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  1. I think you guys made some false assumptions about the Jags. And perhaps need to re-evaluate your evaluation of NFL talent. I think as the season plays out, we'll see that they're a solid team. @danlhart87 called it earlier this week. The Jags aren't gonna roll over for anyone.
  2. Agreed. But let's see how the next few weeks play out. We could go into the bye 0-6, or 5-1. "Hot seat" threads after week 1? C'mon, man...
  3. Lighten up Francis. I was messing with you. You know how you get after a loss. It's week 1. Why don't you let things play out for a few more weeks. The Colts probably aren't as bad as you think right now, and apparently, the Jags aren't as bad as everyone thought they were gonna be. It's the NFL. Any Given Sunday, my friend.
  4. No he shouldn't have. Any owner that listens to the whiny fans that come out of the woodwork after every loss shouldn't own a team.
  5. If you stop watching, are you gonna stop posting as well? Asking for a friend...
  6. Good thing Irsay doesn't listen to those people. Is the seat getting hot for Ballard or Reich? Uh, it's a week 1 loss on the road after no preseason. So no. No, their seats are not getting hot. If anything, I can see this loss being the catalyst for a winning streak.
  7. I'm guessing that as this season progresses, Taylor is going to make you eat all your words you've been posting since he was drafted.
  8. Colts home opener. Colts and Vikings will both be 0-1 next Sunday. Avoiding a losing streak is on the line, and 1-1 looks a lot better than 0-2. Important game. We obviously need to do better than we did today from top-to-bottom. Coaching, offense, defense, special teams, everyone needs to step up next Sunday. Especially after losing our RB1, when our running game was supposed to be our biggest strength. Vikings D got carved up by Rodgers for 364 yds and 4 TDs, so hopefully Rivers has a better showing than today. He threw for 363 yds against the Jags, just gotta be sm
  9. And the history of bad threads from the ol Nickster continues...
  10. Man... some of ya'll really have a lot to say after a week 1 loss... This is your time to shine. Enjoy it. It's just one game, people!
  11. Cut-downs really only affect the back-end of the roster. The starters are pretty much known at this point. I assume the simulations are based on the starters for every team staying healthy all season, so depth isn't as much of a factor as it will actually be irl.
  12. This was an interesting video: https://www.nfl.com/videos/pff-teams-that-are-most-likely-to-make-playoffs-in-2020 After running 10,000 simulations, PFF determined the seven teams most likely to make the playoffs from each conference. AFC: Chiefs - 92% (highest of any team in the NFL) Ravens - 85% (2nd highest and only other team above 80%) Titans - 67% Pats - 64% Colts - 48% Browns - 45% Texans/Bills - 41% (Three teams from the AFC South ) NFC: Saints - 75% 49ers - 73% Seahawks - 62%
  13. If they do go with 6, I could see Rivers, Nelson and TY on offense
  14. @Imgrandojji you’re entitled to your opinion, but you make a LOT of assumptions when you’re forming your opinions. You make assumptions about what players and coaches think and feel, and what goes into their decision-making. And you have no idea. You don’t know them, but you act like you know what’s going on inside their head. And then based on those flawed assumptions, you make more assumptions about how things would have played out. How players would have played, or how soon they would “check out” or whether they would sign with a particular team...
  15. Yeah I would try like a Zone Run scheme to put the emphasis more on the run game than Rivers.
  16. What's the playbook or offensive strategy you're using? Maybe switching that up to something more conservative would help?
  17. @w87r maybe I missed it, are you playing or simming the games? The Colts are giving up like 3 turnovers per game. Are those just picks on your part? If you're simming, is there a way to adjust the pass/run ratio or the aggressive/conservative playcalling?
  18. Glad to have Zeke. He already had COVID, right? So hopefully that means I don't have to worry about him catching it and missing time. But I just have to say... I hate his profile pic... he looks like Mickey Mouse...
  19. Maniac has got to be so salty about this. He's one of the best off-the-ball linebackers (if not THE best) in the NFL, and he's only rated 85...
  20. I've always like the Packers and Broncos uniforms.
  21. Thread is getting a bit off track. Lets try to keep general fantasy talk in appropriate threads. And thanks to @chad72 for running the Elite again this year!
  22. @Colt92 if we have more people wanting to join, we could expand the league from 10 teams to 12 like the Elite League.
  23. Random draw from the Joe League? You could also let @SteelCityColt back in as well.
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