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  1. The Colts obviously know more than us. I still don’t like this deal. We now have 3 players that will be on the 53 coming off Achilles injuries. That’s insane, especially for a Colts team that struggles to stay healthy anyway. Leno would have been a better option IMO. Now we are paying Fisher 9.5mil to play 10 games or so and just hoping he comes back and plays near 100% and back to form..... If he does play well, we lose him at end of year. If he doesn’t play well then the offense is a lot worse and we also lose him at the end of the year. You would have tho
  2. He played LT for some time with the Bears last season.
  3. Could be to be behind a possible good Oline in preseason and hope other teams notice. Also good chance on special teams here as a returner.
  4. Yes I understand that. However what percentage do the Colts run 3LB’s? I honestly don’t know. Also Okereke and Leonard have both missed some time. Walker was able to stay on the field. Colts aren’t getting another 100+ tackle guy to be a backup. I understand Walker wasn’t great in coverage but they sure don’t have anyone else near his talent as a backup.
  5. C IMO, Needed a good tackle, especially out of this good oline class. Also would have been happy with another linebacker to take Walkers spot. Im happy with pick #1 Paye, and I think Ballard planned on taking a LT (with #2) but he didn’t want to trade up and they got snatched up before his 2nd pick. Im really surprised about the 2nd pick. HUGE health risk. IMO Colts could have used someone who would have contributed this year. We will see. Pick 3 is Wentz.... Boy I hope this works out for the Colts. Pick 4.) Colts needed a TE and he s
  6. Just hard to say this team is better than last years roster right now. We will see come the beginning of the season. LT is by FAR the biggest need right now. Interesting to see what happens. Can not expect big Q to carry the left side of the line. We all saw what happened when Clark and Green got put at LT. Also surprised they didn’t fill Walkers position with anyone in FA or the draft. Leonard and Okereke miss some games every year. LB is probably the 2nd biggest need. This team has a ton of holes. Atleast they attacked the pass rush. Would be n
  7. Talk is cool... Frank is a leader but that needs to start showing in the winning column and making it further in the playoffs..
  8. Again, Ballard is going to HAVE to crush this draft. if not... Yikes
  9. Yeah that in his best season (2016), only received for 568 yards. Also last played for the Raiders in 2019, With 4 catches total the entire season...
  10. Looks maybe just above league average until you take Campbell out with injury. (Would never want anyone to be injured, just Can’t count on him at this point) then just looks like the average middle of the league group.
  11. Passing: 3,500 Yards 28 TD 14 INT Rushing: 200 Yards 3 TD.
  12. Last one was the 31st. So yep. Everyone other week.
  13. Thought it was every other week... Might be completely wrong also.
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