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  1. While I would not have booed, there is nothing illegal about it, they were not throwing bottles, and if someone wants to pay to watch preseason football football they can boo the referees, the QB, the coach,kicker, receivers, defense, o-line, running-back, family, other crowd members, owner, anyone you want to. I also think luck's teammates have every right to defend Luck and call out the boo-birds, so I don't feel anyone is wrong in the situation. If booing was that bad on a long term health of the franchise, the Philadelphia Eagles would have been out of business a long time ago.
  2. I'm not feeling winning it all, at the moment.
  3. I watched Carter in the CFL playoffs last year and was more impressed with S.J. Green who played WR on the other side for Montreal. the defensive line is a question mark, facing LeGarrette Blount, Le'Veon Bell, in NBC prime-time games I'd rather not see either one racking up fantasy stats like Jonas Gray last season.
  4. That 1995 Colt defense with Ray Buchanan, and Tony Siragusa was fantastic. Vontae Davis is amazing, but a stout run-stuffer is needed. I was really hoping the Colts would sign Vince Wilfork but, It's too late now. I think the team will be right there at the end. Besides New England,Pittsburgh is the team that gives the Colts the most issues. can we get past both of these teams?
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