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Trade Trent Richardson.



We should trade Andrew Luck for Concrete Charlie Bednarik and the guy who played Johnny in 'Johnny Be Good' (but he could never break character; it would be well known throughout the land, and stored written record.) All foolishness aside: why just release Trent when we could trade him get ANYTHING, and move on; believe me friend we can get something from someone why take on the dead money? Richardson has the ability he just simply doesn't fit with this team and has possible issues outside of football.


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Believe me we could easily get a 4th, 5th or hell a 6th rounder or even a combination of late picks. The guy is young and the potential is there; great pass blocker, can catch the ball well enough and can make the moves in the open field, when he gets the opportunity to get out of the back field: which is very rare, I feel obligated to drive the point through that Trent will go on to have a good career on the right team and in the right scheme; of course that all means nothing if he isn't able to keep a good head on his shoulders which I believe he has and will continue to. 

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ColtsBTM12 covered it.  Something major to remember is you don't only trade a player you trade his contract.  Since Trent was the #3 pick in the 2012 draft, his pay is really really high in comparison to his abilities.


You couldn't give him away at that contract.  

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We are talking about a guy who is 24 with the ability and potential, someone would give up something; luckily with the news that he was suspended we don't have to worry about the money aspect: if we do choose to release him that is.

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I wish we could.  It is obvious to me that we have already said our mutual goodbyes.  Release will be coming soon IMO.


Not a very smart man to lie and get suspended with monies on the line.

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On what basis can anyone say TRich has potential or talent?  He dances in place until a hole opens up.  Works in college not in the pros.  Any doubts, watch the great ones who hit the holes full tilt.  It will be interesting to see if Grigson will live up to his presser commitment to evaluate performance and act accordingly, since he was the responsible for giving up the single most valuable asset you have to acquire talent, a #1 draft choice 

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UH No....we sign pass blocking OLineman who can't open running lanes inside the middle of the defense. I realize that im one of the last colt dreamers, who still believe in trent richardson, but boom's best runs of the 2014 season, were outside runs, to left side of the line where A.Canstanzo blazed a trail for him to run. That being said, im not mad at trent, but the odds of him staying a Colt, are overwhelmingly, NOT.....in his favor. It's was a fun, but ill miss the opportunity to see what he could have been for colts nation. Good luck with your next team trent(which he most certainly will have)......

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