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  1. Preseason sucks..... Good to see young guys but there is always overreaction and too many chances for starters to get injured.
  2. If all you get during pre season is injuries that last only through pre season itself then that is good news. 4 weeks of Pre season is ridiculous in my opinion and honestly I wouldn’t be mad if the starters didn’t play in half the games. Save them for the actual season.
  3. The hype train has been huge compared to what it usually is. The shows have actually talked about the Colts and I haven’t seen but maybe 1 predication where the Colts are not winning the division. The Colts usually play better when they are under the radar. Now that they have the NFL’s attention we will see what happens.
  4. For preseason game probably cheaper. However it all depends where you park. If you are close to the stadium $15-20 to park usually.
  5. I live in the Noblesville/Fishers/Westfield area. Like Twfish said above. 1.) TopGolf is a blast. (Must get reservations a week in advance or you wont get a lane) 2.) Many bowling places around (PinHeads or Bowl 32) 3.) K1Speed is fun 4.) Escape rooms are fun to do. 5.) Many breweries in the area as well. (Sun King is great) Only Casinos are in Anderson and Shelbyville. Both decently far drives. Just 10-43. Show up to Westfield (Grand Park) early!!!!! Last year it was ridiculously packed the two days I went and the BBQ sold out quick for the BBQ bash.
  6. Hype train is WAY over capacity this offseason.
  7. Honesty I think this Colts teams has been OVERhyped so far this offseason. 10th on this list is probably a good place for them right now. Let’s not act the Colts were complete world beaters last season. This team still has work to do and has a tough schedule ahead.
  8. Ehhh. It doesn’t seem like any legal action was taken at all civil or criminally. He must have checked out okay because Ballard and the Colts felt comfortable taking him. Accusations are tough sometimes. Sometimes correct and sometimes terrible lies.
  9. ACLs are non contact a lot of the time. Step or cut one time in a weird direction anything could happen.
  10. I wouldn’t be so quick to kick Walker out of the starting lineup. Dude was pretty darn good last year.
  11. Just because the media doesn’t hype up their name doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t going to be studs. Media wasn’t giving Braden Smith or Leonard near the amount of exposure as other players and said the Colts picked them to early. Redrafting both of them go in the first round. We cant expect every draft to be like last years because that is almost unheard of however they still seem to have gotten good value plus picked up another second rounder for next year in the process.
  12. Here’s my take. Which guy do you want. WR#1 6’ 1 230 2018: Rec 85, Rec yards: 1,320, TD’s 6 2017: Rec 75, Rec yards 1,252, TD’s 11 Average/Above average combine or WR#2 6’4 230 Pounds 2018: Rec 26, Rec Yards 526, TD’s 5 2017: Rec 39 Rec Yards 646, TD’s 7 Elite Combine #1 AJ Brown #2 DK Metcalf Brown is not getting the credit he deserves.
  13. It is winnable though. The Chargers are a good football team. I could easily see the Colts losing.
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