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  1. Playing with the lead = Winning football Playing from behind = Losing Football. Colts offense is not a big play team. Small dink and dunk passes with majority runs is the only way the Colts offense is efficient.
  2. I agree. Just hate to see this team struggling on it’s easy part of the schedule.
  3. A little overreaction: Let Eason play some football. If anything he gives us a chance with his arm strength. Can’t do much worse than average 2 ints a game.
  4. Defense played well. Offense gave them no help and 9 points.
  5. Weak: WR, RED ZONE OFFENSE I would say WR has been a weak point. Mostly due to injuries. Not a lot of electricity from them and they (TY) have had some bad drops. Our red zone offense has been awful. We have to get TD’s over FG’s. Average: RB,LB, QB Our RB’s have been pretty average to this point, missing some big holes our offensive line has opened up. Linebackers have been injured lately, I feel that they have struggled in coverage as well. QB, Rivers has thrown some bad INTs but most of his throws are on point. Good: D second
  6. I think the big thing is that Taylor has been missing some big holes to run through... His vision hasn’t been the strongest part of his game so far and understandably so. Colts fans are used to Mack’s patience.
  7. If Eason can learn to read a defense...... Watch out..
  8. Vikings 31 Colts 14 Defense continues to get cooked. Offense plays average. Rivers throws another int. Taylor stays under 100.
  9. I was okay with his performance. It kind of seems he may not know the playbook very well. He stated after the game that the RB coach did a great job of prepping him for the 1st game. I think he will be okay but this board has talked about him like a future Hall of Famer. I would SLOWW down on that for sure.
  10. If these season ticket holders sell these tickets on stub hub or something to fans of the other teams......I swear. LOL
  11. Colts 24 Jags 10 Think the passing offense starts the season off a little slow. Running game more than makes up for it. Rivers 205 yards 1 TD 1 INT Mack/Taylor 200 yards 2 TD’s Defense will play well. Feel like the way things are going for the Jags right now. This is a must win for the Colts... or yikes. Lol
  12. Hopefully someone on the Defensive line. Would be great to see Turay or Banogu o have a great year.
  13. They could at least give them a beat or the song in the background.... That was pretty tough on the ears.. lol
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