? Who knows? AV missing has to be how the ball is being placed. That’s going to be heavily worked on this week. The defense looked fine to me yesterday. Rewatch the game to get a whole picture. The Defense wasn’t helped out by the offense. Bad field positions all game. 14 free points. With much better offensive play we should be fine. 

    Make that 16, you forgot about the safety.

  7. 21 minutes ago, ColtsBlitz said:

    Ballard is raising the bar. He's pretty much getting rid of two players with that trade who underperformed: Dorsett and Tolzien (once Brissett learns the playbook). Even though his 5 TD game was against 3rd stringers, Tolzien effectively threw none in 4 games. 

    I don't think Tolzien will be cut. I see us carrying 3 QBs the whole season.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    Definitely could of been a mistake drafting him that high. The big problem with me isn't necessarily the cut, it's the fact that every other team has a chance to claim him before we can put him on the practice squad. Despite the fact he was struggling, every other GM knows he was a 4th round pick and his scouting reports, and those factors alone may make one of them take a shot on him for basically free. It only takes one team to do so and we would of basically forfeited a draft pick.

    Actually only 14 teams can claim him before we can.

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