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  1. bravo4460

    2018 Colts Road Games

    Heck all Colts fans have to do is mention Frank Reich and that may break that ice with the Eagles fans. Lol
  2. bravo4460

    Colts Preseason Update

    Yeah, I would like the Colts to come out with their own version. Would be a good change imo.
  3. bravo4460

    Colts Preseason Update

    Well if we're starting a uniform discussion, The uniforms now are not terrible and I understand the history behind them. Im in the younger crowd of fans (23) I would like to see a nice simple change though. Maybe some gray added or even just wearing the all blue "color rush" uniforms more often. I think it was a good look that wasn't too flashy.
  4. bravo4460

    Jim Irsay tweeted today... let's overanalyze & dissect it

    That's fair, people can do and post whatever just figured people should be respectful of others opinions. That's why this board is as good as it is. Also your out of "Luck" I'm only good at making those peanut butter hershey kind.
  5. bravo4460

    Jim Irsay tweeted today... let's overanalyze & dissect it

    You want a cookie? Good job on being right! You got your point across. I am on the same bandwagon you are but I would not get to over confident about him throwing now. Maybe when he makes it through an entire training camp then we should be overly confident.
  6. bravo4460

    1 Offensive Player and 1 Defensive Player

    Offense: Leveon Bell. Im a big believer in getting a proven stud RB over a stud WR. I believe the RB like Bell could help the passing game and the running game. Defense: Khalil Mack. Dude is a stud and all over the field, Would be great in our new simple speed system.
  7. bravo4460

    Realistic expectations for the 2018 Colts

    With the schedule the Colts have I am thinking they are an 8 win team. However it is still very early. I believe that Brissett could win the Colts 6-8 games even if Andrew Luck didn't play. I really just want to see an improved, competitive, and smart football team/coaching staff this season. The Colts seem to have a bright future.
  8. bravo4460

    #2 receiver

    If the Colts receiving group had some injuries, sure. Decker isn't what he used to be.
  9. bravo4460

    Bring back Trent!

  10. bravo4460

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    Josina Anderson is tearing us all apart! The off season thread...
  11. bravo4460

    PFF analysis of Indy's draft picks

    Thanks for posting. It seems they pretty much agree with the overall thoughts of others as well. Reached a little but filled on need. it will be interesting to see what guys stand out come pre season time. A lot of competition.
  12. bravo4460

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/12/2018

    This is a reply from Fountain on the tweet that showed Nelson working out on his own after practice.
  13. bravo4460

    We're #32!!!

    I agree. I did say in the media's eyes the Colts did nothing. However I wouldn't say elite blocking for the Colts O-line. But they do have a chance to be good. IF healthy and that's is highly unlikely. It is the Indianapolis Colts we're talking about and quality starters are injured year in and year out.
  14. bravo4460

    We're #32!!!

    Rankings are just opinion but they are not wrong. Colts should be ranked last in the medias eyes. They didn't make splashy moves and drafted a guard with their #1 pick. Colts with a healthy Andrew Luck are a 8-10 win team. Without Andrew Luck a 3-5 win team. Ballard is attempting to make the Colts a 8-10 win team without having to need Andrew Luck. I believe he is doing a good job so far. As of right now yes, Colts are probably #32
  15. bravo4460

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Only a 7th... WOW. I am nobGM but that's it? I'm not sure about that. There had to be better offers if they were to test the market after the draft.