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  1. Anyone else notice how NFL.com videos have the worst quality and lag so bad?

    1. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Yes they do. I just watched all our postgame interviews.

  2. Anyone know what hotel the Colts are staying at in Houston? Maybe I could see the team. Its a long shot but worth a try.

  3. At least the short week gives the team and the fans a chance to get the bad taste out of their mouth sooner. Bad, bad game but its still a long season and we always seem to comeback after poor performances like this. We've beaten SF, SEA, and DEN but games like this remind you that we're still a young team. Time to bounce back. #COLTSTRONG

    1. Insert Colts Pun Here

      Insert Colts Pun Here

      At least when we lose we lose in style!

  4. Can't stop thinking about Reggie. Such a devastating injury, such a blow to this team. So frustrating as a fan to see him go down.

    1. southwest1


      I hear ColtsBTM12. I hear ya.

  5. Can't wait to see the Colts take on the Giants, can't wait to see Bjoern Werner finally take the field.

  6. Colts are locked in at the #4 seed and will host the loser of the Bengals and Steelers game in the first round of the playoffs.


  8. Congrats to Robert Mathis for getting the 2013 NFL sack title. With his 19.5 sacks, he will be the inaugural Deacon Jones award recipient, incredible.

    1. kjyb
    2. southwest1


      Mathis deserves this honor. A great guy who just works his tail off. Nice work Robert! ALL Of INDY is proud of you man...Take a bow...

  9. Disappointing loss but I'm so proud of this team for fighting all the way through. Go Colts!!!

  10. Do you guys like Andrew Luck's new helmet?

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    2. ColtsBTM12
    3. Valpo2004


      Looking at that picture I'm not noticing any difference but I never paid close attention to those things.

    4. kjyb


      same here i dont see difference

  11. Drafted T.Y. Hilton and Trent Richardson onto my fantasy team.

  12. Exactly 211 days until the 2014 Regular Season Kicks off on Sept 4

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    2. James Harden

      James Harden

      No more football..now forcus attention on basketball

    3. ColtsBTM12


      @Gabriel Alexander Morillo, free agency starts March 11 at 4:00 pm ET and the NFL draft is May 8-10.

    4. southwest1


      Yes, I suppose once the NFL season ends; the countdown to September begins in earnest. Well put ColtsBTM12.

  13. Getting Pumped Up. Lets Win this Game!!!!! #COLTSTRONG

  14. Go Colts!! Time to bring home the W!!!

  15. GO COLTS!!!! Great Win, Great game. We are true Super Bowl contenders and we showed it today.

  16. GOOO COLTS!!!!!!!!!! Everyone on here that didn't think we could do it think again. We gotta good team that us Colts fans can never lose faith in.

  17. Got an awesome Reggie Wayne fathead Jr for my birthday!!

    1. Nadine
    2. southwest1


      Sweet! I imagine Reggie is catching a pass. Sounds like an awesome gift though ColtsBTM12. :)

    3. ColtsBTM12


      He's running with the ball, hopefully scoring a TD.:)

  18. Great Conference Championship Match ups to look forward to. Both of them will be rivalry games.

  19. Happy Birthday Bob Lamey!!

    1. ColtsBTM12
    2. southwest1


      A broadcast institution & sports legend in INDY...Happy Birthday Bob! :D

  20. Happy Birthday Marvin Harrison!!!!

  21. Hats off to Dallas Clark on a great career!! He'll always and forever be a Colt.

    1. southwest1


      Well said ColtsBTM12. Well said. Nothing more to add than this: Dallas was the perfect teammate & he always did things the right way with no arrogance or delusions about being more important than any other Colts player. Congrats on a nice NFL career Clark & good luck as you enter the next phase in your life. :)

  22. Hey everyone today is the 4 year anniversary of the 4th and 2 game

  23. I can't believe they punted the football with 10 minutes left and your down by 3 scores. Pagano is playing "not to lose" when you've all but lost the game.

  24. I can't believe they punted the football with 10 minutes left and your down by 3 scores. Pagano is playing "not to lose" when you've all but lost the game.

  25. I don't know why everyone hates on it, I enjoy watching the Pro Bowl

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    2. The Fish

      The Fish

      I don't like pagents

    3. southwest1


      I just don't like that the ProBowl is no longer the SB anymore. The league is so Greedy. They will do anything for another million including sell their mother downriver if necessary. JMO. TYG is right on the money too. Why does Deion get so many INDY players on his team? That self righteous Sanders windbag gets on my nerves. Enough said.

    4. ColtsBTM12


      @southwest, they have been doing the Pro Bowl forever. Its not like they introduced it a year ago because they knew that they would make more money. It has become an NFL tradition

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