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  1. I mean I know what your suppose to do. Lol I’m just saying it would be a smart move.
  2. I am 100% for the Colts to sit T.Y., Leonard, and Mack. Give them this week and the bye week to rest and heal for the Texans game. This game is realistically going to be a loss and that Texans game is huge!
  3. Dan and JMV are the only ones who will even come close to asking tough questions. Hopefully one of them are involved. Even though I know most of you don’t like DD lol
  4. Silver Alert, because they have gone missing.
  5. I went interior DL with my vote. The defense as a whole has been terrible however the inside of our defensive line can’t get pressure or even come close to clogging up rushing lanes. The Colts need a skilled big man in there.
  6. The Colts need to make some changes on defense. So far it has been Swiss cheese. Which position would you like them to trade for?
  7. He put trust in our Swiss cheese defense.
  8. You don’t want the live updates from this game.... I promise
  9. I agree, however you said “no wonder they drop everything”. They should still catch those footballs.
  10. NFL receivers should catch those footballs. Brissett is accurate and hitting their hands. That’s what matters.
  11. Wilson tends to get at least one PI called on him per game. Wilson is a VERY handsy CB. He was the same way in college. The refs are going to keep calling them.
  12. Yes. I actually read this before I even originally posted. Lol I can clip plays and explain exactly what happened in those also. This actually isn’t very in depth.
  13. Holder is garbage in my opinion. Many other reporters who Im sure get paid a lot less go more in depth and seem to have more know knowledge than Holder does. Also I have seen many times where anytime someone disagrees or argues with Holder he pulls the race card. He needs to get over himself. *Rant Over*
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