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  1. Trade up to around the 20th pick and select J. Jefferson. My favorite WR in the draft. Joseph
  2. Trade up using a #2 and a future pick, draft J. Jefferson. Would complete a great offseason. Joseph
  3. Unless we land a QB in free agency i dont see a vaiable option at QB in the draft. Burrow is the only one in the draft i would want Joseph
  4. Brown in the first, J. Jefferson at #34, Kmet at #44, Dugger or Solomon Kindley in the third. Would be ecstatic going into the 4th round. Pick QB in the 4th. Joseph
  5. Ballard let everyone know that the DL3T position is a huge target during his year-end press conference. Ballard stated, "I think the interior, we've got to be able to get some more interior pressure. The 3-technique drives this thing. It does. Every time I've been a part of this, the 3-technique drives this." Enter South Carolina's Javon Kinlaw, who would give Indy schematic versatility with an explosive talent. Kinlaw may or may not be there when the Colts pick. If he is, it would be extremely surprising to see him passed up. Even for a QB. Or WRF. Unless Ballard's positive he can get a guy like Justin Madubuike in RD2, it would seem that he sees Kinlaw as a top RD1 prospect. Listed primarily as a 3-tech, the Colts could line Kinlaw up anywhere - just to keep the opposition off-balance. With a quick first step and excellent power, the Gamecock star certainly checks off most of the boxes GM Chris Ballard is trying to fill for top prospects Clowney / Jones + Kinlaw? Yes please.... Joseph
  6. "One of the top free agents in 2020 will be Seattle Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, and Clowney has stated a team's likelihood of Super Bowl contention is a key factor for his signing. WalterFootball.com has learned from league sources that the Indianapolis Colts are one of the teams are expected to make a run at signing Clowney. The Colts have a ton of salary cap space and money to spend, and they could use an impactful player on their defensive line. Clowney would also be a great scheme fit in Matt Eberflus' defense. Signing with Indianapolis would also give Clowney the opportunity to play the Texans twice per year, and going against his former team could be a nice perk to signing with Indianapolis. There could be a competitive market for Clowney, and his preference for Super Bowl contenders could rule out some teams, but sources tell me the Colts are going to be a team in serious pursuit of the star defensive end." Would not hate this. Chris Jones would be my first preference. Would allow Colts to address other needs in the draft. Joseph
  7. This.... if we can sign a difference maker like Jones then we can pick a wideout in the first. Another DT in the second. If we can't sign Jones then I would only trade down if Brown AND Kinlaw are off the board. Joseph
  8. J Jefferson, WR. LSU with our first 2nd round pick Kinlaw with our first Gordon with our last 2nd rounder Joseph
  9. Ballard did mention he regretted letting Al Woods go last year. A lot of people here (myself included) thought it was a mistake letting him walk last year. DT IMO is our biggest need in the offseason. Followed by WR, and QB. Depends on free agency but as of now I would love to see in the upcoming draft: 1. DT: D. Brown or Kinlaw 2. WR: J. Judy or J. Jefferson 3. QB: Love Joseph
  10. "What is a Burner injury on Kelly? " Kelly was injured from all of the hands to face infractions that snapped his head back that were never called. Similar to the play that Heyward used to push Nelson back into JB when he injured his knee. Joseph
  11. What makes me angry is the no call for the hands to the face on nelson by heyward on the play of the brissett injury. ITS WHAT CAUSED THE INJURY IN THE FIRST PLACE Joseph
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