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Is this years team better than last years?



QB-Luck/Luck: continues to fine tune his game
RB-Richardson/Gore: significant upgrade
TE-Fleener/Allen: better all around talent, IF he can stay on the field (which he hasn't been able to do yet)
WR-Hilton/Hilton-should excell with a more talented group
WR-Wayne/Johnson: Reggie was not healthy or productive- significant upgrade
WR-Moncrief/Moncrief- breakout year?
T- Castonzo/Castonzo-underated rock
C-Rotation/Holmes- stability leads to upgrade
G-Thortan/Herreman-slight upgrade
T-Cherilous/Mewhort-slight upgrade (as the season goes on)


The 2 free agent signings (Gore-Johnson) are the 2 biggest upgrades, Allen staying healthy is key and the O-line is once again , a gamble, the hope is that the new starters play better than last years group. Overall, a more talented, deeper group, if the O-line gels............look out!!


OLB-Walden/Walden- has gotten better each year
ILB-Jackson/Jackson- year # 2 in system
ILB-Freeman/Freeman-needs to step up
OLB-Werner/Cole/Mathis-significant upgrade
CB-Davis/Davis-one of the elite
CB-Toler/Toler: needs to be more consistent
S-Adams/Adams: need a repeat of last year
S-Rotation/Lowery: stability/upgrade


Consistency is the key, alot of talent that needs to make plays, for 60 minutes, for 16 games. The D-line is also a gamble, the players appear more talented, but have no experience, getting Mathis back along with Cole and Newsome should create alot more pressure, need big years from Toler and Lowery. There are questions on this side of the ball, it depends on how many players produce and to what level that will dictate how well this group plays.


The special teams remain the same and strong (Adam-Pat-Matt) the return game has some potential to be dynamic, as it was with the addition of Cribbs.


Make or break? Not quite, but it is for sure going to be a telling season, the Colts appear to be making a push for a Super Bowl run this year, before Luck and several others get their huge contracts. Grigson has been so/so, I think he has done a good job, better than most, but in my opinion he needs to be one of the best and as of now, he isn't. Pagano who has been very sucessfull, yet, hasn't been able to get the team over that hump,are still trying to prove they have what it takes, this year should help answer some of those questions. As I mentioned before, this team is the class of the AFC, it is more talented and deeper than last years team,getting to the Super Bowl is very do-able, winning-will require many things to fall into place, mainly the 2 lines have to got play at a high level. Building the monster-that was and is the goal, this team has been very sucessfull, better than expected to this point, I will be watching very closely as our leaders make those critical decisions this year and the next few years that will determine how good the Luck era will be.

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no...you can't teach heart and raise the IQ of the linebackers and General Manager who signs Castonzo's terrible butt to an extension

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Let me see. One of our #1 draft picks is a bust (Werner), our GM just went out and signed some free agents whose best years are

behind them, we drafted a wide receiver instead of a stud DL or OL, our head coach is still "fixing the problems", after Luck and some 3-4 quality NFL caliber players, our next best players are our kickers. The short answer NO!

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