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  1. I always thought the Rams had a great helmet, I am not sure I like the new uniform though.
  2. I'm not sold on Lamar Jackson as a top 5 QB, after a season and a half, there has been quite a few QB's who were great for a season or two, Colin Kaepernick, late 2012/2013, Vince Young, late 2007/2008, Mark Rypien 1991, Erik Kramer 1995, Vinnie Testaverde 1998, Chris Chandler 1998, Nick Foles late 2017 & 2018, Michael Vick 2004 & 2010, RG3 2012, unlike Mahomes who will have several great years ahead, Jackson is a wildcard, who is losing one of the great guards of the last decade (Yanda)he scares you more out of the pocket than in the pocket, if he develops he could be top 3.
  3. I don't follow NBA much but, the whole league is going to abstain from Florida strip clubs for months?
  4. I did not think about the alcohol induced fans. tailgating with masks, social distancing..
  5. Don't forget about the GOAT, I'm not talking about the greatest of all time but,the goat that was kicked out of Wrigley field in 1945, and it's owner said Cubs "ain't gonna win no more" the goat curse was born. speaking of curses, the Saints (2010)and Jets(1969), never made it back to the SB after beating the Colts.
  6. the Cubs got maximum coverage for 1908 world series championship for over 100 years, it was brought up almost every inning in 2016.
  7. I know the preseason games might not happen, but the Colts are listed for prime time on August 24 Washington FC at Indianapolis Colts
  8. I believe if he is healthy, T.Y. is better than good, that first game of the season he was the main reason they took the game into overtime, he still has the speed, it's the durability, after the quad injury in week 3, we didn't see him on a regular basis. A year ago, I was looking forward to an offense with Luck,Hilton, Funchess, & Ebron, and things didn't work out.
  9. Alabama would be the last to cancel, but they are probably not going to play a 12 game schedule. the USC vs Alabama game will most likely be cancelled in a matter of days.
  10. One day after the Ivy League cancelled the entire season, the Big 10 just cancelled their non-conference schedule, Pac 12 will be next, so again the Ivy League seems to be one step ahead of everyone a second time.
  11. This is the message board equivalent of a pick 6
  12. They really feel invincible at the highest level of sports, look at any professional sports team in the country, look at their franchise value compared to 10 years ago, even 5 years ago,the values not only go up they go way up, the sorriest franchise of the last 50 years the Clippers sold for over a billion a few years ago, the Clippers, a team you couldn't pay most people to sit and watch for two hours, are worth over a billion!!! Sports franchises can basically do whatever they want, they will never have any competition, so here are the options 1. quit cold turkey, and when people bring
  13. A cancelled season was mentioned by a Danish? Colts fan back in the March, and most people didn't take it seriously. I still think all major sports will return on time, there is literally billions on the line. a couple of news events gave me pause today.. 1. 61,000+ cases in 24 hours a new record 2. the Ivy League shut down all sports the rest of the year, at first that is not a big deal to 99% of sports fans, but remember back to the up close and personal pre-mask world of March 10, 2020, the Ivy league, cancelled their NCAA hoops tournament and just a few days later... all sports v
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