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A Few More Lucky Nuggets




Certainly by now it's old news that the Colts have their quarterback of the future. Since it was determined that they would have the number one pick, and that Andrew Luck would be declaring for the draft, it was all but a foregone conclusion that Andrew would be that number one pick.

Most -- if not all -- of us have read countless reports and analysis on Andrew's game, his collegiate career and his potential impact in the NFL. In other words, Colts fans should know by now what they're getting.

As a Stanford student, I've had the opportunity to see Andrew play about a dozen times on the Farm over the past two seasons. However, there may be just a few more things about him which haven't been mentioned in the common reports and analysis.

  • Andrew is not only a teammate and friend of undrafted Stanford/Colt wide receiver Griff Whalen, but the two were roommates as well. That familiarity probably contributed to Griff catching a team-high 56 passes from Andrew last season.

  • Andrew threw 10 interceptions at Stanford last season (compared to 37 touchdowns). On nine of the subsequent possessions, he led the Cardinal on a touchdown drive

  • Six degrees connection number one: Andrew is the fourth Stanford quarterback selected first in the NFL draft. The most recent (John Elway) was drafted by the Broncos -- now the home of Andrew's Colt QB predecessor, Peyton Manning.

  • Andrew leaves Stanford as the record holder in the following categories: Most TD passes (82), total offense (10,387 yards), highest passing efficiency rating (162.8), highest completion percentage (67.0), most passing yards per attempt (8.9), most rushing yards by a quarterback (957), most wins by a starting quarterback (31), and highest winning percentage by a starting quarterback (.816).

  • With his first NFL paycheck, Andrew may just buy a car. At Stanford, he is known for riding his bike around campus.

  • Six degrees connection number two: It was former Colts' QB Jim Harbaugh who recruited Andrew to Stanford (while as head coach of the Cardinal).

  • Despite Andrew's passing and rushing statistics, his single most memorable play at Stanford might perhaps be his 13-yard, one-handed reception while keeping in bounds against UCLA:

  • Though I cannot personally confirm this, it would not surprise me it Las Vegas casinos had a weekly Andrew Luck "beard-or-no-beard" line on Saturdays during college football season.

  • Six degrees connection number three: Last season Andrew won the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm award; named after the former Colts' championship quarterback. He also was a finalist for the Manning award, which is named for former NFL quarterback Archie Manning and his sons, Eli and (former Colt) Peyton.

  • Six Degrees connection number four: While Andrew finished second to Robert Griffin III in the 2011 Heisman Trophy balloting, he selected first in the draft by the Colts and Griffin was selected second by the Washington Redskins. Andrew was born in Washington D.C.

  • On June 4, Andrew will graduate from Stanford with a degree in architecture. While I realize Lucas Oil Stadium is less than five years old, if renovations or adjustments were to be needed or requested, Andrew would be qualified to help design them (his aim with the architecture degree is to design sports facilities).

There are undoubtedly more nuggets out there, so I'll leave it up to the reader of this blog to research and, perhaps, comment with their own.

Something I can tell you all from my experience watching the Cardinal over the past couple of years, Colts' fans are in for a wonderful ride.


The author of this blog is a Portland, Oregon native, Stanford student and now a Colts fan. She invites readers to comment and contribute their own perspective to what has been written.

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Nice nuggets. :)

Only one thing needs clarification, the Baltimore Colts actually drafted John Elway in 1983. Afterward, Elway threatened to play pro baseball for the Yankees full time. Robert Irsay traded Elway to the Broncos for Mark Herrmann ( a Purdue QB) and OL Chris Hinton plus a 1984 1st round pick ( OL Ron Solt).

I look forward to a long career as a Colt QB for Andrew Luck.

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ah, thanks Blue. just hadn't quite gone back far enough on that one. fortunately, there is still a connection.

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Great blog. I'm still a little bummed about Peyton, but you help make even more excited about the future with Andrew.

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Great read NWGirl227. I (along with many other Colts fans) am excited about our future with Andrew. I was skeptical during this past season (mostly because I was loyally fighting for Peyton) but the more research I did (and still do) on Andrew, the more I like him.

Gonna be a good ride!

Here's one more connection for you: the Indiana state bird is the Cardinal... ... :D

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@shecolt: it's a new beginning and i think there is cause for optimism.

@coltsPRIDE11: i think you're going to like what Luck brings to the team he's definitely the real deal. didn't know that about Indiana's state bird ... sounds like destiny! lol

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Good stuff NWGirl227. I work at Stanford and have been a Colts fan for a while, before I started working here. I was hoping that Andrew Luck would land with the Colts, but was also hoping that he would back up Manning for a few years. It would've been great to have them both, but we are very fortunate to have Andrew Luck succeed Manning.

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  • On June 4, Andrew will graduate from Stanford with a degree in architecture. While I realize Lucas Oil Stadium is less than five years old, if renovations or adjustments were to be needed or requested, Andrew would be qualified to help design them (his aim with the architecture degree is to design sports facilities)."

We call it the house that Peyton built, but if we move stadium, it could literally be the house that Luck built!

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