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  1. Where do people get this idea we are deep at receiver, besides the obvious, that being TY and Andre what proven commodity do we have at the position? Moncrief did the utmost with his time on the field but flashes are not guarantees. As for Duron he is a mystery inside an enigma wrapped inside a puzzle that is also inside a Jack in the Box, I'm still not sure about that place; some may say "he produce in the CFL"... ok, "well his dad is Cris Carter" your point being? All I'm trying to get at is this: there seems to be a blind faith in these young unproven receivers. I'll be the first to admit I
  2. Yeah it's good to have a guy for the facts; not as if there is an all knowing search engine at the fingertips of any human assuming they are equipped with a functioning brain: and said fingertips of course. So in closing, thank you for the fact check, I'm sure you're all the rave at local happenings. p.s. cute smiley face.
  3. Daniel Adongo, a young rugby player who has a familiarity with carrying the ball; let us not forget all you have to do is look at the man with your eyes (or eye whatever) and see that he is an athlete. The football deities know we need some kind of spark in the run game: There is a strong possibility that you may find this confusing; it could easily even be infuriating, but there is a long haul before we see some Colts ball and I believe Richardson and Bradshaw are going to be dismissed. So why not take a shot in the dark: hey if it doesn't work whatever it was a corny phrase that involves swi
  4. We are talking about a guy who is 24 with the ability and potential, someone would give up something; luckily with the news that he was suspended we don't have to worry about the money aspect: if we do choose to release him that is.
  5. Believe me we could easily get a 4th, 5th or hell a 6th rounder or even a combination of late picks. The guy is young and the potential is there; great pass blocker, can catch the ball well enough and can make the moves in the open field, when he gets the opportunity to get out of the back field: which is very rare, I feel obligated to drive the point through that Trent will go on to have a good career on the right team and in the right scheme; of course that all means nothing if he isn't able to keep a good head on his shoulders which I believe he has and will continue to.
  6. We should trade Andrew Luck for Concrete Charlie Bednarik and the guy who played Johnny in 'Johnny Be Good' (but he could never break character; it would be well known throughout the land, and stored written record.) All foolishness aside: why just release Trent when we could trade him get ANYTHING, and move on; believe me friend we can get something from someone why take on the dead money? Richardson has the ability he just simply doesn't fit with this team and has possible issues outside of football. Thanks.
  7. Well here we are: an AFC Championship game and a Cory Redding guarantee. This team has amazed and baffled, from great wins to head scratching blowouts; we are truly battle tested. And yet, the main stream media would rather discuss Andrew Lucks beard and why the other team lost. All of that said we are truly blessed to be the home town of the horseshoe. So the next time you hear a tight lipped man (who shall remain unnamed) on ESPN 2 say anything about OUR guy, OUR team or OUR owner; remember this Tim Tebow, Robert Griffin and Johnny Manziel: those were his guys. Andrew Luck he is ours. Go Col
  8. Sometimes I find myself watching Colts games, let me take that back it is not sometimes it's every game; most post game interviews, and a literal ton of nonexistent highlight film. Here are some phrases that I tend to find myself repeating; Andrew Run! Andrew F***ING RUN! Who was covering that tight-end? Damn it Greg. Block. BLOCK. BLOCK! Hold on to the ball. A few others as well, though I'm sure you get the point. Do not take me wrong: in no way am I complaining just speaking my mind or typing it, if you want to start cracking wise. If I could just get one thing through to everyone it would b
  9. I had this idea that involves Andrew Luck not only running more but the addition of a read-option; that in theory could not only save him unnecessary hits, turnovers and possibly improve the running game out of the shotgun formation: but also increase the longevity of our quarterback. I know what some of you may say "but wouldn't running expose him to more damage?" Well yes, but with his intelligence and deceptive speed/wiggle he could do a lot of damage and sneak out of bounds or bust out the ole faithful slide. What Do You Think?
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