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  1. I have been thinking is a very likely scenario. Trading down from 21 and an additional 4th rounder could get us two additional second round picks and get the Colts great value. Grab best OL, Matt Jones, and Olave / Phillips in the second. This is Ballard's MO. Joseph
  2. That was what i was afraid of. Thanks for the info. Sunday ticket it is..... Joseph
  3. You can try using the direct tv streaming option. Just need to type in an apartment address. I live in an apartment so no worries. Cut cable and direct tv a year ago. I use the Roku for Sunday ticket. Hope that helps. Joseph
  4. With CBS all access can you pick which area of coverage you want or are you restricted to your areas coverage? Thanks in advance. Joseph
  5. As a LSU fan I'm sad to hear a promising young man has gone down a dark path with charges of domestic violence. I for one was a BIG proponent of drafting Guice when the Colts had several opportinities to draft him. I hope he gets his life back on track and gets a shot to come back. Maybe an opportunity for the Colts to roll the dice? Joseph
  6. Take it for its worth.... CBS sports has given the Colts and A on every pick so far including Pitner...... Joseph
  7. Grade Analysis No grade analysis available. Draft Scouting Report: Rating: 72 Strengths: Strong player that plays with good leverage Seals blocks well Moves well laterally Weaknesses: Plays RT but will have to transition to OG/C Hands got too wide in 2018 Wanted Lewis but this guy looks promising. Need depth at G. Like the pick Joseph
  8. Big fan of Cush from Lsu. It was said he was the brightest guy on the team. Looked good in the senior bowl Joseph
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