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A look at the roster ( QB-RB-TE)



QB: Not much needs to be said here, Luck will continue to get better and is already one of the leagues best, not sure how long Hasselback will be around, but he is invaluable as the backup, providing leadership and experience, not sure what role Harnish has, other than watching, he is a young QB with some potential, he needs to move on somewhere he has a chance to play

* not a need area

RB: very interesting group, with 4 proven quality players. They will not all be back next year, Bradshaw is a free agent and not likely to return, Brown looked great, Richardson, we all know the deal, he will be better than he was this year, which really isn't saying much, but I think it is highly unlikely, for whatever reason, he is ever going to be " that" guy and justify the 1st round draft pick that was given up. Ballard looked very good as a rookie and can only get better, really do not know how this will work out but I can't see even 3 of those guys back next year, whoever does return, it should be a strong group, Brown is also a free agent and could be the odd man out.Havili was very good at what he was asked to do and should return....with the power running style they hope to acheive....depth should be provided from the group of Rainey,Herron and Choice

* not a need area

TE: Getting Allen back may be the biggest difference between this year and next, he was poised to become one of the leagues better TE's and having him return, along with Fleener will make this group ...elite, Doyle and Saunders are in the mix for depth

* not a need area

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I think TRich is a given that's he's staying - you don't give up a 1st round pick and let him walk.  He's staying.  Wasn't Bradshaw on a one year contract?  He's gone.  Ballard is young and showed real potential the other year, give him a chance to make the roster.   If we're keeping three then it's TRich, Brown and Ballard.  I say Brown because he offers something different - TRich and Ballard are more ground and pound while Brown gives you dash and flash!

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Hi Colts7.


I cannot disagree with anything here at all.


I wonder how Bradshaw is.  I heard he actually could have played toward the end of the year if not on IR.


I would not mind seeing him signed again with Brown likely moving on.  We can find a RB in draft for backup or use the Rainey's, Herron's and Choices of the world.  I hope you are well.  Sorry I missed some blogs this year.  :)

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Would love to see Bradshaw back if he's healthy enough. Brown looked good till he started but then dwindled. Rainey has lots of speed but staying on the field could be a problem due to his size. Might make a better wide reciever or kick returner. Herron and Choice both looked good but didn't last long. Richardson Is a good running back but they need to let him run his own style and not hold him back because of worrying about him getting hurt. That's the surest way of getting him hurt. Let him bang it in there and let the other guys get hurt.

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