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Colts/Broncos-the rematch



What is becoming the norm, a tale of 2 halves

In the first half, the Colts were a no-show, couldn't play much worse than that, ineffective on offense and really didn't even slow down the Broncos offense, not really sure why this is becoming commonplace, kinda defies logic, one of of my favorite phrases, since many things in the NFL-defy logic. then for whatever the reason- I have heard they played better- I agree-but why?

Offense: It was great see Reggie back, who led the receivers (9-98) Allen had a big game (including a TD) Nicks was productive ( also with a TD) and Moncreif got a few reps and his first NFL reception. Hilton wasn't much of a factor. The biggest question mark ( the O-line) played decent, about on par with the recent past, the difference being, this group can and will get better, there was alot of new guys on that unit, who will get better, with each game and the line always gets better, in time, after they have had time to gel. Hard to really judge the running game when you are playing from behind, there were flashes (the norm) but flashes are not going to be good enough. Pretty good job on the outside ( Costonzo and Cherlius) going against 2 very productive players ( Miller and Ware). Fleener has got to figure out how to avoid the drops, there were several of those, but he seems to do it ...too much. Luck- showed part of what makes him special, no matter the score, this team, will always have a chance

Defense: totally different unit the second half, really held the Broncos in check and allowed the offense to finally get going and make a game out of it. The highly touted D-line was good and should/hopefully continue to improve. The inside LB duo had a nice game ( Freemen-Jackson) but I expected a little better performance from them.I thought McNary had a really good game, when he filled in for the injured Freemen and that is really what I expected to see from him this year and why I wasn't that excited about Jackson's signing, he can be a big addition, but I really would like to see young players, get the reps , as opposed to bringing free agents in. Werner and Walden were adequate, which is not going to be good enough either, there was very little pressure and when there was , it was from blitzes. Davis was on his game and just like the last meeting, he pretty much shutdown his guy, Toler had a rough game, with several costly penalties. I wouldn't go as far as to say Landry was the enforcer he needs to be, but was good and better than last year, Butler had some really big plays and like any DB, there are going to be times when they get beat

Special teams: were pretty solid, I would like to see someone else get some reps on the punt returns, Whalen is sure handed, which is a plus and his never-say-die attitude helps, but a returner has to be explosive and that is one thing he lacks, Purifoy looked good in the pre season, I expect to see him in there, sooner, than later

The bottom line is we went against, the best team in the AFC, maybe in the NFL (yet to be determined) at their house, which has some factors that makes it a very tough place to win and played 30-35 minutes of football, gave them a commanding lead, doing that without the 1 true difference maker we have on defense and came very close to tieing the game, and who knows.....I know the deal, ain't no moral victories, but that was a very good sign, it always sucks to lose, but to play that team, that close , with all of those factors.....

Next up, another potent offense in the Eagles and another prime time game.....should be a fun year

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Yes agree with no moral victories! We can use it in the pre-season but this is the season and what counts is W's! As an individual you may have a moral victory (did a good job) but as a team we need W's. Got to play a full game!

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the colts played shutdown D in second half.LUCKS inability to put it in endzone when it counts is disturbing.Dont wanna hear about comeback.ALLEN made great individual effort on his td and NICKS got agood bounce on a bad throw.Combine that with the worse qb sneak in colts history,two picks on drives and LUCK played big part in loss.Now MATHIS injury.Season is jeopardy

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Wish on that 1st drive we went for it on 4th and 1 there where some strange play calling . Now with Mathis out where in trouble one of these years where going to have a D just hope I'm alive to see it 

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the school of thought is when you draft a franchise QB, you surround him with playmakers, first and foremost-then try to piece a team around them, in the salary cap era, every signing, is critical, if you spend big money on a player, for several years and he doesnt pan out-you are behind the eight ball- grigson has been trying to get those players on defense- now-while he has the money to do it, when Luck and the other younger players get real contracts and not the rookie contracts they are currently playing under, that extra money isnt going to be there, plus changing the defensive scheme, means getting a different type of player, there are are alot of factors-there is only so much money and those who can figure out how to make that work are the ones who are successfull, year after year, every team is going to have holes, or weaknesses- drafting is really the key, if you can get quality players, every year who arent making much, that makes up for those who get the  big bucks and the team can still be a winner

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Warren Moon also said if you're gonna pay me big buck you better protect me and give me weapons! He was using himself as an example but meant all QB's or as you said franchise players.

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