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  1. I don’t think so. They were all viewed as good candidates for promotions. Was surprised about the Sirianni Eagles hire but they wanted a little piece of Reich back.. And Sirianni is going to being familiar faces with him such as Gannon. Some guys just want to take that first opportunity to become a head coach. I hope Flus doesn’t leave. That will sting the most. If Flus does go to Houston then that seems weird... They are a train wreck and he has been picky about job openings in previous offseasons...
  2. Yes he was, he played well. I’m just saying he def has some major limitations. Mainly Mobility/Arm Strength.
  3. Which..... is a good thing. Kind of had to be conservative with the previous 2 QBs though.
  4. I don’t think it would be an issue whatsoever to have more than 1 guy Pittmans size. What happens when that big receiver gets hurt (Pittman misses 3 games last season). Also, T.Y. Isn’t as fast as he used to be, honestly Pittman or other big WR may be faster at this point... Colts need some weapons at WR. I like Pittman and Hilton is good. Pascal is average. After that.... not much. NEED more explosive playmakers in my opinion (Big or small).
  5. Thats why these pressers are fun, so many different interpretations!
  6. I agree he wasn’t vague. And yes 100% he said he only has a year or two left. That was obvious when the Colts signed him in the first place. Last season they said when signing him though they didn’t plan on it being for only one season. Ballard is pretty transparent but there is some “GM speak” in what he says. “Looking at our options” to me, is just that after all the other comments I mentioned in my post.
  7. To me, it honestly sounded like they will bring Rivers back IF he wants to play. Ballard made multiple comments about him playing well to end the season, he didn’t get a fair opportunity due to the off-season, He can still play at a high level and the Colts can win a SB with him. Also said it wasn’t fair the fans didn’t really get to know him and learn more about him. Also doesn’t ever say much about Eason but said they still need to see what they have in him. But another coach did ask/compliment Eason pre game after seeing him throw. Def has all the tools.
  8. If that was in there before I must have read over it... my fault. 21st = NOT GREAT.
  9. Our Redzone touchdown scoring percentage had to be bottom 10 in the league. I feel that shotgun runs were used often and when we had something going we would run a toss to the outside. Couldnt concert 3rd downs either. Seems that it was poor play calling in the run game or our receivers just couldn’t get open. (I think the Colts need to upgrade receiver position. Also Rivers has ZERO mobility which doesn’t help.
  10. All aboard the Stafford train!!!! Not buying the fire/trade Reich ticket. YET. Get this man a QB with some arm strength and accuracy and our offense another wide receiver and it will be rolling.
  11. Leadership, experience. What am I missing. Again I like him. I just believe this offense could be way more explosive with a more mobile QB and a better arm. He holds this offense back a bit.
  12. This loss really isn’t much on Rivers but I would like to see the Colts go in a different direction. I know they wont
  13. Colts lost themselves the game.... Play calling was very poor as well. Rivers is average and one dimensional.. I know Colts will bring him back because we won 11 and made the playoffs but this offense can be so much more.
  14. Bad.... That third and goal play call turned the entire game around.
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