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NFL draft top 40



This will be my first blog on the new site. After months of researching I have finally got my top 40 players ranked. I rated 323 players, I broke them down to a top 10 for each postion , then the top 40-overall. There are always players projected for the first round that don't get picked and a few that weren't projected, that do............

1. A.Luck-QB

2. M. Kalil-T

3. T. Richardson-RB

4. R. Griffin-QB

5. Q. Coples-DE

6. M. Claiborne-CB

7. J. Blackmon-WR

8. R. Reiff-T

9. L. Kuechly-ILB

10. M. Barron-SS

11. M. Ingram-OLB/DE

12. J. Jenkins-CB

13. D. Decastro-G

14. C. Upshaw-OLB

15. R. Tannehill-QB

16. M. Floyd-WR

17. D. Kirkpatrick-CB

18. J. Martin-T

19. M. Brookers-DT

20. M. Adams-T

21. D. Hightower-ILB

22. D. Poe-DT

23. C. Glenn-G/T

24. S. Gilmore-CB

25. F. Cox-DT

26. D. Still-DT

27. W. Mercelus-DE/OLB

28. P. Konz-C

29. K. Wright-WR

30. J. Worthy-DT

31. A. Branch-DE/OLB

32. C. Fleener-TE

33. N. Perry-DE

34. D. Allen-TE

35. K. Zeitler-G

36. S. Hill-WR

37. B. Thompson-DT

38. Z. Brown-OLB

39. A. Jeffery-WR

40. D. Martin-RB

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Of course I don't study the draft like you (or at all for that matter) but ken...........the universe is projecting RGIII to go at #2

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Sounds like a fun project. I pretty much just have to go by whatever the analysts are saying. In reality the draft for me and the Colts begins with their second pick at 34. It will be interesting to see how the roster fills in with the new young players.

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This isn't a prediction on when they will be drafted, just a ranking, i'll be doing my mock draft later today..........pretty sure Griffin is going #2 lol

It is fun, I spend alot of (too much ) time on it, I keep records and compare my picks vs the real picks,etc.........and I have to add I do quite well lol I am VERY anxious to see what this "new" group does this year in the draft, I always look for the "names" and Polian would draft guys I never even heard of ( Mathis-Bethea) ( which is hard to do) then a few years down the road.......they were in the Pro bowl. There is a ton of talent out there, even at the end of the draft, it's the teams that really know what they are doing, that find them.

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Just seeing we got 3 of your top 40 picks which to me is a pretty good ratio, Thanks for the blog...we miss you Ken!!

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