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Colts/Eagles-holy running game batman!



Now if we can find a decent QB- obviously I am kidding, but it is ironic that we have waited a looooooooooooooooooong time for a game like that from the RB's and that same game, Luck looks like he won't be playing in this league very long? It's hard to gauge anything, after 2 games, win or lose, but it is enough to see patterns developing, good and/or bad.

Offense: The running game looked great, to the tune of 149 yards (169 total) and even better, both backs looked great, Richardson has looked a lot better than he did last year-now that that is settled, lets work on .....not fumbling ( I never heard of this being an issue and I really think he is trying too hard) ....There wasn't much doubt that Bradshaw would be productive, as long as he avoids the injury issues. Nice to see Hilton get involved this week, still waiting for that talented TE combo, to be featured, especially Allen. Last night it was the "other " TE's turn , as Doyle had a great game.With a running game like that, when the offense is clicking on all cylinders, it can be elite. I am always giving the O-line a hard time, so when they do good, it has to be noted, they weren't great, but I do think it will improve as the year goes on, still have some work to do on pass blocking. I guess it's kinda nitpicking, but Luck has not looked real sharp-consistently, Certainly is no reason to be concerned, but it will be great when they start clicking

Defense: Davis had another good game and Toler still hasn't adapted to the stricter rules on contact after 5 yards, Butler has to be one of the better #3 CB's in the league, he is always making plays. Haven't heard the extent of Jones' injury, but if it's long term, that will be a huge blow. McNary struggled , filling in for Freemen, to some degree, that is expected, Jackson had a really good game, but Werner hasn't even approached being a factor and Walden has done ok, but he needs to take the next step, Landry has also looked better than last year, but has not been the difference maker he needs to be, Adams has played just as good, if not better. The lack of pressure, is a major concern, it was adequate game #1 and almost non existent last night

Special teams: the coverage units played great, Adam was his usual "money" and McAfee has finally started to look like the pro bowl caliber punter he was expected to be, a few years ago. The return game was excellent, there was some really big holes and nothing against Whalen, I really like him and love to see those type of players get a shot, but he does not have the explosion needed, as a returner, there could have been some game changing plays made with an explosive player back there.

Summary: everyone sees 0-2 and wants to rant, I try to look at the big picture, the running game and O-line gave reason to be optimistic, we all know Luck and the passing game will get it going, they do need some tightening up, making a few more big plays and a few less turnovers, but it is going to happen, the defense hasn't been great, but good enough and hopefully, will continue to improve and the special teams and kicking game has been very good, we have played 2 very good teams and played good ,but not consistent enough to win....**it happens, next up a division game vs the Jags, now if that game results in loss,which is not expected, then.......be concerned

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