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  1. 1st of all. I wouldn’t trust a single word that Holder guy says. Indy is very unfortunate to have him as their main ESPN media man. 2nd. Every single Free agent is going to be linked to the Colts at some point during the off-season, Even QBs now. Lol Colts have most cap space and didn’t make playoffs. Leaves a lot to be optimistic about.
  2. If your talking about pass rushers yes. but don’t forget about Walker. Dude is a stud.
  3. Agreed, But the case to be made here is. If 4 QBs go in the top 12 picks then there is going to be some REALLY good players on the board for the Colts to choose from. Could even trade back later into 1st round at that point and still potentially get a stud and pick up another 2nd or so. Alot of opportunity with where they are.
  4. I think Willis was the most surprising. He played absolutely solid. Rock was decent. Okereke was good. Campbell was below average. Tell showed flashes. 1.) Willis 2.) Okereke 3.) Rock 4.) Tell 5.) Campbell
  5. Yeah they also made the playoffs and the Colts didn’t.
  6. Yeah that’s the one. i can’t believe I didn’t remember to put my two favorite letters together. DD
  7. I don’t know much about Dobbs besides that he is very well respected and that video special the Colts ran he seems like a very well rounded evaluator. Also doesnt seem like he takes any *. Maybe give the Browns Ballard and we keep Dobbs? Jk...... or am I. Would be a great hire by the Browns but I’m not sure if he takes it. He stated that he wants the perfect opportunity and wouldnt take just any job to be a GM. The way things went down with Dorsey and the ownership of the Browns I don’t think Dobbs would take it.
  8. Stephen Holder is a joke. His sports coverage is sub par just like Jacobys play on the field. Zak Keefer has some good stories sometimes though. I do believe the Colts will give JB another chance, however they will have his replacement right behind him. HARD for JB not to be better than he was this year.
  9. Honesty my take here may sound ridiculous because most is handled in house I would assume. however I believe the players listen. To me I truly believe that guys like T.Y. AC and others know the QB is an issue and want change. With that though the coach coming out and saying it is a “entire offense problem” and continuously standing up for Brissett making it sound like he is not an issue is a problem. I understand not wanting to call out a player but the way the Colts handle business sometimes make it seem like they are completely hard headed. Again I believe the players take notice of this but again I’m sure they do ALOT behind the scenes. And yes I was thinking that about Arians. Especially after that report of Winston wanting to be paid like a top 10 QB.
  10. Not sure this quote is 100 accurate but if it is I LOVE the honesty from Arians. Kinda wish the Colts did some of that..... Instead they continue to try and save face for a below average QB.
  11. Bengals won’t trade out of it unless they are in love with some other QB. Which most likely isn’t the case.
  12. This doesn’t need to be a JB issue but obviously it is now. Lol The fact that you posted about him in this shows you know that there is an issue at QB. JB doesn’t suck. However he isn’t good either. The argument should be that it shouldn’t have even came down to these missed FG or extra points. If the Offense played better the Colts wouldn’t be in that situation. The offense was in the bottom 5 in the league in passing in most stats. THAT is an issue. Kicking was obviously a problem as well. Special Teams in general was. The L’s COULD have been W’s but that’s the offenses fault for forcing the special teams to have to win them games. JB the definition of a below average QB.
  13. Colts play so well when the games no longer mean anything besides for morale. Weird they can’t play to win against bad teams when they actually need them. Also, JB still sucked today. Also, I’m grumpy.
  14. Reich has changed a lot of the playbook to try and assist JB it seems. This has caused MOST players on the offense to regress in my opinion. It also doesn’t help that JB can’t hit the open guys anyway. Hines is a good player. They just need to get him in open space. Screen plays would be great but for some reason the Colts struggle terribly with screen plays.
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