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  1. Thought Henges played well. The holding called on him that negated the TD was ridiculous. He locked on his man and let him go after the defender got beyond the shoulder pads. Textbook blocking 101 Joseph
  2. Yes it is. What do you learn by playing coverages you typically wont run during the season in certian situations? I get playing rookies with the 1s to see what they do in a REAL GAME SITUATION. Joseph
  3. I dont understand the play calls on defense when the Browns where in the redzone. Why were we playing cover 2 zone? Made it soooo easy to dump passes underneath and get huge chuncks of yards. Imo not great situational play calling Joseph
  4. You can download the NFL gamepass for $99 if you have a smart TV. Signed up last night. Joseph
  5. You can get the steaming option for Sunday Ticket without Direct TV. When you sign up enter your "address" (use an apartment address, its assumed that satellites are not allowed) and it will allow you to buy the streaming Sunday Ticket. Still costs $300 however but you don't need Direct TV. I live in an apartment in Louisiana and it worked for me last year. You can also buy the NFL gamepass for $99 to stream to your smart TV to watch all the preseason games. Joseph.
  6. Just listened to the post draft conference. The more I listen to Ballard and Reich the more I love the draft and leadership with the organization. Very proud to be a Colts fan. Joseph
  7. The more I listen to Ballard and Reich the more I love the draft and leadership with the organization. Very proud to be a Colts fan. Joseph
  8. Good points by all. I hope I'm wrong but only time will tell Joseph
  9. Looking back we could have picked (in order) Sweat, Rock, Campbell, then Ben in the 3rd. Would have been a much better VALUE haul imo Watched Sweat live quite a few times (LSU grad) and has was tough to block. Dude is a beast. I dont know much about Ben and will look more into him. Most pundits think he was a 3rd or 4th round prospect That being said I'm happy with the picks as they were able to address some needs Looking to the 4th, I'm a big fan of hooker and (as a LSU homer) Foster Moreau TE. Hope we get more OL depth as well Joseph
  10. If you notice the board in the background it appears that there are a lot of players they rank high are still on their board Joseph
  11. Assuming CB wont trade up / down: 1st: Lawrence / Wilkins 2nd: Abram / C Gardner-Johnson / Rapp / Darnell Savage Jr. 2 2nd: Deebo Samuel / Andy Isabella / J.J. Arcega-Whiteside 3rd: Benny Snell Jr. / Bryce Love OR depending who falls: 1st: Lawrence / Wilkins 2nd: A.J Brown / Kelvin Harmon / Marquise Brown 2 2nd: Abram / Rapp / Darnell Savage Jr. / Hooker 3rd: Tytus Howard / David Edwards Would love the haul and fills needs. Joseph
  12. The most underrated TE in this draft is Foster Moreau. Devastating blocker and was WAY underutilized in LSUs run first offense. Tested very well at the combine and showed well at the senior bowl. Can be had in the third or forth round. Joseph
  13. I would think and Jonathan Abrams would be ranked high based on the Colts BPA board. Would love to have him at 26. If he is not available I can see them going with another position besides QB. Hooker would be a great later round selection if Abrams is gone by 26 Joseph
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