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Pre Season-Some Questions Have Been Answered...some Not....



Pre season games, as far as won-loss records mean ...nothing, but they are not meaningless, they are necessary for finding out answers to many questions, mainly, who makes the cut and who doesn't. And they are necessary to get ready for the real games. It's very hard to understand why the Colts for the past decade (+) look so pathetic in these games and then go on to , at times, dominate the regular season, this is a very good team and very good teams, especially very good over an extended period of time should have more quality depth than other teams, which should translate into wins and even if that doesn't happen, they should still be competive and look good trying, that has not been the case....baffling.


QB- Luck has looked sharp, as expected. Hasselbeck has looked like a journeyman, I know it's a gamble, Polian gambled every year and beat the system every year, but one, and that got ugly. The same scenario is going on this year, the O-line is still a major question mark, much like it was then and Colts are gambling the O-line can get the job done and keep our franchise QB healthy, if they fail and Luck misses any time, we do not have an adequate replacement, maybe they will be another veteran brought in, who knows, but Hasselbeck is not going to be the answer, he is playing against alot of players who are not even going to make NFL roster's and is struggling-big time. Bennett, is as advertised, great arm, great feet and very erratic.


RB- Would like to see and hopefully will in the next 2 games, Ballard get some significant reps and see if he can still be a factor. Robinson has looked great and could end up as #2 , behind Gore. Also hoping to see more of Varga, who really hasn't played much. I thought the pre season games were a time for seeing who can play, we have seen Tipton get NFL reps and Herron and kinda know what they have to offer. Why not give Varga, Ballard and Toure more reps?


O-L: The talk all camp is about how we have had the same 5 guys playing together the whole time and trying to build continuity, so far, it has not looked very good, Mewhort has struggled and pretty much everyone of the front line starters has, to some degree. Alot can change and some will, but the year after year gamble up front, is getting old. As is the ongoing battle to find out if either of our Centers can and will step up and be the man.


D-L: Parry has put his name into the mix for starting NT and has a very good shot at it. Jones has looked good and can be a difference maker, if he can stay healthy, Langford, Anderson and Kerr have had their moments, but need to do it on an every down basis.


LB: Herrera is making a push for a backup spot, over Muamba, Sylvestre has been all over the field, but still don't think he is going to make the roster.


DB: Price is making a strong case for a wide open battle for backup CB and Lowery has had a really good summer and looks better than just a stop gap fill in.


ST: alot of guys getting reps at returner and nobody has really stood out yet.


It is still the pre season and still time for things to get fixed and get better and still time for guys to make the roster, these first 2 games has given us a glimpse of things that have looked good and not so good.


One last note on Reggie signing with the *s, I get it, nobody wants to see Reggie wearing those colors, me included, but............the talk of him being a traitor and worse (?) .......... Loyalty is a 2 way street, he made it known he wanted to play for the Colts and was told he was not wanted, which gives him the option to sign wherever he can. I am not sure if this is nitpicking or.................but many of the greatest players who have ever worn the horseshoe have not left on the best of terms, in recent years. I know it's a bussiness and that seems to be a very oft used excuse for alot of the moves that have been made, but there seems to be somewhat of a pattern developing.....Manning, Freeney, Reggie, Harrison and to a lesser degree........Sanders, Saturday,Bethea,Addai, Brackett, Clark....just saying.

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Thanks again Colts7 for insights. On the re-signing of players, yes it's a business decision but it involves a person, his family, feelings and $$$. Like it or not its a harsh reality we must face in life.

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