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  1. That’s the age of social media. People can say whatever they want with no repercussions. Unfortunate people take it that far. He will be okay though. He makes millions to lose a game. There are plenty of other jobs that get worse threats and deal with worse daily not on social media that get paid a lot less.
  2. Big yikes. They continue to refuse to sign FA DL pass rushers. (Autry was the only one seeming to work, but then we refused to re sign him) Buckner is good but has not been playing like a $100M DL.. This team has a lot more holes than just DL though.
  3. We can still get out first. There is no reason to sit Wentz early in the season. They won’t have to make the decision until the final 3 games.
  4. Ballard just going to sit back and let our defense sink…. All about that “Delayed Gratification”
  5. O-5 D-5 ST-5 Colts won, wasn’t pretty and they played JB and the Dolphins
  6. I think he just isn’t very good yet (or ever will be)… So he isn’t getting much playing time.
  7. It’s wild though because Baltimore has suffered worse than the Colts in the injury front and they are still balling… Shows you how far the Colts are behind the elites.
  8. None of those options but if we had to choose, rather have one that holds. and NOOO. Davenport isn’t a rookie, he’s been in the league 5 or 6 years and has been a starter for atleast 2 of them. And then cut by both. He does not have the tools to “turn the corner”. He is terrible.
  9. Easy Start Faulk Bench Addai Cut Taylor Taylor had a good END of the season last year. That’s it. Started slow last year, started very slow this year. No doubt he is talented but lets wait and see on him. Some were saying he’s the D.Henry before the season…..
  10. I get that, but the backup tackles he grabbed had a very poor reputation about being terrible before he picked them up… I’m not saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but it could have been handled better. Also I’m not mad about the first two picks, but our pass rush is still terrible. Will you be saying “Chill” when the Colts are 0-4 or 0-5??
  11. It’s weird because I think Ballard does his job well but at the end of last season he literally said he was upset at himself for not acquiring good o line depth for the tackle positions in some interviews… Then turned around and did the exact same thing this season…..
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