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Colts 2012 Draft picks



1. Andrew Luck-QB-Stanford-6'4-235-4.6

Haven't really seen anywhere that had anything other than #1 overall, is the highest rated QB since Peyton (1998) or elway (1983) depending on the source. He has all of the qualities than made Peyton a great QB and is a better athlete-should end his career as one of the best in NFL history............the best? Very likely

2. Coby Fleener-TE-Stanford-6'6-250-4.5

Considered by most sources as a 1st or high 2nd round pick, some had him rated as the best TE, others had Allen, Excells as a "pass catching" TE. Has been compared to Greg Olsen/Jermichael Finley. Should be one of the better TE's in the AFC in a few years, hopefully..........the best

3. Dwayne Allen-TE- Clemson-6-4-255-4.7

Considered more of a complete TE than Fleener and a better option as a blocker, this duo will be as huge part of the Colts offense going forward. Won the Mackey award as the nations top TE

4. T. Y. Hilton-WR/RS-Florida International-5'10-185-4.3

highest rating: #14 WR ( Kiper). Sun Belt P.O.Y (player of the year) had the 2nd fastest 40 time for WR and the 3rd fastest in the draft (4.37) explosive and dynamic playmaker who excelled as a returner, prob be used as a slot receiver

5. Josh Chapman-NT-Alabama-6'1-316-5.0

highest rating:#8 DT (Pro football draft guide)

considered one of the best pure NT's in the draft, excells vs the run, super strong,huge bodied player who takes on and ties up double teams. Played much of his SR. year with a ACL injury, if healthy could have gone in the late 1st or early 2nd round.

6. Josh Ballard-RB-Mississippi-5'11-220-4.5

highest rating:#8 RB (pro football draft guide)

excells in short yardage , goal line situations, very determined, hard to bring down RB with good size

7. Lavon Brazill-WR-Ohio-5'11-192-4.4

highest rating: #34 WR (USA sports weekly draft guide)

much like Hilton, excells as a returner and speed WR

8. Justin Anderson-T-Georgia-6'5-339-5.2

highest rating: #21 T ( Kiper)

huge body who should be used at RT

9. Tim Fugger-DE-Vanderbilt-6'4-260-4.7

highest rating: #41 DE (kiper)

perfect fit for a 3-4 defense, excells as a pass rushing OLB/DE, with very good size

10. Chandler Harnish-QB-N. Illinois-6'2-220-4.7

highest rating:#10 QB (pro football draft guide)

all-Indiana as a H.S. player,MAC conference P.O.Y., #1 rushing QB in the nation (1379), been compared to Tebow as a running/throwing QB threat.

undrafted free agents:

Chris Gallipo-LB-USC-6'2-250-4.7

highest rating: #8 ILB ( Lindy draft guide)

big, powerfull, instinctive ILB

Antonio Fenelus-CB-Wisconsin-5'8-190-4.5

highest rating: #27 CB ( pro football draft guide)

small in stature CB, who plays bigger than his size

Matt Merletti-S-N. Carolina-5'11-202-4.5

highest rating: #23 S ( pro football weekly draft guide)

Micah Pellerin-CB-Hampton-6'0-195-4.5

highest rating: #17 CB ( pro football weekly draft guide)

very small college (1-AA) has the skill set, needs to show he can perform vs top competition, performed well at the east/west game

4 of the players drafted were possible 1st round picks, the common theme seemed to be huge bodies and there were quite a few ( signings) from very small schools. 8 out of the 10 draft picks were on offense, overall there was alot of talent added via picks and signings. As of now its nothing more than speculation, 2-3 years from now is when the REAL ratings will matter!!

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great summary. on Luck, Fleener (and Griff Whalen): the reports and analysis is one thing, but let me add my two cents; as a Stanford sophomore, i've had the priviledge to watch these guys live about a dozen times over the past two seasons. the reports and analysis don't do them justice. sure, there may be a few growing pains, but Colts fans are going to be mightily impressed with these guys. in other words: it's going to be a fun ride.

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sorry, wasn't much out there on Griff ( #84 WR by Kiper). Thanks for the personal input, as I said, a few years down the road, will be when the real ratings will come, some of these guys who didn't come into the league with all the hype, could be better than those that did, it will be fun watching all these guys develope

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no worries. Griff was not only Luck's top receiver last season (56 catches, 749 yards), the two are also roommates. they know each other well. i'm really hoping he makes the final cut.

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Some of this was new info Ken....love the speculation. I hope Anderson can be a solid RT in time, and I think Chapman may end up the steal of the draft. (If Healthy!)

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