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  1. Any Christmas plans for you all? Just going to church and being with my family!

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    2. alawai


      FOOTBALL!  Actually daughters had their friends for dinner last night - 15 including me, wifey and kids of their fiends.  Today recovery and football.  Then prep for tonight's dinner with two daughter's and their boy friends.  Tomorrow night is with neighbor and her cookout.  I guess I need to set my scale back 15 pounds!  

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      Going out to moms tomorrow, she will have the usual - a huge Turkey, huge Ham, Mash Potatoes, Mac n Cheese, and Green Beans from the crockpot. Glad we have 2 games tomorrow and they should be great ones in the Ravens at Steelers and Broncos at Chiefs. Reminds me of Thanksgiving. I am off tomorrow and Monday. Merry Christmas everyone.

    4. southwest1


      You are right 100GFB. There were a ton of gridiron games on TV this Christmas Eve & Christmas day. I'm almost exhausted from watching it all & there's still MNF on ESPN tonight. 


      Okay, maybe it's just all the food, eggnog, & goodies I stuffed my face with man. LOL! 

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