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  1. Pats going to lose on purpose to try and ruin Colts chances. They are good at it.
  2. bravo4460


    Hmm. Well I don’t have a membership to PFF but if you have the ability and watch the games back on he sure does miss a lot of tackles (1 on 1) that come his way. He also had a whopping 0 in the JAX game while Geathers has 7 (I understand he plays up a lot). I’m not saying Hooker is bad but he isn’t the game wrecker he was last year and his tackling isn’t impressive. It’s not all his fault either.
  3. bravo4460

    Keep it together!

    Here the thing. The Colts have always needed more talented receivers and could use the services of Bell. All the winning streak does is quiet people talking about it, it doesn’t mean the Colts don’t need to improve. The Colts have been better than most expected I would say but just because they won some games doesn’t mean they don’t ABSOLUTELY need to improve in a lot of areas. Even if the Colts make the playoffs they still need. 1.) WR 2.) CB 3.) ROLB 4.) DT 5.) S 6.) RB
  4. One of the Indy reports last week said that he doesn’t clean out his locker anymore when he gets dropped for the PS. Lol they were being serious.
  5. bravo4460

    Deshaun Watson

    Key to beating the Texans. Score Points and hope Defense creates turnovers. Key to Colts winning like Texans do. Draft/Sign Playmakers. All of these top notch QB’s have plentiful playmakers on both sides of the ball. The Colts have 3 maybe 4.
  6. bravo4460


    He started like usual. Dropped an interception. Thats about it. Not terrible. Hasn’t really done anything all year besides miss a bunch of tackles. Hopefully that will change next year.
  7. bravo4460

    4th Down Agression/loss on Reich (merge)

    I know. However there was a quick stat somewhere that the Colts were 1-6 when Jack Doyle DOESNT Play. That’s crazy.
  8. bravo4460

    Did we overate this team ?

    People got way to over confident about this team and forgot they were capable of terrible games like this. Still need a lot of pieces.
  9. bravo4460

    4th Down Agression/loss on Reich (merge)

    Bad Coaching calls, Bad Offinsive Gameplanning, Poor execution from players, Offnesive like struggled once again. This offense is literally nothing without Jack Doyle. Welcome back to earth Colts. Not a great team. Need a lot more playmakers. Bell ;)
  10. Le'Veon has been doing this all season but it is very interesting.
  11. The Colts shouldn’t assume they are going to beat anyone. Thats what I’m saying.
  12. Stop with the “Trap Game” nonsense. Lol The Colts are not a top level football team smashing everyone in their way. They are 6-5 not undefeated. Yeah they are winning but their is no such thing as a trap game for them. They have to play their butts off to win every game the rest of the year.
  13. bravo4460

    Miami hopefuly is not a trap game.

    No game is a trap game this year. Its not like the Colts are world beaters. They have to play well every game if they want a chance at the playoffs.
  14. bravo4460

    What do you think Brissett meant by this tweet?

    He had the worst throw in the throwing challenge and they posted it online. He probably was just joking and giving the Colts media poster a hard time.
  15. bravo4460


    Ebron had given up in Detroit, he didn’t want to be there and showed little effort at times. He seems to have matured a little but also I think he enjoys playing for his new team. The TE’s have played well this season. Good to have Doyle back. Now just upgrade the WR position.