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  1. Maybe people should walk in the shoes of Police officers before they talk about that too. works both ways. I think it would help a lot if some NFL players went on a ride alongs with their local PDs like Matt Forte did. Opens room for more understanding. Lets not turn this into a discussion though. All of these get locked for good reason.
  2. here’s the first problem..... Its Madden.... lol If you want an in depth, realistic football game. Madden is not the game for you.
  3. Yeah it will get locked. Might as well get my thoughts in. I like his factual statement about what happened.. I didn’t like his opinionated statement about “knowing what would happen” if the police showed up. The ESPN headline stated “Darius Leonard feared police involvement”... that’s it. That what the headline. literally making it sound this situation actually had something to do with police brutality instead of just racial profiling or a general misunderstanding.. As a police officer myself, stuff sucks to see sometimes. People dont like us because of some bad apples and Media will do anything they can to make a mockery of us. Besides that though Darius Leonard seems like a good person, i don’t know if he would make something up for attention.
  4. Taylor hasn’t played a down in the NFL yet.... I don’t understand how some are saying the duo now IS better already...
  5. He is not a good QB. If I remember correct he also has a chance with a team and blew it off because he wanted more attention. Good for him for trying to make a change but he doesn’t care about coming back, he cares about making people feel sorry for him. Also he wore Cops are Pigs socks during a game. That’s how to create division. Kaepernick is a joke of a human being. He should be more like these NBA guys trying to actually fix the problems. He really only cares about himself and the attention he receives. Doesn’t belong in the NFL.
  6. I HOPE Campbell.. However Ya-Sin or Turay.
  7. I just hope they both contribute in the offense. Colts have seen too many WRs come in and not match expectations. Taylor is in a perfect situation to thrive but people are talking him up like a Barkley or Elliot. I’m not so sure about that. If I had to pick one I would want Pittman to have a better year. The Colts NEED another WR to step up and be the man. Williams proved that almost any RB can come in and dominate behind this offensive line.
  8. Your right... Doyle can run block and catch the ball unlike Ebron.
  9. Really hard to say.... Playoff contenders sure, maybe.... This team has a lot to prove and a lot of new faces. The rookies need to play well and Phillip Rivers need a good season. This team has so many question marks.
  10. Gotta be careful with comparisons. Pittman just needs to play better than any other receiver the Colts have drafted or picked up the last 7 years....
  11. He can still ball. May have lost some speed but still has great hands. He will contribute like usual but the Colts NEED other guys to step up. The offense needs to find another guy. No has besides T.Y. Has proven to be that guy yet
  12. Oh I understand that is the goal. My point is that it was the goal last year as well and the passing game was pretty much non existent. Which that and special teams play led to the Colts losing many games they could have won. Thats why I am saying Rivers and the young receivers really need to show up. This offense is going to be GREAT if we get any type of air game going.
  13. Mack and Williams played well last year and it didn’t get the Colts to the playoffs. Still need our passing game to do something...
  14. Colts really need their young offensive weapons to play well this year. It is a big year for the passing game to show something.
  15. Realistically 500-1000 However the training staff/Injury problems in Indy seem to be one of the worst in the league. So if that 500-1000 is only good if he is able to stay healthy.
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