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  1. Can you imagine by week 4 if Rivers throws a pick 6,the crowd chanting for Jacoby, of course right now it's hard to contemplate a crowd at all. Hopefully this goes better for Frank & Phillip than it did last time they were together.
  2. the Falcons would welcome people switching their favorite teams to them with their "sweet/awesomesauce/rad/lit/fresh/cool af/dope jerseys"! the black on black has been to done to death from college football to arena football , let me explain why I feel this way.. the players change yearly, the rules change yearly, the stadiums change every generation, the uniforms are the only common link. almost every sports team that updates their uniform eventually goes back to their original look (Bucs & Bengals are exceptions) Pistons with teal horse, navy and gold Rams, black alt. unis for Blue Jays, Mets, Royals, Reds,and NY Islander fisherman logo,Capitals with eagle logo, Buffaslug,Houston Rockets ship with teeth,Astros, Padres,etc.. these teams have zero identity due to shifting color schemes& logos, familiarity of laundry might seem boring but the alternative is ATL
  3. Hell no! go become a Falcon fan if you are that in love with their unis!
  4. It was his rookie season, had he still been doing that in years 6-12 the Colts would have never been a serious super bowl contender
  5. Devin Funchess I think I remember seeing this guy in a commercial dressed as a Colt player, but it was months ago. questions i ponder...Did Funch actually play a game? Was Josh McDaniels ever head coach of the Colts?
  6. I think Ballard will take Jalen, since Reich wanted Rivers, Rivers is year to year, Reich may be year to year, everyone is year to year. If one of the Washington Qb's is taken I will be wrong. I would be shocked if Brissett goes back to a backup and then becomes a starter again in 2022.
  7. I thought a corona virus party was a joke,sadly no it actually happened. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/24/health/kentucky-coronavirus-party-infection/index.html
  8. the essential businesses are busy, Walmart, Hope Depot,etc.. not sure how it won't spread there? this is moving beyond New York, & Seattle, New Orleans has had two dozen deaths in just a couple of weeks from corona virus, April could be be a nightmare, maybe the Easter Bunny can lay some magic eggs and make this go away.
  9. If this is still a serious deadly problem in the fall, I don't think any sane person is going to even care about watching sports. This should be subsiding around late May and hopefully it doesn't have a second wave in the fall. If China and South Korea can get thru it, the rest of the world can also. We are probably going to have 100,000 infected in days not weeks, where this is going to be an extreme issue is in the third world, how do you social distance in Bangladesh?
  10. I would not mind an addition of gray, the very first team in Indy had gray/silver pants. please please don't have a all black semi-pro uniform like the Cardinals or 49ers. https://images.app.goo.gl/13Y3CjfxJNkyJMef9
  11. I'm not feeling winning it all, at the moment.
  12. I watched Carter in the CFL playoffs last year and was more impressed with S.J. Green who played WR on the other side for Montreal. the defensive line is a question mark, facing LeGarrette Blount, Le'Veon Bell, in NBC prime-time games I'd rather not see either one racking up fantasy stats like Jonas Gray last season.
  13. That 1995 Colt defense with Ray Buchanan, and Tony Siragusa was fantastic. Vontae Davis is amazing, but a stout run-stuffer is needed. I was really hoping the Colts would sign Vince Wilfork but, It's too late now. I think the team will be right there at the end. Besides New England,Pittsburgh is the team that gives the Colts the most issues. can we get past both of these teams?
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