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  1. 1. Stud safety that can be our new "eraser". Safety play has been very suspect. 2. Play making TE. Not sold on Kylen Granson 3. Stud Mike LB to go with Darius Leonard 4. CB. Xavier Rhodes is starting to miss a lot of playing time due to injury (age) 5. Play making WR to replace Hilton. Joseph
  2. Would not be surprised if the starting LT for week one is not on our current roster. Just a hunch Joseph
  3. I still don’t understand the explanation of the Panther fumble and Colts recovery. They said the colts player was out of bounds? Replay was clear that he was not. Why have replay if they get it right? Joseph
  4. According to NBC news: Clinton-Dix didn't play last season after the Cowboys cut him prior to Week 1. He was beaten out by Darian Thompson for the starting role. Clinton-Dix is still only 28 years old and he started all 16 games for Chicago in 2019, recording 78 tackles and a pair of interceptions. The veteran safety figures to contribute somewhere this year.
  5. My girlfriends brother lives in Baltimore. Will be in town for the game. Tickets bought. I live in Baton Rouge, LA so looking into the Houston away game as well. Joseph
  6. QB. Bert Jones, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Johnny Unitas RB: Edge, Marshal Faulk, Eric Dickerson, Lidell Mitchel WR: Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Roger Car TE: Dallas Clark John Mackey, Jack Doyle OL: Chris Hinton, Tarik Glen, Jeff Saturday, Quentin Nelson Joseph
  7. Colts had to make a choice at 21. Take a Edge rusher that they didn't expect to fall to them or take Darrisaw. Obviously they had Paye higher on their board. If you take Darrisaw then you hope Dayo would still be there at 54. If you take Paye then you hope a LT falls to 54. There was a run on LT before 54 so the gamble didn't pay off and they take Dayo since he was the highest guy on the board. I liked Paye and Dayo as players and expect them to help our DL. Darrisaw seemed like a great Colts fit and great locker room type guy as well. If I were the GM I would have picked Darrisaw and Dayo at 54 but who knows? Time will tell if the Colts made the right move. Joseph
  8. Reported medical issue. Had a blood clot in the lungs according to the guys on eapn Joseph
  9. You may be right. Who really knows. I could not find Darrisaws RAS score. The point I was trying to make was this: If you take Paye in the first, be prepared to either trade up in the second for Cosmi or Jenkins or you will be picking another position in the second. I believe Ballard knew this and has a plan to address LT either latter today or after the draft. He even mentioned this in the presser yesterday. Trust the ENTIRE process to build the team. Its still early.... Joseph
  10. Why not address both needs? Darrisaw was available at 21. Address DL in the 2nd. Both needs taken care of. Every draft simulation i ran had the same situation Ballard faced. Paye and Darrisaw were available. When I picked Paye (I like the player a lot) there was a run on OT before pick 54 and forced me to pick another position of need. I really like the Dayno pick as well dont get me wrong. He is a great player. Just believe Ballard could have addressed both positions if he picked Darrisaw in the first. Joseph
  11. I remember Pollan on the radio thr other day and he was very high on the DE from Vanderbilt. Time will tell....
  12. Based on my draft simulations this is what happens if you dont do OT in the first. Could have had Darrisaw in the first and the DE from Vanderbilt in the 2nd
  13. B + is really good. Think the ratings are a little off base. Its skewed to address what the program perceives to be addressing need only. I have gotten an overall A grade a few times but I was only picking up a few positions that included 3DL or 3Ol. Not realistic IMO.
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