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A Look At The Final Roster



QB- no surprises here, Hasselbeck has looked better in the last 2 games, but still don't feel too confident, if ......


RB- Really glad to see Ballard and Varga both made the roster, although that might have something to do with Herron's status


WR- also glad to see Whalen made it, but..............Carter- I know potential is an overused phrase, but guys with his measurables don't come around everyday and I know that training camp is not a game, but he was one of the stars of camp.


OL/TE- no surprises


LB- only thing to mention here, is that we added 'another' OLB (Moore) to the already crowded mix


DB- a little surprised to see Guy make it, over McDonald, as I stated in a previous post, any injury from the frontline guys in this group, could be fatal, there is no experienced depth.
* Geathers has looked very good since day #1, not sure how much impact he will have this year, but looks like a future star


Saved the 'best' for last:


DL- the snowball started rolling with the loss of Jones for the season-a major setback, who was one of the keys to the defense and the line being better this year, then Chapman AND Hughes were both cut. I realize the game is played on grass and not on paper, but that leaves a grand total of 5 players currently on the roster........ (on paper) 3 players who have never played a snap in the NFL ( and one of them is a very undersized player in a very key position), 1 player entering year #2 who did not get significant reps, in year #1 and Langford.


Summary- although overall there weren't too many major surprises and there is going to be tweaks before the season starts and all year, have to say that the 2 biggest weaknesses for the past (quite a ) few years, don't seem to be any better than they have been ( and most likely worse) the O-line continues to be a unit of-let's hope for the best and now the D-line (on paper) seems to be extremly underwhelming and although there is alot of hope for Anderson and Parry and Okine has looked good,at times, going into the season with 1 (somewhat) proven player, seems to be more of the same (let's hope). We will all watch and see how this plays out, but can't say based on the final roster, that I am feeling as confident as I did , a few weeks ago.

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Pretty spot on! I would say I wasn't all that impressed with Carter, without the hype I don't think anyone would have noticed or cared.  It should be said I never saw his performance in camp/practice.

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Thanks, Carter is 6'5-211, has 1st round measurables and potential, potential doesn't always lead to production, but as I said, guys with his measurables are hard to find and he had produced-in camp and was a star in the CFL, all of that doesn't add up to being cut, in my opinion, but he was not picked up by anybody and is back on the team-on the practice squad, there is hope that he will fullfill the hype. There are always guys cut who have something to offer, some more than others, so who was kept (over him) has to be factored into the equation as well

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I watched Carter in the CFL playoffs last year and was more impressed with S.J. Green who played WR on the other side  for Montreal. the defensive line is a question mark, facing LeGarrette Blount, Le'Veon Bell, in NBC prime-time games I'd rather not see either one racking up fantasy stats like Jonas Gray last season.

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Defense will always be our weakest spot and I trust Luck to compensate for a poor OL.  I think we need to draft nothing but lineman for the first few rounds in next year's draft...or trade TY Hilton for a premium tackle.  I love the guy, but you need to build a champion from the inside out.

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I think if you have really strong lines, you can get away with lesser talent at other positions, it appears  our management has been using the oppisite approach....it's a well known and documented cliche-it all starts up front and could possibly be one of the main reasons, we seem to almost always come up short

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